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Author Topic: [ANN]RIMS Referral Program promises 100% appreciation[ANN]  (Read 225 times)

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[ANN]RIMS Referral Program promises 100% appreciation[ANN]
« on: October 24, 2019, 09:26:23 AM »

The platform will offer several bullion based products and services along with a few white and private label solutions to banks, governments, and broader communities. RIMS Protocols is built to ensure mass adoption of Digital Bullion Currencies backed by physical bullion, namely XAU-GoldO, XAG-SilvO, and XPT-PlatO.

RIMS also adopts blockchain-based standard transactions for its system through international smart credit/debit cards for instant liquidity. RIMS Platform is built to revolutionize the way digital bullion currency and crypto coins are used in the current trade. An ambitious task of RIMS network is to ensure sustainable development by using globally available non-performing bullion assets.

At RIMS, Gold never sleeps; it is always on the move to monetize bullion assets for the benefit of the society. The products and services of the network are built to prove this task.

RIMS invites you to be part of this new digital era. There are two ways one can participate in the RIMS Monetary Network:

1. As a Pay Minter, by purchasing tokens

2. As a Master Minter by building RIMS Goldo Community blocks.

Pay Minter

As a pay minter, tokens can be purchased online and at the end of the first year. Each token will yield Digital Gold Currency backed by Physical Gold called GoldO - XAU, and bonus RIMS token that can be traded at crypto exchanges.

Master Minter

As a Master Minter, one can build the Minters' community to earn tokens and incentives from products and services belonging to the network. In this truly decentralized democracy, both token holders have the privilege to own and operate the RIMS Monetary Network.

Master Minter Registration


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