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Author Topic: [ANN] Masternodecoin ▉▉▉▉░ Airdrop ░▉▉▉▉ Dark Send & Economic of Masternode  (Read 18846 times)

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Masternodecoin -- Masternode Economy with “Airdrop”

Masternodecoin with Decentralized & Privated

A node means one computer in a network that is communicating with other computers in that same network. So if you’re just surfing the internet on your computer, you’re not using a node because you’re just surfing it by yourself and are not connected to a specific group of computers with a shared community network. Node implies your computer is part of a specialized computer network.

The joy and happiness created by the economic achievement shall be shared by all people,It is part of the innovative sharing economy that I love and it is simply making the world a better place.But most important, by allowing more ppls to enjoy the rewards of rapid growth, it could help to prevent future social unrest.

Masternodecoin Summry
Masternodecoin 【MTNC】is a blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards network participation via static proof of stake. Masternodecoin rewards "connectivity age" instead of “coin age,” thus eliminating abuse from exchanges and users that do not actively contribute to the network. By having a static reward system, the rewards for participation are proportional to the work every active node contributes. This discourages centralization and promotes network health. In addition to static rewards, Masternodecoin implements a masternode network to incentivize large holders, and perform advanced functions such as near instant and private transactions.50,000 MTNC transaction with 15 block confirmations.

Private transactions
Masternodes facilitate private transactions through a decentralized mixing service that takes advantage of the perfect fungibility of the currency. Any unit of Masternodecoin has the equivalent value to any other unit of identical size, regardless of the transaction history of any particular unit. Masternodes use this property to automatically break up private transactions into multiple identical and indistinguishable transactions, both adding complexity to the original transaction and obfuscating the provenance of any given unit.

PrivateSend Basics
PrivateSend gives you true financial privacy by obscuring the origins of your funds. All the MTNC in your wallet is comprised of different "inputs" which you can think of as separate, discrete coins. PrivateSend uses an innovative process to mix your inputs with the inputs of two other people, without having your coins ever leave your wallet. You retain control of your money at all times.

Coin Suffix: MTNC
PoW Algorithm: SHA256d
Full Confirmation: 60 Blocks
PoS Target Spacing: 64 Seconds
PoS Difficulty Retarget: 2 Blocks
PoS Reward: Varied
PoS Min: 1 Day
Total Coins: 100,000,000 MTNC
Block Size: 2 Mega-bytes (MB)
RPC Port = 10085
Port = 10086
Masternode required: 50,000 MTNC(minimum)

Masternodes required: 50,000 (minimum)
Reward: Masternode reward + all fees for transactions contained in the block Peer validated network uptime + POS fees
Masternodes receive fixed rewards which are probabilistically distributed among peer validated masternodes. Masternodes recursively scan peer node performance, and only high performance nodes with sustained, stable, high-speed internet 5 connections are eligible for rewards. In addition to receiving the block reward, a masternode receives all fees for public transactions completed in a block and for all private transaction pools initiated in the block. These incentives promote continuous connectivity to maintain a high performance network.

Block Reward Schedule
A total of 100,000,000 MTNC will be used for the initial coin supply.
         Year                 MTNC/Block                 MTNC/Year                 Total
           1                           30                          17058660             117058660
           2                           20                          10512000             127570660
           3                           10                            5256000             132826660
        later…                       5                             2628000             135454660+…

The interest rate is dynamic for every masternode,That means more masternodes in network ,the less interest for every masternode.
For example:==> first year :All masternodes compete for 24MTNC(30MTNC/Each block and 24MTNC for masternode interest) for new block outputs.
The last 6 MTMC will be the POS interest.

Keep the eye on our ANN Thread and website , get “Airdrop” bounty.

ANN Thread:

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