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« on: July 20, 2017, 08:08:05 PM »

VR business networking on the blockchain.

Shares Per Hour better known as (SPH) is an advanced blockchain technology allowing improved co-ordination. It allows service providers and businesses to connect. Hours between the two parties are handle using time-stamped smart contracts on the timechain.

The timechain is so efficient, businesses using it can literally clear their books in real time! Auto-accounting is done by smart contracts running constantly on the timechain.

Access to the network is reserved only for compute token (SPH) holders. Please join the ICO to acquire SPH and benefit from using Shares Per Hour technology.

SPH Smart Contracts & Digital Coins

Service providers may bill businesses/dapps in realtime using smart contracts and digital coins.

Tangible Goods
Service providers can sign smart contracts to produce physical hardware for businesses/projects.

Milestone and reputation based agreements
In cases where service providers have strong reputations with businesses, long-term or milestone based smart contracts can be signed.

Hardware wallets provide the easiest security that reaches far beyond the security of banking systems. The power is yours and you own it. No more middle man, means no more sign in. Instead of emails and passwords our network works on keys. If you own a key, then you have read/write access to that channel of information. NFC chips provide a safe place for your keys. In addition to the NFC key will be the server hardware. This is the main key that can reset the NFC key. If hosting your own server sounds hard then we have the option to host your own server sounds hard then we have the option to host your server for you with a small monthly subscription service.

Estimated 20,000 transactions/second

Contracts can hold any data or a continuation process. This architecture is content delivery and compute.

Limiting factors

- Speed of Virtual Machine execution
- Contract size & difficulty
- Timechain Consensus cycles

The timechain is an ongoing time-stamped ledger. Each beat of time will record and confirm other parts of the system such as geolocation or SPH. Where the Timechain differs is in it’s ability to act as a processor instead of heavy monetary transactions. This is what gives the power to run smart contracts. Unlike current smart contract providers, that allow byte-code injection attacks, The Timechain won’t even process code that isn’t typed correct by the model checker.

As you can see, this image looks very similar to the well-known bitcoin blockchain. The big breakthrough is in green and are referred to as the transactions. The transaction is composed of either an end process or a continuation process. A lot of power is packed into this 1 line of code shown below.

for(x1 <y2 if cond; ... ; xn <yn if cond) P

This code can be used to pair together almost anything. It could pair together an employer and an employee or multiple computers could communicate to confirm subscriptions. It could also be used to match your interests in creating a social news feed. The possibilities are immense and disrupt all traditional internet giants who rely on being a middle man.

Timestamped GPS location

GPS location tracking will be an highly useful feature for SPH users. GPS co-ordinate data is extremely small and in many cases highly valuable. This makes GPS tracking a perfect use case for blockchain technology.

Our proposed hardware device is like you owning your own cloud. Instead of connecting to an internet giant, you connect to your own server that is running where you plug it in. Your server becomes part of the decentralized computer network improving and securing the network. By providing consensus and compute services to the network your server is rewarded with usage tokens.

The bitcoin network offers Proof of Work (PoW) security to the network usage token. This is great for bitcoin but not very useful for newly created networks. Ethereum agrees with this point of view and has been trying to upgrade their PoW network to a PoS network. Their Proof-of-Stake network is nick named Casper. We have deeply analyzed their efforts and have deemed them compatible with our system. Instead of reinventing the wheel we have decided to use Casper as our consensus mechanism. There are many flavors of Casper each with unique reward/penalty structures. We will be using a version that has advantages of not requiring consensus validators to be known ahead of time. This is consistent with our goal of a decentralized internet network.

Proof-of-Stake offers many advantages over Proof-of-Work. It gives us scalability and security with as little as a few computers up to millions of computers. The hardware/computers involved can be small and cheap to produce or heavy duty capable of handling large groups of users. Users can become network hosts by acquiring network usage tokens. Poorly operating hosts will be penalized while positive performing hosts can be rewarded. Furthermore, it allows us to utilize the resources in an efficient manner and achieve what no other blockchain technology today has, a content delivery network.

The most complex smart contracting system is Ethereum so we will use it as our case study. Please note, Ethereum uses an imperative programming language called solidity, not a functional programming language. The functional programming paradigm allows for mathematical calculi to be implemented as computer code. It is viewed as a technological breakthrough in the co-fields of Computer Science and Mathematics. We need completeness, compositionality, concurrency, complexity, strong types, and meta-programming all in one programming language. Those features are how SPH will be able to scale past the competition.

