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Hello everyone! I would like to introduce GenesisX to you. It is a low supply, low pre-mine coin, on which we are trying to implement a 2FA system as an extra layer of security. We all know how easy it is to get scammed in the crypto world and would like to try and improve things on this matter.

Advanced Security & Privacy + PoS/Masternodes + Governance + LockNLoad (available only for the pre-sale nodes owners to give them the incentives to hold on to their nodes for longer) + Transparency

There are many cryptocurrencies out there expanding and improving on privacy within the crypto industry to make trades, withdrawals, transfers and deposits transparent... anonymous. GenesisX focuses on both improving privacy (Zerocoin protocol) and increasing security substantially so hacking, key logging and scamming are the past. We look to adapt and integrate a 2FA (Two Factor Authenticaton) feature so each withdrawal and transfer requires your wallet to be unlocked and a timed generated code is sent either to your email or mobile device. These both will improve security - further to this we are going to announce more features throughout 2018 and the unforeseen future.

Raffle registering form
This form is to be used by bitcointalk forum members that wish to participate in the XGS airdrop. To be eligible to win a reward, you must make sure that all the information required for participation was correctly submitted. The pre-mine is just 1%. Max supply 19 mln. This is to be considered a raffle. Winners will be chosen randomly. We require for you to be in the discord official channel so we can get in contact and to confirm identity before sending your prize. Please, do not try to cheat!  The form requires you to login with a google account and provide a bitcointalk forum username and a discord username. Raffle will take place on next Sunday, 10th of June. Incorrect or incomplete registrations will be invalidated. Fraud attempts will not be rewarded.
Prizes are:
1x 1000 XGS
5x 500 XGS
30x 100 XGS
100x 50 XGS
In total: 11500 XGS

Bounties available at the moment:
Translations of the initial announcement thread into these five languages: chinese, russian, spanish, german, french. Before submitting your request, you first must ask for approval in the discord channel (link provided)! Do not submit unapproved entries! After doing the work, you will have to submit the link to the bitcointalk forum thread, in order to get checked and receive payment. The announcement has been designed as graphics, to make it harder to cheat by using google translate! Google translations not accepted in any circumstance!
Reward: 500 XGS / required language
In total: 2500 XGS

Discord invites contest:
The bitcointalk announcement link will not be taken into consideration as that will most likely be listed with the most invites. Will not tolerate fake invites, so please do not try to cheat, you will not receive your reward. Competition ends and rewards will be paid on next Saturday, 9th of June.
Prizes are:
1st place: 1000 XGS
2nd place: 500 XGS
3rd place: 250 XGS
4th place: 125 XGS
5th place: 62.5 XGS
In total: 1937 XGS

BitcoinTalk forum signatures:
This bounty will be available later and our aim is to be represented only by highest forum ranks, lowering the chances of cheating the system by creating multiple newbie accounts in order to get more XGS coins. I want to apologize for honest people that have lower ranks and are ineligible to participate, but we consider this to be the best option for now. We will post a signature code and a registering form in the following days. Rewards are to be discussed at that point.

CryptoBridge - listing form will be submitted in a matter of hours from this point on. Expecting to be listed in 7-12 days
StocksExchange - possible at a later date
GraviEx - possible at a later date
OctaEX - possible at a later date
The other exchanges will be taken into account later, based on the available development funds and community's votes.

Official links:
Masternodes Map:
Masternode Guide:
- XGS will be added to the MNitra platform, which will simplify things and will provide a youtube video also -
GenesisX Github:

Russian - payment approved for @snikers#3553
German - payment approved for TrueRaver#2484
Chinese - payment approved for uz#0713
Spanish - payment approved for Suerte#6130

XGS is currently governed by 10 people, as it follows:
2 Project Managers - the 1% pre-mined and the BTC developmend funds have been split to two for more safety.
3 Developers
1 Graphic designer
2 Marketing Managers
3 Tech support
All team members have previous experience in crypto and have built a reputation by contributing to different projects. World wide spread, their identity will not be available for the large public yet. We know how important this aspect is, but it is still a matter of personal choice if people wish to display more info. We also know how important it is to build a great team so we are head hunting and will make additional recruitment in future development.

There are meetings in London this week regarding GenesisX and partnerships plus other announcements regarding the future of the project.
As a proof of commitment, some of the early nodes that were setup for testing were purchased by team members as part of their own funds contribution to the project. Also, one of our early investors is the head of a successful project and we are planning to get a partnership. More info will be revealed later.


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