Author Topic: A unique concept of collectible NFT Waifus and paintings crypto themed  (Read 490 times)

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What is Project Senpai?

If you're here then you have a love for either Cryptocurrency or Waifus.
Project Senpai brings you a mix of beautiful Waifus themed in your favorite Cryptocurrencies!

Why choose Project Senpai?
Low Total Supply
The total supply is 231,491.9105065 Tokens with the rest burned. Read more in the whitepaper here:

Redeemable Collections
Complete collections and get rewarded a limited NFTs!

Super Rare NFTs
Every NFT Waifu design is very limited, making them super rare highly desireable!

Club Senpai

What is Club Senpai?

Club Senpai is a membership only club that's limited to a specific number of Senpai.
Every month members can take part in Events to win limited Event NFTs,
vote to see their favorite Waifu cosplay a specific Cryptocurrency, and earn higher rewards from the Community Treasury!

Project Senpai is a unique collection of rare #NFT Waifus that are Cryptocurrency themed.
Every NFT is part of different collections that can be redeemed to receive higher tier rarity Limited NFTs!
#Chibi #Waifu #NFTs and physical watercolour collectibles themed as your favorite #cryptocurrencies
ERC-20 Contract link:

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I love your nfts
Do you have thread on bitcointalk ?


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