The reputation system is key to eliminating SPAM. SPAM is unsolicited sales and it is prevalent on free messaging sites. It is a key factor to the success and failure of a social network. One of the main reasons people hate spam is because it wastes their time.

SPH has reputation systems between each others relationships. Our system allows a true life like environment to flourish based on multiple reputation connections with different people about different activities.

Your attention is rewarded in our system with the use of micro transaction network usage and reputation systems. Fine grain specificity of reputation extends into diverse subject matter as topics themselves have reputation.

The cryptographic secured data used in SPH represents coupons that only have use within the SPH decentralized virtual world of artificial intelligence. SPH is digital and should not be considered as existent outside of the virtual scope it operates. SPH coupons allow compute abilities on the network. The users of SPH accept all terms associated with the project, including a cryptographically secured decentralized network failure. Results may include complete or partial data exposure, loss or modification. These terms apply to all distributions of SPH coupons and meta-coupons in the SPH platform

The SPH decentralized network may contain adult material. Participants are required to be the age of majority. Participants found to be under the age of majority will forfeit their coins.

Due to the powerful nature of blockchain technology, we want to ensure awareness that SPH is not an investment vehicle. There's no promise of future profit by participating in the ICO. The main purpose of the ICO is to build a strong user base, allowing a next gen decentralized internet with competent users. SPH currently has a working product with utility in the forms of web and virtual reality. SPH is the payment tool allowing micro-transactional behaviors through a SaaS business model.

Email verification is used as 2-factor authentication. Please maintain access to the email address used to join Enhance security by applying additional factors of authentication to your email address.

This is a living website. We welcome you to check back often and stay up to date. We will contact users by email.

To ensure a high level of user satisfaction service, copies of your account information may be stored digitally or physically. Your information will never be divulged to 3rd party venders outside of


How can we contact SPH?
- Visit our VR Office Front Desk (pre-alpha)

When does the ICO launch?
July 1st 2017

When does the ICO finish?
Unknown. The exact end date depends on goals being reached and budget constraints. The ICO could end tomorrow. There will be a hard end date of September 20th 2017, if the ICO lasts that long.

What is SPH?
It's an advanced VR blockchain technology allowing improved co-ordination. It allows service providers and businesses to schedule meetings and connect in their custom VR offices. Hours and negotiations between the two parties are handled using time-stamped smart contracts on the time-chain.

How many tokens are there?
There will be a total of 88 million SPH created during the first 8 years. After that, there will be a variable 2% inflation year rate. The inflation rate is variable because an artificial intelligence (AI) will look at the public and encrypted data in an attempt to lower the inflation rate each subsequent year.

What will SPH tokens be used for?
SPH powers the decentralized network. Storage, bandwith and processing all have costs associated with them. SPH tokens are required to use the network resources. This effectively eliminates spam, improving the users experience.

Is there a Time based ICO bonus?
There will be small time based rewards for our eager users.
Max 12% ICO Bonus goes from July 1st to July 20th, then decreases 0.2% each day until no bonus is awarded.

How do referrals work?
The token launch is done through and in a peer to peer decentralized manor. Please join and submit your email for information on participation.

What is the current status of SPH?
SPH is currently in pre-alpha. It's geared towards developers and early adopters.

- User adoption & coordination: Website development.
- S:PH Virtual Office.
- Blockchain backed smart contracts.
- Integration w/ Bitcoin and Ethereum.
- GUI Designs: Digital punch card mobile app.
- VR communication channels. Decentralized prototype.

Who is the team behind SPH?
Our team is comprised of experienced computer scientists, developers, VR and blockchain gurus. The core team is evolving to improve our knowledge and expertise to stay ahead of the competition.

What can we expect?
July 1st 2017, the token will be available for user access through our website interface. In addition, the SPH time chain opening date is estimated opening Q4 2018. Access to the VR vault interface will be available for testing prior to the time chain opening.

Will there be future development?
The coin distribution is designed for long term future development. SPH is a living project that requires a substantial development effort to satisfy users and grow its base. SPH will attract more and more experts to make sure users are highly satisfied. There's also SPH available to community leaders who show initiative and good will to the project.

What will happen with the SPH not used during the ICO?
This ICO has no hard cap. All of the ICO designated SPH will be distributed to the project users.

How will the token launch work?
The token launch is done through and in a peer to peer decentralized manor. Please join and submit your email for information on participation.

How do I stay up to date?
This is a living website. Come back and visit often. Once joined, we will email you if contacted is required.


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