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Hình ảnh

I. Introduction to Project ATISFY
1. Project ATISFY - symbol ATS - is one of the exciting and promising projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This project promises to offer users a unique opportunity for double earnings through staking, trading on the DEX exchange, and participating in the exciting world of gaming.
2. ATS: BEP20 Token
One of the highlights of ATS is its BEP20 token, which allows it to operate efficiently on the BSC network. With the current price of 0.11 USDT/ATS and a total supply of 36,500,000 tokens, ATS has attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community.
3. Unique Double Earning Opportunities
We take pride in being one of the leading projects in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize double earnings and on-chain future products.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in double earnings optimization can bring many benefits compared to not using AI:

-         Risk Management Optimization: AI can quickly and accurately analyze and predict market trends. This helps users manage trading risks and make decisions based on current information and future forecasts.

-         Automated Trading: AI can be used to create automated trading strategies based on market indicators and signals. This optimizes double earnings by enhancing efficiency and reducing human errors.

-         Rapid Data Analysis: AI has the ability to process and analyze large market data quickly and effectively, giving users a clear view of market conditions and trading opportunities.

-         Market Interest Rate Optimization: Using AI in double earnings management can help users optimize market interest rates by making data-driven and accurate decisions.

-         The ATISFY project provides many double earning opportunities for users:
Staking and Liquid Pool: Users can stake or provide liquidity to the Liquid Pool by depositing ATS into the system. This allows them to earn market interest rates and attractive rewards.
4. DEX Exchange for Swap Trading: ATS has its own DEX exchange, allowing users to trade and swap different token pairs conveniently and securely.
Decentralized Exchange (DEX) has become an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the ATISFY project promises to deliver the best decentralized exchange (DEX) product with high security:

-         Automation: DEX operates automatically without the need for third-party intervention. This means users have full control over their assets without the need to create accounts or register.

-         Privacy Protection: DEX typically does not require users to provide personal information. This helps protect their privacy and avoid risks related to storing personal data online.

-         Direct Exchange Capability: Users can exchange cryptocurrencies directly with each other on the DEX platform without the need for intermediaries. This helps reduce transaction fees and waiting times.

-         Global Accessibility: With DEX, users can participate from anywhere in the world without being restricted by geographical location. This creates favorable conditions for liquidity and diversity in trading.

-         Promise of Gaming: The ATS project is planning to introduce exciting games in the future, opening up a diverse and entertaining world.
II. Promising Development Roadmap
The ATS project has outlined a specific development roadmap to promote growth and expand the community:
1. Phase 1 - T01/2023 - T10/2023: Smart Crypto Trading
a. Develop and launch a trading platform with the following features:
- Crypto Swap
- Launchpool
- Staking
- Liquidity

b. Introduce the Crash game.

2. Phase 2 - T11/2023 - T03/2024: The Future of On-Chain Trading

Develop an on-chain futures trading platform.

3. Phase 3 - T04/2023 - T08/2024: Unlimited Crypto Games
Develop multiple crypto games.

III. Promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for double earnings optimization can offer many benefits compared to not using AI:

-         Risk Management Optimization: AI can quickly and accurately analyze and predict market trends. This helps users manage trading risks and make decisions based on current information and future forecasts.

-         Automated Trading: AI can be used to create automated trading strategies based on market indicators and signals. This optimizes double earnings by enhancing efficiency and reducing human errors.

-         Rapid Data Analysis: AI has the ability to process and analyze large market data quickly and effectively, giving users a clear view of market conditions and trading opportunities.

-         Market Interest Rate Optimization: Using AI in double earnings management can help users optimize market interest rates by making data-driven and accurate decisions.

The ATISFY project deeply recognizes the value of using Artificial Intelligence in double earnings optimization and has integrated it into the system to maximize benefits for users. This is part of our commitment to creating an advanced and secure financial environment for the cryptocurrency community.
IV. Future Onchain Exchange: Control and Security
The ATISFY project has mentioned the Future Onchain Exchange, an important part of our system.
-         Your Money, Your Control: Future Onchain Exchange is particularly focused on ensuring that your money truly belongs to you. Users have full control over their assets without the need to deposit funds into the exchange's account, helping to mitigate risks related to exchange hacking or collapse.

