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Rewards token $SO for registration from the high-definition Metaverse SomniLife



SomniLife, a high-definition decentralized Metaverse that allows you to explore, live, communicate, create and build your own world, rewards users for simple registration with $SO tokens.

Registration link -

What needs to be done:

Step 1: Go to "Profile".
Step 2: Connect your wallet.
Step 3: Connect Twitter (required) and Discord (optional).
Step 4: Choose your Avatar and T-shirt.
Step 5: Log in to the SomniLife 3D demo and click Register while inside.
Step 6: Claim your rewards in the activation section.

SomniLife is also a web3-based social network that aims to connect your web2 social media accounts (such as Twitter, Discord, etc.) and your web3 data on the blockchain. Multiple blockchains are supported, such as ETH, Polygon, BSC, and more.

The world of SomniLife is made up of lots of Earth, and each lot is a space where the owner can create different pieces such as galleries, malls, bars, concerts, offices, and residential areas.




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