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ICO STARTS: 15.03.2018 07:00 UTC - ENDS: 15.05.2018 07:00 UTC

What is Global Spy?

Global Spy offers solutions to receive accurate, complete and quickly delivered information on the chosen currency, initial coin offer, team members, history of the company behind the coin or the key personnel in the company. Global Spy services start from Quick Service all the way to large- scale investigations performed by our professional investigations team which may even include personal contacts, inquiries, and visits. We carry out investigations on any business activity using our existing methods and tools and therefore the subject of our assessment is not limited to cryptocurrencies.

Global Spy Benefits
A novelty is the fact that a customer who has received the results of an investigation will financially, and automatically, benefit from the research requested later on by other customers. This type of service is unique in the markets. Compared to similar services currently available on the markets, we can carry out more thorough and faster research of the investigation subjects relying on our experienced investigators and the best tools currently available. Thanks to our toolkits and access rights to many information and data registers we can already today assess for example the business history of companies and their managers, credit information on individuals, their ownership or business links to companies, the owners of internet domains or even which car they have registered under their own or company names. In the end, if the data available does not provide a sufficient level of clarity we may also visit the subjects of our investigations in order to obtain the necessary assurances.

The Spy Token

The only payment method we will accept on the platform is SPY-token. None of the services can be bought with any other method. This creates a demand that ensures that the need for SPY- token remains high. This is also needed for the way SPY token investigations can pay the customer back or even turn a profit for the customer who ordered a report.

A customer who has received the results of an investigation will financially, and automatically, benefit if another customer orders a similar report on the same cryptocurrency or ICO.


For the first week there is a 20 % bonus on purchased tokens.

For the second week there is a 10 % bonus on purchased tokens.

After 29.3. @ 07:00 UTC there is no longer bonus on purchased tokens.

Volume Bonuses

5% bonus for investment between 1-4.999ETH
10% bonus for investment between 5-9.999ETH
20% bonus for investment between 10-999.999ETH

Purchases over 5.5 ETH are subject to KYC.

Global Spy ICO details Ticker: SPY

Price: 1 ETH coin = 5,000 SPY tokens

Token distribution:

Total supply = 170,000,000 SPY tokens

Hard cap = 150,000,000 SPY tokens

Soft cap = 5,000,000 SPY tokens