-         Superior Security: Future Onchain utilizes blockchain technology and strong security systems to ensure the safety of transactions. This helps prevent attacks and fraud while protecting user data and assets.

-         Diversity in Asset Types: Future Onchain Exchange often allows trading of various types of digital assets, from popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to newly launched project tokens. This creates investment opportunities and incentives for users.
-         Automation and Smart Contracts: Future Onchain typically integrates smart contracts and automation features into the trading process. This can help users create automated trading strategies and set trade conditions according to their preferences.

-         Global Accessibility: Future Onchain Exchange is not restricted by geographical location and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This creates favorable conditions for liquidity and global participation in trading.

-         Project Control: Future Onchain often allows projects to develop and deploy their own applications and tokens on the platform. This helps create diversity and competition in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Future Onchain Exchange offers many important advantages, such as control, security, diversity, global accessibility, and provides automation tools and smart contracts to optimize the user trading experience. This is an important part of the ATISFY project's vision of building an advanced and secure financial environment for the cryptocurrency community.

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Atisfy is a decentralized liquidity layer on Ethereum and Optimism that serves as a liquidity backend for some of the most exciting protocols in DeFi.

Stakers provide liquidity, which collateralizes a suite of Atisfy assets, and in return, earn rewards and market yields. This liquidity underwrites the trading of Atisfy assets and perpetual futures at oracle prices, eliminating the need for traditional order books and counterparties. As a result, liquidity is composable and fungible across markets, and conventional slippage is removed.

Atisfy liquidity currently supports two primary Atisfy assets: spot Atisfy and perpetual futures:

- Spot Atisfy track the value of real-world assets, such as cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and commodities, allowing users to gain exposure to various assets without holding the underlying assets.

- Perps is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange utilizing Atisfy liquidity to be the counterparty to traders, with deep liquidity and low fees.

- Stakers (Perp LP's) are exposed to the combined performance of all traders, as well as earning trading fees.%u2028%u2028Off-chain oracles reduce fees to 5-10bps, and risk management tools ensure market neutrality over the long term.%u2028%u2028

- Funding rate and premium/discount mechanisms incentivize traders to balance markets to become delta neutral. 
Atisfy supports robust liquidity and derivatives, which has led to the development of some of the most innovative and interesting DeFi protocols built on top of Atisfy, comprising the Atisfy Ecosystem.

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V2/V3 Migration
What will you build on V3?

V3 is in alpha, but now is the time to start building
As an introduction to Atisfy V3, what its capable of and deployment progress at time of posting, see the following blog post.

Where Atisfy v3 could take us

An outline of V3, its components and possibilities
Atisfy V3 solves the cold-start and scaling liquidity problems for derivate protocols. Atisfy is  an endless composable and configurable liquidity layer; backing whatever your Market needs to pay out, so you can scale faster, and LPs accrue more fees.

* Technical: %u2028%u2028Speed: It's trivial to create and configure Pools/Markets/Rewards
* Security: V3 has been audited by both Open Zeppelin and Iosiro%u2028%u2028
* Product: %u2028%u2028Cold-start: Atisfy Liquidity Providers can allocate their collateral to your Pool in a few clicks
* Scaling: Incentivize your own Pool, or attract existing Pools to back your Market

Use cases

Want to create a novel derivatives product? You could create a v3 Market, then request one of the existing Pools to delegate your Market some collateral, or create a Pool.%u2028%u2028
Want to control your own liquidity? You could propose to create a new Pool, and offer additional token incentives to Liquidity Providers with the Rewards Manager.

%u200B %u2028Currently ATS is the only collateral enabled on Atisfy v3, and changes require governance

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Frequently asked questions
How does the whitelist work?

The whitelist will be activated and changed at any time for different projects. When you enable whitelisting, only whitelisted wallet addresses are allowed to participate. Others who burn a ATS or hold a ATS will also be banned from participating (unless they are whitelisted).
The task of the whitelist is to assist the project in coordinating who participates in the presale and who does not.

