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Author Topic: scam or a modern digital network?  (Read 108 times)

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« on: September 09, 2019, 07:45:12 AM »
It's been almost a decade since cryptocurrencies made their place in the mainstream media. The first fully functional cryptocurrency, known as bitcoin, was launched in 2009. Bitcoin was released as open-source network, and this led to the invention of new cryptocurrencies and technologies related to blockchain. Every new technology is not so welcomed by the community, and few of them are regarded as scams.
The main reason behind people assuming that a platform is a scam is usually because people are unable to understand the platform or they hear speculations over the internet. No one is denying the fact that there are a lot of scams happening online, related to cryptocurrencies. Over time, we are seeing improvements being made to streamline the process of cryptocurrencies. The future is bright for blockchain technology. is a new generation of social media, integrating the features of traditional social media with blockchain technology. was considered a scam by a few people on the internet. In this article, we will review the complete features and different aspects of and will see if it's a scam or not.

What is is a unique platform that comprises of all the top features of this digital era, i.e., Social Media, Earning Opportunities, Buying and Selling, and exchange of cryptocurrency. One of the unique features of is that the network owns every element. There is no such influence of third parties when it comes to payment methods or earning rewards. Everything is done at the platform's end. comprises primarily of five main modules:
•    Social network (meNetwork) – Users interacting over distributed social media platform.
•    Marketplace (meMarket) – Buying and selling platform for users.
•    Payment Service (mePay) – Payment service to make safe and secure online purchases.
•    Wallet Service (meWallet) – Digital wallet to store and manage digital transactions.
•    Cryptocurrency (meToken) – The network has its digital currency for transactions. - Decentralized Social Media
Decentralized networks are networks that are controlled and managed over distributed systems rather than one single entity. This concept gave rise to new social networks that are now very popular and have a vast user base. Decentralized networks are not under the influence of any central authority or governments. is a decentralized social media that combines the features of social media with blockchain technology.
So far, we haven't seen any suspicious feature that makes a scam. trading platform –meMarket platform has a market place where users have the opportunity to buy or sell from each other (C2C) as well as from international brands (B2C). Social media allows users to discuss the products on the platform and make purchases accordingly. meMarket combined with integrated payment method and unique reward system is one of the reasons behind huge growth of platform. The number of users results in expansion of meMarket. Ultimately resulting in the platform becoming more popular.
Moreover, there is an opportunity for customers to contact the sellers in real-time. They could also share information among their followers. All these features are integrated in the system, and you don't need to add any third-party apps. payment service –mePay offers Fintech solution combing blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. ME is virtual currency integrated in the network. The transfer of ME currency could easily be done to Ethereum wallets. All the transactions on the platform are done using ME.
Following are the main features of ME virtual currency:
ME could be used as payment for services to be used on the platform, e.g., premium account.
Purchasing will be done using ME currency.
Rewards-based in user activity will be done using the ME currency.
ME could be transferred between the users within the network.
ME could also be exchanged for fiat currency.

Every user could open up an account. Using this account, you could exchange currency. You could also get a payment card. That could be used in both within app and in everyday life. licensed services
Electronic Money Institution: network owns electronic money that could be used in transactions and exchange along with cash deposit/withdrawal services.

Currency Exchange: allows users to exchange between virtual currency and fiat currency and vice versa.

Virtual Currency Wallet: The wallet is used in storing and exchanging virtual currency. is licensed in using all these services. Thus there is no chance that could scam its potential users. – Interesting Features
The overall interface is of the app is designed in a way to facilitate the users with ease of access. One-click purchases are enabled with easy navigation.
Besides this, has the following distinct and exciting features: Social Media is an ecosystem where users could interact with each other. Besides this, users will be able to earn rewards of up to 50% of advertising revenue share. The more the users are active on the platform, the more the value of rewards will be.
The content posted on the app is based on the user's interest. Also, as a platform encourages users to gather followers by creating great content. This will motivate the users to form a community among their like-minded individuals. A platform that allows such value of social sharing could be anything but not a scam.
E-commerce and social media are one of the most emerging markets on the internet. has both, with the right strategy, the platform is already attracting a lot of users. Also, with emerging trends in these markets aims to provide even better features on the platform to facilitate the users. a Scam?
As of now, we have discussed all the features offered by and found none of them suspicious. The features are designed in such a way that they make the platform safe and free from any external influence. If would've been a scam they would have never taken such security measures. is a growing platform, and it is recommended to use it and see it yourself.


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