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Author Topic: [ANN] Jesuscoin (JSC) holy litecoin fork!  (Read 2414 times)

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[ANN] Jesuscoin (JSC) holy litecoin fork!
« on: February 01, 2014, 06:03:32 AM »

Jesuscoin is a synergy of an advanced peer to peer currency and payment system, which allows sending quick payments to anywhere in the world.

The algorithm underlying Jesuscoin is similar to the one implemented in Litecoin cryptocurrency. The main distinctive Jesuscoin feature lies in fees distribution mechanism: thus, the fee for transaction is sent to the purse for donations. In addition, blocks generating is rewarded with a sum equivalent to the cost of a new unit. It should be noted that the size of donations and rewards for generating units in Jesuscoin grows over time unlike in other cryptocurrencies.
The maximum possible number of Jesuscoins is equal to 8888880 with a maximum 17,344,800 number of blocks. The number of blocks per year equals 525600. Complexity recalculation takes place every 20 blocks, while the reward for the block generating is estimated at 0.03014593 JSC (the first 525,600 blocks). A reward for blocks generating is increased by JSC 0.03014593 every 525600 blocks. The system ceases rewarding the participants after 17344800 blocks (33 years approximately).
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