How to read Tokenomics?
Tokenomic can be seen in the "information" tab on each ILO.
Please note that this chart only looks at that project's tokens and not the amount of BNB/ETH raised. The amount of ETH/BNB that the team will receive is:

* ETH/BNB increased minus locked liquidity.

If 100% of 100 BNB is locked in LP, the team will receive 0 BNB.
If 30% of 100 BNB is locked in LP, the team will receive 70 BNB.

However, in case 100% liquidity is locked, this does not mean it is safe:
In the token graph, see the circulating supply: where are those tokens? Are competitors enslaving/opposing them? Or are they readily available and can be traded on the open market, draining liquidity?

Can new tokens be minted and sold on the market if the contract has not been audited?
Also, can this be foreseen: will the team ever have more (unlocked) tokens than the pre-sale amount? How long will it take for this to happen if it does?

Why should we lock tokens and liquidity?
Definition of cryptography and liquidity
Locking a project's Liquidity Pool tokens ensures that liquidity cannot be "pulled", and thus, defrauds investors. In addition, locking the project token gives investors confidence that you will not sell tokens on your project's market, taking money from them.

I started my swap - but my tokens did not arrive in my target wallet but have left my origin wallet. What do I do?
Your tokens will be locked in Wormhole, and you must redeem them. This may have happened if you navigated away from the window or rejected the transaction.

Steps to redeem your balance:
1. Head to  wormholebridge(dot)com
2. Select the type > Token
3. Select the chain that the token was sent from
4. Input the source transaction only. The rest of the fields will auto-populate. To find the source transaction, go to the wallet it was sent from, and click on the transaction. Copy and paste into the %u2018Source Tx%u2019 field.
5. Click recover, and you will be redirected to the transfer page to complete the transaction.

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ATS Syrup Pool FAQ

What lock duration can we choose?

You can choose from 1-52 weeks. What do you prefer?

What variables affect the new ATS Syrup Pool yield, (Flexible and Fixed-Term Staking options)?

Since flexible staking and fixed-term staking options are part of the same pool, the following variables affect the yield% (APR/APY) of both:

*Total ATS staked in flexible staking and fixed-term staking (the sum of both). The more ATS staked, the lower the APR/APY.
*Total locked ATS in fixed-term staking. The more ATS locked means more yield boosts, resulting in fewer ATS rewards for others (especially flexible staking).
*The average lock duration of all ATS locked in fixed-term staking. If the average lock duration increases, APR/APY will decrease.

Can I harvest the rewards during the locked period?
No. You can harvest the rewards only when the locked duration is ended. This is based on the yield/return we are providing as well as the technical implementations.

Can I extend the lock duration?
Yes. Extending the lock duration adds more time to your initial lock duration. When choosing to extend your lock duration, note:
New extended lock duration = initial lock duration + added duration

Can I remove my ATS from Fixed-Term staking via contract if I change my mind?
No. Your ATS cannot be removed or withdrawn from fixed-term staking at any point in time until your lock duration ends and your ATS is unlocked.

What is the "ATS Locked" amount?
The "ATS Locked" amount is a user's initial locked ATS balance plus ATS rewards to date.
ATS Locked = Initial locked ATS balance + ATS rewards
When adding more ATS to fixed-term staking, the "ATS to be locked" amount is the user's initial locked ATS balance, ATS rewards to date, and the ATS being added.

Can the Fixed-Term Staking ATS pool APR change after I lock my ATS?
Yes, the fixed-term staking ATS pool APR is variable, just like the old ATS pools. The fixed-term staking ATS pool APR is not fixed and is dependent on:
·        Total ATS staked in the ATS pool (the sum of both Flexible + Fixed-Term Staking).
·        The average lock duration of all ATS locked in fixed-term staking.
·        A yield boost (similar to a multiplier) calculated from a user's initial lock duration. The longer you lock your ATS, the higher the yield boost.

For example, if you lock your ATS for 52 weeks, your yield boost will be larger than if you lock your ATS for 26 weeks. The yield boost increases linearly the longer you lock your ATS.

