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AFCASH-ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACTINVEST IN OUR ICO!By buying our Token you agree with Terms & Conditions:You need a wallet which supports ERC20 tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet.1 ETH = 8200 AFCASH (1 AFCASH = 10 cents)Set Gas limit = 200 000 and gas price = 5-8 GweiSend ETH to:  0xD0F51907E541e63Ec338e0e210DC33A6c7871096

ABOUT AFRICUNIA BANKThe Blockchain Technology universe is fast becoming part of our DNA. Believe it or not it's going to be predominantly how we move cash from one point to another, how we share our experiences, how we consume our entertainment, how we stay in touch with our loved ones and how we do our daily businesses and activities.

Take a look at how we used to study, to travel, to make phone calls, shoot movies, send faxes and mail our correspondences in the past.

Here comes AFRICUNIA BANK change all of that...

AFRICUNIA is the First 100% Fully Digital Crowdfunded African Open Bank- a Digital Bank based on the Blockchain Technology.
AFRICUNIA as a new and unique Financial Institution is going to offer not only traditional banking services such as opening of savings & current accounts, issuing of debit & credit cards, loans and forex exchange services but also will provide innovative services such as bank-to-bank transactions, interconnecting the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency startups.

AFRICUNIA  BANK will become a fully digital bank that is accessible everywhere, 24/7. It will function just like a conventional bank, but will not host any branches nor any physical front-offices

AFCASH COMMERCIAL ADIn a universe where more than 4 billion people are inter-connected online, vehicles drive themselves and gadgets can communicate, yet the global payments system is still stuck in the old disco era.
Why? Because the payment infrastructure was built decades before the invention of internet with fewer or no updates.
Mankind invented softwares and technologies, breaking every distance, order, difficulties and pulling the world instantly closer together. But what about banking? Think about the unbankables. Billions of people in the universe have no access to financial services and own no bank accounts. Orders and systems create barriers. We have seen big banks collapse time and time again. They take thousands of billions of fees per annum from us.

And now AFRICUNIA BANK has come to solve the problems of financial transaction's ACCESS, SPEED, CERTAINTY and COST using the BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.

AFRCUNIA BANK, the First African Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency is introducing AFCASH digital currency. Our cryptocurrency, AFCASH, doesn't care where or when you were born, or the colour of your skin or your geographical location in the universe. It's an open and decentralized network and it's maintained equally by people all over the universe. Anyone can verify the transactions and it happens instantly. For just a few cents you can send any amount of money to anyone in the world.
AFCASH is a global community of inclusion, an open invitation to participate in an open world.

With AFCASH you can independently end unemployment in your life in minutes. Join our community today and become part of our shareholders and regain your financial freedom.

Don't forget to get an AFCASH wallet today, be part of our Public Sales of Shares and appreciate a transformational future.

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Re: [AFCASH][ANN] AFRICUNIA Digital Bank based on the Blockchain Technology
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 08:15:04 PM »
Is AFCASH cryptocurrency a safe heaven investment?

First of all we acknowledge the risks in cryptocurrencies as well as in every other currency, i.e. pound sterling, euros, dollars or any other currency. Secondly, we also recognise the scams in some crytocurrencies, but that does not take away the fact that there are hundreds of well performing cryptocurrencies out there.
As a matter of fact, there are some major differencies between AFCASH and other cryptocurrencies.

AFRICUNIA project is far from Multi Level Marketing model and has nothing to with such business. If you understand MLM business ideology well, you will know that they believe in the system of sharing wealth among its members, that is taking from individuals and given to the top leaders at the head of the ladder. That is pyramidal on the one side and it is economically wrong on the other side. Please read our company's blue print called whitepaper and business prospectus.

Any investment in the project AFRICUNIA is assured by MAINSAIL of Dubai and IBB Holdings of Malaysia (Private Banking Group) also called AssuredInvest. What does this mean? It means that irrespective of whatever happens, your principal investment is secured by the aforementioned entities and you will get your return on investment. Note, this in the event AFRICUNIA failed to perform. So, AssuredInvest assures your principal investment weather the investment fails or succeedes. And even when AFRICUNIA succeedes, every investor will still have his principal investment paid back by Mainsail over a period of 5 years.

Consequently, your investment in AFRICUNIA ICO is the first secured investment in a cryptocurrency.

We look forward to welcoming you in our project.



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