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Title: BlockPix – Revolutionary platform for artistic creators in Music, Films & more!
Post by: FutureICO on March 14, 2018, 04:58:25 PM


How does it feel when you have the ability and the unique set of skill yet you are not getting sufficient rewards for it? How does it feel when you the original creator of the content doesn’t get enough to even pay your bills? It certainly doesn’t feel good.

That’s why BlockPix is here to be your SOLUTION! BlockPix is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency solution specifically designed to facilitate ease of B2C relations between artistic creators in Music, Films, Photography and other Multimedia works and their target markets using BPX Coin.

With help of BlockPix, it will enable clients to track the original content and the owner will be paid accordingly for their skills! And that with eliminating all the hassles of fiat transactions, offering creators greater conversion value, as well as the opportunity to participate in the highly profitable business of digital currency trading.

That’s not all, the benefits of the BlockPix E-Commerce solution for creators and their target markets include having Largest storage bandwidth for creators, Higher value for creators with complete control over the pricing, creators having direct access to clients, making it easier to negotiate, intellectual property are guaranteed and much more, so all this makes them the standout deal in the industry!

So, come forward and get your hands on BlockPix Coin Token, which is called BPX. It will be the Official Currency of BlockPix platform!

The token sale begins from 18th March with closing out on 18th April, so do not miss out on this revolutionary project, which will change the way entertainment industry works!

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