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Satowallet is a state of the art cryptocurrency wallet with an inbuilt trading engine that facilitates crypto and fiat trading without downtime. It is built as an all in one application that enables users to store and trade several cryptocurrencies, as well as set up masternodes, stake POS coins, invest, carryout off-chain transactions and offline transactions. Satowallet is the result of our research and development of several years. Dated back to 2012, our team took up the task of researching the new technology known as blockchain, when only very few believed in it. With several years of research and development, we have grown in technical maturity and insight as to developing a business and providing financial service guidance and solutions.Our team comprises of highly professional and motivated entrepreneurs and developers with expertise in a plethora of different fields.

Thanks to our years of research and combined experience in business development and management, that allowed us to obtain such invaluable knowledge regarding the ins and out of developing a business from conception to conclusion. Satowallet was fully instituted in April 2017, and since then we have experienced organic growth and the pleasure of also learning through our users reviews that has helped us to build a complete robust system.

Matching Engine

Our robust machine engine is currently capable of sustaining 1,000,000 trade orders per second. Our team is continuously researching and developing, and we will keep on increasing the capacity as we watch the system. With our engine, users can trade easily with just a mobile phone or PC from anywhere in the world

Feature Rollout
We are introducing more features to Satowallet to include:
1. Fund raising (ICO Support)
2. Instant buy and sell widgets for websites.
3. Credit card payment
4. API's to build trading App connected to Satowallet.
5. Offline crypto transactions through USSD code.
7. Payment service providers.
8. Marchant integration and payment processing.
9. And more



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