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Author Topic: [ANN] NEM - NXT fork - Equal Shares for ALL  (Read 2229 times)

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[ANN] NEM - NXT fork - Equal Shares for ALL
« on: February 02, 2014, 02:55:49 AM »

HERE IS A PARTIAL COPY THOUGH... The rest is about how to get your share: You can promote it or buy in at a low price. One share per person/account only -> fair distribution

NEM is the New Economy Movement
A groundbreaking crypto-currency that gives control of their economy back to the people and establishes them as sovereigns over their own destiny. A currency is an expression of a political ideology and social attitude. Cryptocurency expresses the idea of financial freedom and a new global economic order. There are many cryptocurrency, but do not mistake us as just another one.
We are a New Economy Movement.

NEM :: Descendant of Nxt  -  NEM - New Economy Movement

Proof of Stake - Financial Freedom - Decentralized
Fair Distribution. Equal Shares for All. The First Egalitarian Crypto.

Integrity guaranteed. NXT, BTC sent to this project won't be touched until an official date for the genesis block is announced. The development team is committed that the project will go forward. The money collected here will be dedicated 100% to NEM developers to make the genesis block and other supporting apps. It all goes to make NEM a feasible project.

If you want to use escrow, feel free to ask Anon136 or other reputable escrows to hold your money until an official date for launching the genesis is announced. Show proof that he holds your fund, then you reserve a stake spot. 

NEM could be a fork of NXT codes.

NEM as a fork of NXT could have following features:

NEM 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) currency.  Coins are earned solely by charging transaction fees not by using mining rigs. NEM's PoS mining does not cause monetary inflation. The total amount of NEM in circulation is 4 billion.  NEM is resistant to +90% attacks via its transparent mining algorithm.

NEM improves different features of Bitcoin, removes some disadvantages (e.g. bloated blockchain) and resolves a big environmental issue and energy inefficiency. Time between blocks is one minute.  This increases the rate of orphaned blocks, but makes it more convenient for the users.

NEM doesn’t use so-called “scripts” aka predicates.  This simplifies and accelerates transaction processing. Advanced features like multisig will be created on top of the core as 3rd party services.

NEM is routable through Tor and I2P anonymous networks.

Some improvement over NXT could be possible:

Block Chain stored in database

Secure Wallet

Bitcoin like Addresses

Multi Precision arithmetic

NEM as a fork of NXT could have following features:

- Decentralized Alias System / DNS - Register names and assign them to URIs.  URIs can be anything from web addresses to NEX account numbers.  These aliases will be tradeable in the near future.

- DDoS Protection

- Decentralized Asset Exchange / Colored Coins - This allows gateways to issue assets on the NEX network.  These assets can include cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, etc), fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RMB, etc), stocks and other assets.

- Transparent Mining - Transactions are encrypted.  Only PoS block generator can decrypt transactions.

- Arbitrary Messaging

- Instant Transactions

- Decentralized Marketplace / Auction - Buy or sell goods/services in a distributed manner.  All listings are broadcast to all nodes on the network in P2P fashion.

- Distributed Storage

- Multi-signatures

- Blockchain Shrinking

- Two-phase Payments

- Voting System

- Reputation System

- Decentralized Mixing Service

- Distributed Computing

- Smart Contracts

- Hardware Wallets



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