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Our Pre-Sale ICO starts in:
First 1000 supporters at Presale and First 500 that buy at each ICO rounds will
receive free CSTT tokens.

What is Crest Token?

The Crest DigiAd Platform is an online marketing & digital advertising platform that generates daily returns by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several ad campaigns. We develop a robust, user-friendly DigiAd campaign platform that runs on independent ad servers equipped with automated self-learning algorithms.

About Crest DigiAd Platform

Crest DigiAd Platform is a “community-centric” online marketing & digital advertising platform designed to let you earn daily passive income in cryptocurrency by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns.

Crest DigiAd Platform runs on Crest Token

The Crest Platform combines the power of online marketing and artificial intelligence (AI), and is designed to generate income for the members of the Crest community by allocating Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns than in-turn generates income for the community.

Token Sale
Our token will be an ERC20 token.

Pre-ICO Start Date : 24th May (1pm GMT)
Pre-ICO End Date : 18th June (1pm GMT)
Tokens Sold : 1,000,000 CCST

Main ICO Start Date : 18th June (1pm GMT)
Main ICO End Date : 18th July (1pm GMT)
Tokens Sold : 6,400,000 CCST

Token Price : $0.25/CSTT - $1.85

Token Supply : 12,500,000 CCST
Min/Max Personal Cap: 20 / 1500 CSTT (depending on round)
Accepts : ETH and BTC

Token Sale Information

Use of Proceeds

Token Supply : 12,500,000 CCST
Ticker Code: CSTT
Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 7,249,000 USD
Tokens to be Sold: 7.4 Million CSTT CCST

Pre-Sale ICO
Price is $0.25 per token, with min/max token purchase of 100/1000 CSTT. This will allow
our early supporters to partake at the lowest price possible.
100% of raised fund will go towards promoting the ICO and kick-off full platform

Main Sale ICO
Tokens will be sold in 16 rounds of 400,000 tokens per round. Price will start at $0.35 and
increase by $0.10 per round with the last round price of $1.85.
Token purchase limit will range between 20 to 1500 CSTT at different rounds during the ICO.

Our Roadmap

Referral Program

What Makes Crest Token Unique from the Rest

Minimum Viable Product Release (MVP): We will give members a sneak peek of our
“Intelligent Ad Server” platform under-development before the end of the ICO period.

Volatility-proof business model: Even though we pay out in cryptocurrency, our business
model is completely independent of the cryptocurrency. Abrupt price changes in Bitcoin or
Ethereum will not adversely affect daily campaign returns.

24hrs Communication: We will keep the community updated via email and active social
media platforms on the daily progress of development specially thru our Telegram Channel. There will be constant video/screenshot update as we progress during the platform development stages.

No Funds Hold: We will not hold onto your Bitcoin or Ethereum during ICO. We are using
a smart contract. You are free to send your ETH or BTC during the presale or main ICO
phase directly from your wallet to ours, and you will automatically receive CSTT Token
equivalent in your ERC20 compatible wallet.

Generous Bounty: Bounty will run from day one of the Presale ICO. Bounty will be for; first
1000 to buy at Presale ICO; first 500 to buy at each ICO round, weekly campaign raffle,
and more.

Buyback &Token Burn: Depending on market forces, we will buy-back tokens on the
internal exchange on a weekly basis and burn until price stabilizes beyond $15.

ICO Fund Allocation:  Clear openness on ICO funds allocation. We will allocate enough
funds to promote the platform once we launch; and enough funds to support ad campaign
and generate decent daily returns for the platform.

Our Future Plans

Stay Tuned for our Bounty Campaign Announcement !!