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Yllo. We are creating a single digital space for people.

Yllo Messenger is a Cryptomessenger with a built-in wallet.

Its uniqueness is the ability to send cryptocurrency as a message directly in the chat.

Available for download in the App Store. The next stage of development is to implement the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

The messenger will have a built-in cryptocurrency exchange between each other, which for convenience will be controlled by both text and voice commands.

A web chat client has already been implemented, which allows you to use the messenger from any device, with a single click on the user's link.


How to get XLT?

XLT are distributed in AirDrop, as well as by distribution for activity in Yllo Messenger.

50% of the entire XLT issue is intended for users of the messenger and other prototypes of the company. The distribution is free and every day when you communicate in Yllo.

We give the opportunity to try Yllo technologies to everyone, and due to this, we receive and process a huge amount of feedback from loyal users and testers, thereby becoming better and clearer every day.

Participate in the Airdrop by inviting your friends to your personal link, which is located in the settings.