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Author Topic: [ANN] | [IPO] | GIRLCOIN (GRL) - 1 Investor(s) - Stage 1 - 15 Slots Left  (Read 1747 times)

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A new crypto currency made by chicks for chicks and dudes who support chicks.
Chicks For A Cause...

Who am I?
My name is Jennifer Rodriguez

UPDATED 4/19/2014
Escrow coming soon... as per Anon136

Launch Day: June 30th 2014

newbielink: [nonactive]

Algorithm = Scrypt
Max Coins = 28,000,000 (28 Million)
Block Time = 120 seconds
Difficulty Retarget = Every Block, Using KGW
Block Reward = 25 (GRL) Per Block

What’s up with this new coin?
We (me and my girlfriends) want to create a coin that would help the community, by spreading breast cancer awareness, gender neutrality, and equal rights for women around the world. We would also like to help the community by using some of the proceeds to help the homeless, and help to provide better lives to our children.

What Charities Will The Proceeds Go To?
90% of all proceeds will go to the following charities the rest will cover development costs to get the ball rolling.
-Breast Cancer Research Foundation- newbielink: [nonactive]
-Susan G. Koman For the Cure - newbielink: [nonactive]
--We are still adding more (Stay Tuned!)

How will it be funded?
We will be holding an IPO from now until June 30th. There will be 50 investor slots and the spreadsheet will be updated every day. Any IPO slots that are left unused will be distributed to each investor according to the stage in which they invested. It can be viewed here-->
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Where can I send my BTC and LTC to invest? 
BTC = 1Dgt7uJucas4H14u1QNyvdV9dVFcUvnSCo
LTC = LKmhhC67higSVNoq4BJjh4sWDGN3FTkXnL
For Anon136 Escrow See Post #55  newbielink: [nonactive]

What’s with the IPO?
I have create a google docs spreadsheet outlining how everything should play out. I hope the information will make sense. Anyone investing will be added to a tracking list worksheet. Proceeds will go to pay the developer of the coin, advertising and anything else that we may need to get this project off the ground. >^..^<
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If I invest how will I get paid?
You will be paid in GRL which will be a portion of the 17 slots available for that stage. So for example If 3 people invest in stage 1 the total IPO for that stage is split 3 ways plus the premium for that stage. Any open slots for that stage will be recalculated and distributed evenly. Each stage of the IPO starts a new and will continue until the end and the official launch of the coin.

What to do after I invest?
Send me an email whether you invest or not [nonactive] especially if you invest so we can update the spreadsheet.

Things to do
Set up escrow For IPO
Web Development




Every time you advertise I will reward you with 0.002BTC or .0798LTC


Team Members & Special Thanks
dzarmush - Logo Design, so Fab...

Please Advertise the coin on other Forums so that we can get this party started!!


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