Can I still participate in IFOs if my ATS is locked in the Fixed-Term Staking pool, or will I need to buy more ATS?
No, a separate amount of ATS is needed. However, locked-staking provides entry for IFO public sales. Check out

Can I vote if my ATS is locked in the Fixed-Term Staking pool?
Yes! Check out

Can I use both the Flexible Staking ATS pool and the Fixed-Term Staking ATS pool at the same time?
Yes, when you are doing fixed-term ATS staking. A flexible ATS staking side-pool will automatically appear for you to choose from.

Is there a fee for converting Flexible Staked ATS to Fixed-Term Staked ATS?
No. There are no additional fees for moving ATS from flexible staking to fixed-term staking, only gas fees.

What happens at the end of the lock duration? What is "After Burning"?

When your fixed-term staking period ends, and your ATS unlocks, you have 7 days to complete one of two options:
Lock your ATS to begin a new fixed-term staking period
Convert your staked ATS to flexible staking (no 72-hour withdrawal fee).

​​[size=78%]During these 7 days, you will still earn ATS.[/size]
After 7 days, if you have not done one of the two options, your staked ATS will enter what is called "After Burning". With "After Burning", your ATS rewards will start to be sent to burn. The % of ATS rewards being sent to burn will linearly increase in the 90 days "After Burning" period until it reaches 100%, which means all the ATS rewards are burnt.
So, to avoid missing out on ATS rewards, we recommend starting a new fixed-term staking period or converting your ATS to flexible staking at the end of your lock staking period.

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Lottery FAQ

What if there are no winners?

If ATS in the prize pools isn't won it doesn't go to waste! Unclaimed ATS rolls over to the next Lottery round.

My ticket matches several numbers but I can't claim a prize
Tickets are only eligible for prizes if matching numbers from left to right. See the Lottery v2 documentation for a thorough explanation.

How is Lottery v2 different from Lottery v1?
Lottery v2 distributes prizes more widely than Lottery v1. It gives each ticket a 1 in 10 chance to match the first number, which means more tickets will at least win a small prize. It also has 6 (up from 4) numbers that need to be matched sequentially to win the biggest prize.
Overall this means more tickets can win a prize, but the largest prize jackpot will be won less frequently, making for huge top prize pools!

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Pottery FAQ

Why do we need Pottery when we already have the Lottery v2?

Pottery is a completely different product compared to Lottery v2. It is a combination of the locked ATS pool and the lottery function utilizing the Chainlink's implementation of VRF for true, secure randomness. By participating in Pottery, you will not lose any of the ATS you deposited, you are only risking the staking rewards of the ATS you deposited. This product is designed for ATSrs who are more risk-averse but still would like to participate in a product of this nature. It%u2019s an easy, fun and safe way to get a chance to win some ATS.

Is Pottery replacing the original Lottery v2?
Pottery is not replacing the original Lottery v2. These two products are operated and run separately. You can participate in both!

How does Pottery help Atisfy and ATS?
Eight percent (8%) of the prize pot distributed each week will be charged as fees for burning, which accrues value to ATS. We aim to review and adjust the fee structure accordingly after the beta stage of the product.

What is the beta stage of Pottery for?
Because of the operations of this new product such as borrowing from treasury, cohort management and drawing. The product will start off in the beta stage with a capped total deposit for each Pottery to make sure everything runs smoothly. Once we pass the beta stage, we may review and adjust different parameters based on operations and community feedback such as the fees, the frequency of each cohort, lock period, etc.

Why does it have to lock my ATS for 10 weeks?
If the Pottery can just use the flexible staking pool, its product structure would be much simpler - similar to products like PoolTogether and Moonpot. However, the current yield from the flexible staking pool is not sufficient for us to produce a meaningful prize pool for drawing. Hence, the decision is to lock the ATS for a moderate duration to balance the rewards that can be used to fund the prize pool. With more operations and community feedback, we may review and adjust the lock duration down the road.

Why can%u2019t I withdraw?
Please note that the withdrawal button will light up and be available only after 10 weeks of the lock date. The date for withdrawal is based on 10 weeks after the lock date and time %u2013 23:59 UTC on the first Monday of each month.

