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Author Topic: [ANN] Ħ [HODL] Blockchain Pays You Interest. 0.43% Every Day  (Read 5775 times)

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What is it?

HOdlcoin is just like Bitcoin, but it pays interest on every balance. This is to recognize the importance of HODLers and properly reward HODLing.

For Early Adopters

Very high interest rates (4000%+ APR) are paid in the first few months to attract early adopters to the project.

90 Second Video Explainer


Win64 Setup:
Win32 Setup:
Linux 64:
Linux 32:
OSX 64bit:
Win64 Full:
Win32 Full:
Release 1.0.0:

Exchanges (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits) (0.2% on trades, No interest paid on HODL deposits)


Block Explorers


Paper Wallet:
Mining Calculator:
Current Interest Rate:
Network Information:
Market Information:
Supply API:

QQ group #: 218602035


Ticker: HODL
Symbol: Ħ
Block Time: 154 seconds
Subsidy: 50 HODL subsidy per block
Halving: Every 4 years
Mining Supply:Total of 81,962,100 HODL will be mined
Interest Supply: Between 150,000,000 and 500,000,000 HODL will be paid in interest to HODLers
Fair launch: No Premine/Instamine/Ninja/100 initial 1 HODL blocks
Port: 1989
RPC Port: 11989
Testnet Port: 8989
Proof of Work: 1GB AES Pattern Search POW
Codebase: Bitcoin 0.11.2
Website: (reserved, no content yet)

Proof of Work

1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the ProtoShares Momentum PoW, first used in MemoryCoin and later modified for use in CryptoNight(Monero,Bytecoin), Ethash(Ethereum).  CPU/GPU friendly.

Solo Mining Guide:

Fixed in Nature

The POW Algorithm considered a technical detail and is subject to change to favor CPU and consumer grade hardware with the intention of keeping mining participatory and distributed.

ALL OTHER PARAMETERS ARE SET IN STONE. There will be no changes to mining subsidies, interest rates, distribution etc.


Current Interest Rates and Page -

1. The Standard Interest Rate
Interest is paid on regular balances (outputs), on every block, for a period of up to 30 days (561x30 blocks). The rate is  0.0000002384185791015625% (1/2^22). It's compounded every block, so the rate is approximately 5% APR. However, remember there is a maximum of 30 days, so to get that APR, you'd need to log in each month and shuffle the HODL to a new address.

2. Bonus Interest Rates
To encourage early adoption, astronomical rates of interest are paid in the early months. The max rate is 0.0000152587890625 (1/2^16). Compounded, the rate is 2174%. It's reduced every block by a multiplier - calculated like this =((409530-X)/409530)^4 (X is the block where the balance is recorded as an output).
To calculate your bonus rate, you can use this formula.
Principal + (Standard Interest + (Bonus Interest * Bonus Multiplier))

Bonus rates
Day  0 ~ 2174%
Day 30 ~ 1881%
Day 60 ~ 1543%
Day 90 ~ 1317%
Day 660 ~ 0.230% APR
Day 690 ~ 0.029% APR
Day 730 ~ no bonus

3. Term Deposit Bonus
If you lock an amount of HODL as a term deposit, you can also get a bonus on the interest. The longer the deposit, the bigger bonus. The bonus is just a multiplier of the interest, so if you locked up 100 HODL for 1 year, you'd expect a return of 5 HODL. The term deposit bonus for 1 year is about 100% - so at the end of the term you'd have 110 HODL (Capital 100 + Interest 5 + Term Deposit Bonus 5). See the chart for the multipliers, or use this formula - =(1-((409530-X)/409530)^6)*100  (X is the number of blocks to lock for, min 2 days, max 1 year)

So to calculate your full bonus return on a term deposit . . . it's
Principal + ((Standard Interest + (Bonus Interest * Bonus Multiplier))*Term Deposit Multiplier)

Term deposit Rates
1 week term deposit ~ 5.6% bonus on interest
1 month term deposit ~ 22% bonus on interest
3 month term deposit ~ 55% bonus on interest
6 month term deposit ~ 82% bonus on interest
1 year term deposit ~ 98% bonus on interest

n.b. When a Term Deposit matures, it stops earning interest - you must move it to start earning interest again.
n.b. Bonus rates are paid on regular balances too
n.b. The bonus rate is locked at the time of the transaction, the rate you can achieve reduces over time due to the multiplier, but once you're earning that bonus rate, it doesn't reduce.

How To Make A Term Deposit:

Video guide:
Graphical guide:

1. Go to the Term Deposit tab. It looks like a little bank. (Download the latest version if you don't have a deposit tab)
2. Enter your own address, the amount of the term deposit, and the length you to deposit for.
3. Click HODL

A popup will appear telling you how much interest you can expect. Click OK if you want to continue. Another popup will ask your if you're sure, click OK again, and your term deposit instruction will be sent.

Remember, once you HODL, those funds are LOCKED until the maturation date. That's the price you pay for the very good interest bonus.


Bonus Rate Calculation Table

Term Deposit Multiplier Table

Overall Interest Return Calculator

Term Deposit Interest Rate Table


Press (German)

Contribute towards Hosting Fuzzbawl's ultimate Block Explorer (Address managed by SamSmith - 1BountyAyfaj2LRD2VhTY5iyfgjg79nmSx)

Contribute toward Wolf's GBT CPU miner - total bounty of 1.25 BTC needed


Q: What is the official animal of HOdlcoin?
The squirrel is the official animal of HOdlcoin. The squirrel is the animal kingdom's natural HOdler.

Q: What is the official song of HOdlcoin?
"HODL California" is the official song of HOdlcoin. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Q: How do I correctly capitalize HOdlcoin?

Q: How do I correctly say HODL?
HODL. It rhymes with Yodel. Yodeling is also the official musical style of HOdlcoin.

Q: What is the smallest unit of HODL?
The nut. There are 100,000,000 nuts in one HODL.

Q: Why do you HODL?
because we suck at trading and we know we suck at trading
if you can pit pat piffy wing wong wang make a milino bucks no problem bro then you don't need to hodl

About Me:

My name is FreeTrade and I've previously created experimental coins MemoryCoin, ProtoShares, LottoShares. I have technical chops and wide experience with crypto. If you'd like to get involved, drop me a line.


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