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Author Topic: [ANN] 1337 [Pure POS] 668.5% APR|Gaming integration|Dedicated services|  (Read 3275 times)

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Realizing the wide possibilities resulting from a simple fun project and advantages of high Proof-of-Stake (POS) system in the Cryptoworld; 1337, dubbed as the POS ‘Beast’ coin’, further push its experiment to its limit... Focusing toward the goal of achieving 1337 as a highly reputable coin with ever increasing demand yet with no shortage of supply... To prevent hyperinflation we need to take severe measures. 1337 started with an APR of 1337% per year, In April this was halved to 668.5% a year and after a few more halvings the last and final APR will be 13.37% a year

We invite you to embark with us in this strategic journey... Have fun, as our collective collaboration results in building the ‘GAME COIN of the CRYPTOWORLD’...

Are you ready?.. Therefore, let our collaboration begin!

Our Road Map....

In line in the achievement of the vision, we shall embark and engage in  a world-wide web promotion and trading of the best games available in the market... And guess what, using primarily 1337 coins as its medium of trading!.. No need to trade to other hard currencies or even bitcoin just to buy and play the games, buy it with 1337 DIRECTLY! #Stake2Play

Visit our beta launch thread for Stake2Play at

And we don’t stop there!..

Another 1337 games project currently in the pipeline, not only you can buy state-of-the-art games with 1337, its coin development team is putting its revolutionary and unique ideas to create a sure fire hit peer-online games that uses 1337 as its point-currency!.. Level up your ‘ability’ in the game, get alliances or shop inside the games to ‘power up’ and conquer the enemy! And much, much more!... Imagine its impact on the 1337 community, traders, stakers, coin investors and internet users world-wide!

And last but not least.. you can join our Minecraft server and win lots of 1337 by killing monsters in the game! Join the private Minecraft server and spread the word!

So much creative and revolutionary ideas are now being discussed within the coin development team... Of course, feedbacks or input from all of you would be highly appreciated!

Join the Starf1337... Let's get collaborated, start brainstorming!.. and craft the strategy to create and build the ‘GAME COIN of the CRYPTOINDUSTRY’... 1337!

Malwarebytes shows a false positive for the 1337 wallet, more info on that can be found at

Version With added features to optimize the staking


Linux by CryptoHobo!ixUkmTBB!Vr8MZEuH-Np6BlpBd6Uv60srGkfUVfFD6q_7qgSS5y0

Instructions on how to use the features

Vanitygen for Linux. Create your own customized address!

5000 1337 for Everyone

I'm trying to do some giveaways in the trollboxes on Yobit and C-Cex as often as possible. I would like to encourage some of the bigger holders to do the same so we can get some more promo for 1337.


Multipool that pays out in 1337 100k
Vanity Address Generator 200k 1337
In-Game Faucet 250k 1337
Faucet/Dice Game 100k 1337
1337 Game League Ladder 150k 1337
1337 custom signature 150k 1337

What Can I Do With 1337?

1. Keep it in your wallet and let it stake.
2. Place some bets on your favorite matches on CME Sports
3. Use it for upgrades and special items in our MineCraft Server (coming soon but for now you can win lots of 1337 on the server!)
4. Use it to buy tickets for our Lotteries.
5. Use it in our coming webshop to pay for games, webhosting, VPN, VPS and more!

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I stake this coin, this is green solution to produce coin. I suggest you to buy this coin at any exchange and then stake it in your wallet (Keep your wallet online)
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