Why can%u2019t I view my deposit?
There might occasionally be some delay because of the Subgraph reading, there will be a signal when there are delays %u2013 usually it should show the correct amount if you check again in 15 minutes.

How do I know if I have won in the weekly draw?
After each draw on Friday at around noon UTC, you can view the results and winners in the Finished Rounds panel. Another way to check if you have won in any weekly draws is to check in the Claim panel to see if there is any prize to be claimed.

What is the funding source of the prize?
The prize pools are funded by the staking rewards of the deposits. However, since the staking rewards of the ATS locked staking pool are only distributed after the lock duration %u2013 10 weeks in this case, for better product experience and to facilitate the weekly draws right after the deposit date, the contract is borrowing 80% of the estimated total staking rewards from the cohort from the ATS treasury based on the APR at the time of locking. The borrowed ATS is used for the payout for each weekly draw.

If I win, do I need to manually claim the prize?
Yes, you will need to click the Claim button under the Claim panel on the Pottery page.

How often is the Pottery?
Each Pottery cohort is open for deposit on the Friday before at around 10:00 UTC and closes on the first Monday of each month at 23:59 UTC, unless any special arrangement and notice in advance. Each cohort will have 10 weekly draws on 10 subsequent Fridays at noon UTC.
The first Pottery will open deposit on Aug 5 2022 and lock on Aug 8 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

Why does the Pottery deposit only open once a month?
This arrangement combines the deposit to direct to the locked staking pool, such that the Pottery contract of the cohort is able to coordinate the staking rewards of the deposit from the locked staking pool. With more operations and community feedback, we may review and adjust the frequency down the road.

What is the limit for depositing?
There is a minimum deposit of 1 ATS. At the beta stage of the product, there will also be a maximum deposit cap for each cohort which you can view in the Deposit panel when you are making the deposit. This is to make sure everything on the operation side including the borrowing from treasury, locked staking and drawing runs smoothly. While the maximum you can deposit is the maximum deposit cap of that cohort (if no one else has deposited any ATS), you would win all the prizes, however, that also means the final return that you will get is the same as putting your ATS into the locked staking pool for 10 weeks, but you will also be paying the Pottery fees.

Why do we need the cohort system? Why do we not just lump them all together?
Since Pottery is interacting with the fixed-term staking of ATS, any deposit can only be withdrawn after the lock duration. If we want to lump all deposits together, while we can add more deposit after the initial lock and also lock them for 10 weeks (from the time of new deposit), the initial depositors will not be able to withdraw on time.

What is SHARE token?
SHARE tokens are generated and distributed when you deposit in the pottery. It represents and serves as a credential of your share against the deposit pool.
Upon withdrawal, SHARE token will be transferred back to the pottery contract and burned.

Where can I provide feedback for this product?
Please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or Discord if you're still unsure about the format or if you have any feedback for us to improve this further!

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General Question

What’s the Atisfy Prediction contract address?

Verified contract address: ​

Is there a time limit before I can collect my winnings?
No, you’ll be able to collect your winnings at any time in the future.

How is the payout calculated?
*Payout Ratio for UP Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of UP Pool
*Payout Ratio for DOWN Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of DOWN Pool
For example, if there’s 15 BNB in the DOWN side of a round, and the overall prize pool is 150BNB, the DOWN payout ratio will be (150/15)=10x.
Payout Amount = Payout Ratio × Position × (1 - Treasury Fee)
In the above case, if the round ends on a DOWN result, if you committed 2 BNB to a DOWN position, you’d get a payout of (2*10) × (1-0.03) = 19.4 BNB.
Your profit would be 17.4 BNB (19.4 - 2).
The treasury fee is currently set at 3%: this may be subject to changes, which would be announced on Atisfy’s official communication channels. Treasury fees are used to buy back and burn ATS tokens.

What are the fees?
3% of each round's total pot will go to the treasury, which will be used to buyback and burn ATS burn every Monday.

