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Author Topic: [ANN] Goalcoin [GOAL] Launch in 18 hours - Bringing Crypto to World Cup  (Read 4008 times)

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Launch & IPO Details

To cater to non-miners and investors, we decided to conduct an IPO for 2% (46,000 GOAL) of the total Goalcoins .

We conducted the pre-release sale last week, and 7394.2 GOAL was sold for 0.0005 [btc] each, for a total of 3.6971 [btc].

The remainder of the 38,605.8 GOAL will be sold on the public market for 0.00075 [btc] per GOAL[/b]. More details coming soon.

* Keep in mind that only about 10% of GOAL will be available from PoW through the period of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, which ends 13th July 2014.

How will the IPO be utilized?

The BTC collected from the IPO will go towards funding the Goalcoin team to conduct several operations, namely:

1. Acquire merchants to accept Goalcoins as payment for World Cup merchandise
2. Physical distribution of Goalcoins at the World Cup stadiums in Brazil
3. Marketing Goalcoin to both cryptocurrency adopters and non-adopters

Website: newbielink: [nonactive]
Social Networks: newbielink: [nonactive]
GoalCoin Social Forum: newbielink: [nonactive]

Innovative Features

1. World Cup Mining Pool Competition

When the World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil, we will have a total of 4 mining pools to mine Goalcoins. You may choose to join any of the pools, but we also decided to make things a little more interesting by adding a competitive World Cup flavour to the game.

The 4 mining pools will each represent one World Cup 2014 match, and miners will also be able to predict/select the winner from either of the two represented teams. Selection is locked 90 minutes before the game starts. Users who select the winning team will receive an extra mining reward for the next 24 hours.

For example, on day 1 of the World Cup, all pools will represent the Brazil-Croatia match, and if Brazil wins, users who selected Brazil as the winner of the match will receive extra mining reward for the next 24 hours. On day 2, there are three matches for the World Cup, and each match will be represented by at least one pool. Similarly, users mining from the respective pools will be able to predict/select the winner and receive extra rewards for getting the prediction right.

2. World Cup Predictions Gaming Website

Predict the World Cup scores and bet on your favourite teams, and stand a chance to win Goalcoins and Bitcoins! There will be three types of prediction games, namely a Free league, a Bitcoin league, and a Goalcoin league. To enter either game, simply purchase the relevant gaming pass from the platform here:

After selecting your pass type and clicking checkout, you will be redirected to create a username and password for login. A BTC or GOAL address will automatically be generated, and you will have 1 hour to make payment. Once payment is made with 6 confirmations, you will receive an email with details to access the prediction game that you bought.

Each game will last for the whole duration of the World Cup 2014, and winners will be selected based on the points collected during the season. To get started in the World Cup Predictions Gaming site, visit here: newbielink: [nonactive]

We are offering an limited promotion, those who invest over 0.2BTC on the pre-release sale will receive a free pass to the BTC League of the World Cup competition. BTC league offers prizes to the top 20 players, we are going to divide the jackpot as follows:

  • 50% to the first place
  • 20% to the second place
  • 15% divided among the top 20 players
  • 5% divided among the top 30 players

the remaining 10% will be used for prizes in the free league marketing and maintenance costs

Why GoalCoin

Goalcoin is the first cryptocurrency created specifically for worldwide sporting events, in this case, Soccer and the much awaited World Cup 2014 in Brazil. We aim to bring awareness and adoption of Bitcoin and Goalcoin into the world of sports, focusing especially on the soccer industry which generates US$18 Billion a year with an 18% annual growth.

We believe that the success of a digital currency is determined by two important factors, adoption by real-world users and infrastructure to use the currency. To achieve this, the Goalcoin team will carry out several marketing projects to increase adoption not only among users, but to also revolutionize the socioeconomic world of soccer through the implementation of Goalcoin as a payment method in commercial establishments linked to the sport. This will then allow users to spend Goalcoins for sports merchandise and services.

Furthermore, we also understand the importance of spreading adoption to the mainstream consumer beyond merely Bitcoin users. Just like how Dogecoin managed to reach out to a new market of users from 4chan/Reddit, who did not first know about Bitcoin, Goalcoin hopes to achieve the same with Soccer lovers all over the world as they unite to enjoy the World’s favourite sport! To do so, we aim to conduct a physical distribution of Goalcoins to the World’s population during major soccer events such as the Brazil World Cup 2014.

The Goalcoin Team

We are a team of dedicated developers, engineers, marketers and more importantly, soccer enthusiasts who believe that the benefits of cryptocurrency can be applied to help improve the global soccer economy, while enjoying the sport we love most!


To provide a high quality service and bring stability, security, and confidence to Goalcoin as payment for sports merchandise.

  • Spread Goalcoin to the world’s population through various distribution methods, including a physical distribution at the Brazil World Cup 2014.
  • Encourage the growth of the soccer industry, through distribution of Goalcoin by mining and rewarding those who support the network, to use their Goalcoins to further improve the soccer economy.
  • Ensure that a high security is maintained within the Goalcoin network through continuous improvement and development.
  • Encourage the use of Goalcoin by developing innovative services and through a marketing strategy that involves advertising, promoting, and constantly searching for new merchants to accept it as payment.

* Algorithm: Scrypt with DigiShield
* Block time: 1 minute
* Difficulty retarget: Every minute
* Maturity: 8 blocks
* Block reward: 2 Goalcoin, reducing 1% every week
* Total number of coins: 2.3 million, after that, block reward will be fixed at 0.03 goalcoins
* Distribution: PoW Mining 90%, World Cup Pool Rewards 2%, Giveaway at World Cup Stadiums: 4%, Pre-release Sale: 2%, Bounty 2%


What happens when the World Cup ends?

We are going to focus our marketing strategy and services on the most important football competitions, like Premier League, LFP, Calcio and Bundesliga

Spend Goalcoin! Merchants & Merchandise

Coming Soon !

Wallet - Launch Date: 2014/05/21 , 8:00PM -4:30GMT
If you invested, please enter your address GoalCoin on launch day at newbielink: [nonactive] to make the corresponding deposit for your purchase
Github Source: Coming Soon !
Linux Daemon: Coming Soon !
Windows Wallet: Coming Soon !
Mac Wallet: Coming Soon !
Android Wallet: Coming Soon !

Mining Instructions

Coming Soon !

newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]


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