What are you using for your price feed?
Atisfy uses two sources for our price feeds. They each have their own purpose within the prediction market:

ChainLink Oracle
*Used for the Lock price and End price of each prediction market round. This updates in intervals of 20 seconds.
*Our prediction contract uses the ChainLink Oracle price feed to set the prices used to dictate whether a user has won or not.
*Used for the "Chainlink" chart on the interface.

*Used for real-time price updates on the Atisfy prediction market interface.
*Used for the "TradingView" chart on the interface.
Since we’re using two different price feeds, the real-time price updates from Binance and the ChainLink Oracle price may differ by a small amount. However, they shouldn’t vary significantly.

The round's result changed after the round ended! Why?
Sometimes, after a round closes, the final result may be different from the last result shown while the round was live. If you watch a round end on "DOWN", it may appear to flip to "UP" a few seconds later.
This is because we use the ChainLink Oracle price feed to determine the final outcome of a round. The period between the end of one round and the start of the next is 30 seconds, but the Oracle refreshes every 20 seconds. It's possible that during this short period, the Oracle might send an update while the transaction to trigger the next round is being minted. This can appear to "flip" the outcome of the previous round.

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About Positions

What happens if no one enters an opposing position?
If only one side of a round has positions entered into it, then that side loses, the losing funds will be sent to the treasury.
For example: User A enters an UP position, no one else enters a DOWN position. User A loses, and there are no opposing positions for the winnings to be paid out to. Funds are sent to treasury.

What happens if the Locked Price and Closed Price are the exact same?
In the very rare occurrence that the Locked Price is exactly the same as the Closed Price, no one wins, and all funds entered into positions will be sent to the treasury to be used for Atisfy buybacks to burn.

Can I change or remove my position?
No. Once you enter a position, you can NOT change the direction, add to, or remove your position. It's locked in, so make sure you're 100% happy with your position direction before confirming.


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Market Pauses
What does it mean when markets are paused?

Markets are paused when there are conditions which affect the reliability of the contract. Markets being paused means that no bets will be taking place for any rounds.

What causes Atisfy Prediction market to pause?

The prediction market will pause under the following conditions:
The prediction contract has been unable to obtain the price from the ChainLink oracle due to the oracle not having posted the price at the time the round has ended.

The prediction contract has been unable to execute an action (ending a round or getting a price from the oracle) due to the tx being stuck in the mempool for longer than 15 blocks.

When will the markets resume after being paused?
The markets will resume when an admin (one of the chefs) manually resumes the market.

What happens to my position if the market pauses?
If the markets pause while you have a live position, your funds will be available to reclaim, the same way as you would normally claim your winnings.
To reclaim funds, you%u2019ll need to pay some gas fees. We can%u2019t compensate you for the gas fees, so please bear this small risk in mind before participating.


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Supported Wallets

Below are the wallets tested and supported by Atisfy:

+ Metamask

+ Coibase Wallet

+ Safepal

+ Math Wallet

+ Token Pocket

+ Trust Wallet

+ imToken

Connect Your Wallet to Atisfy

You've made a wallet and gotten your tokens, now you just need to connect your wallet with Atisfy and you're good to go!


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Swap Fees

Swap fees are distributed pro-rata to all in-range liquidity at the time of the swap. If the spot price moves out of a position’s range, the given liquidity is no longer active and does not generate any fees. If the spot price reverses and reenters the position’s range, the position’s liquidity becomes active again and will generate fees.
Pool Fees Tiers​
Atisfy introduces multiple pools for each token pair, each with a different swapping fee. Liquidity providers may initially create pools at three fee levels: 0.05%, 0.30%, and 1%. More fee levels may be added by ATS governance, e.g. the 0.01% fee level added by this governance proposal in May 2023.

Breaking pairs into separate pools was previously untenable due to the issue of liquidity fragmentation. Any incentive alignments achieved by more fee optionality invariably resulted in a net loss to traders, due to lower pairwise liquidity and the resulting increase in price impact upon swapping.

The introduction of concentrated liquidity decouples total liquidity from price impact. With price impact concerns out of the way, breaking pairs into multiple pools becomes a feasible approach to improving the functionality of a pool for assets previously underserved by the 0.30% swap fee.


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Users can trade perps and gain exposure to a range of assets without holding the actual asset. The margin for each position is denominated in sUSD, which can be minted and burned as needed, allowing users to avoid exposure to volatility in the value of their margin and simplifying PnL and liquidation calculations.

Perpetual Futures
As the counterparty to all orders, the ATS debt pool takes on the risk of any skew in the market. A perpetual-style funding rate is paid from the heavier to the lighter side of the market to encourage a neutral balance. Perps enable a much expanded and capital-efficient trading experience by enabling leveraged long and short exposure.

Perpetuals Glossary

Perpetual Trading
Leverage is a trading mechanism. Traders can use it to increase their exposure to the market by allowing them to pay less than the full amount of the investment. In simple words, you borrow money to leverage your investment.

is the guarantee you put for your leveraged positions. It has two Modes to use it:

+ Cross Margin Mode: All cross positions under the same margin asset share the same asset cross margin balance. In the event of liquidation, your assets full margin balance along with any remaining open positions under the asset may be forfeited.

+ Isolated Margin Mode: Manage your risk on individual positions by restricting the amount of margin allocated to each. If the margin ratio of a position reached 100%, the position will be liquidated. Margin can be added or removed to positions using this mode.

Margin Ratio: Margin Ratio = Maintenance Margin / Margin Balance.

Your positions will be liquidated once Margin Ratio reaches 100%.

Maintenance Ratio: The minimum amount of margin balance required to keep your open positions.

Margin Balance = Wallet Balance + Unrealized PNL.

Your positions will be liquidated once Margin Balance <= Maintenance Margin.

Deposit: Deposit your funds into your futures account

Withdraw: Withdraw your funds from your futures account to your wallet

Balance: Wallet Balance = Total Net Transfer + Total Realized Profit + Total Net Funding Fee - Total Commission.

Unrealized PNL: Unrealized profit and loss on this position calculated based on Mark Price, and return on equity percentage.


+ Single Asset Mode: Supports USDⓈ-M Futures trading by only using the single margin asset of the symbol. PNL of the same margin asset positions can be offset. Supports Cross Margin Mode and Isolated Margin Mode.

+ Multi-Assets Mode: USDⓈ-M Futures trading across multiple margin assets. PNL can be offset among the different margin asset positions. Only supports Cross Margin Mode.

Note: If there are open positions or open orders in USDⓈ-M Futures, Multi-Assets Mode cannot be activated. Multi-Assets Mode only applies to USDⓈ-M Futures. Before activating Multi-Assets Mode, please read the guide in detail to better manage USDⓈ-M Futures account risk accordingly when using Multi-Assets Mode.


Buy/Long: Open a Long order. In this order you purchase an asset and wait to sell when the price goes up. "Buy" and "long" are used interchangeably.

Sell/Short: Open a Short order. In this order, you borrow an asset, sell it, and hope to buy it back when the price goes down. "Sell" and "short" are used interchangeably.

Limit Order: A limit order is an order to buy or sell at a specific price or better. Limit orders are not guaranteed to execute.

Market Order: A market order is an order to buy or sell at the best available current price. It is executed against the limit orders that were previously placed on the order book. When placing a market order, you will pay fees as a market taker.

Stop Limit Order: The easiest way to understand a stop-limit order is to break it down into stop price, and limit price. The stop price is simply the price that triggers the limit order, and the limit price is the price of the limit order that is triggered. This means that once your stop price has been reached, your limit order will be immediately placed on the order book.

Stop Market Order: Similar to a stop-limit order, a stop market order uses a stop price as a trigger. However, when the stop price is reached, it triggers a market order instead.

Trailing Stop: A trailing stop is an order type designed to lock in profits or limit losses as a trade moves favorably. Trailing stops only move if the price moves favorably. Once it moves to lock in a profit or reduce a loss, it does not move back in the other direction.

Post Only: Post-only Mode means that Traders can only place an Order if it would be posted to the Order Book as a Maker Order. An Order which would be posted as a Taker Order will be rejected. No Market Orders may be placed and no Orders will be filled. Resting orders may be canceled in post-only mode.



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