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Author Topic: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service  (Read 1560 times)

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Just believe it is true.

What we are working on
We want to make a perfect sex dating service based on a blockchain.

How that can be true?
1/ Imagine there are two addresses which are man's and woman’s profiles. Both have an info, for woman it is something like age, body, height, breast, images and so on. But most important is that both have a location, like a city, and a reputation.
2/ Man is searching for women near him using a web application, or a mobile phone app. When he is interested in some woman, he transfer SEXS tokens to her in amount she wants for some service like erotic massage, private dance or sex. But these tokens are not in her wallet, but in a two-step contract. What is important, man’s wallet generates access key, which can be used later if service completed. For woman it is a signal the man are interested, have real intense and solvent. They can start a communication using methods they want. Man receive access to private information of the woman, like more photos, name or something she decides, and vise versa.
3/ If they make an agreement, they meet (in a public place, for example). So there can be no fraud. If she is not the person at the profile, she wouldn’t get the access key. If he is not the guy she was expected, she wouldn’t proceed with the relationship. They are both in no risk.
4/ If they are ready to proceed, she scans the access key, and man gets the service. Otherway contract will be closed automatically in 48 hours, and man will get SEXS tokens back and can start with another try. There will be the same outcome if she will not respond to a request, or they would not meet each other.
5/ After that, they both have 24 hours to leave a feedback to each other and gain reputation.

It is just one of possible scenarios we will offer. Blockchain transactions explanation come soon.

Why it is differs from nowdays type of date and sex services?
Both sides have advantages. Men have an access to women with blockchain-proven reputation and protected against money loss with a fraud. There will be real women’s profiles, otherway, they will not get the money.
Women get power to choose a partner. She may not allow everyone see her images or private information. Every man is solvent at start, no more time loss.
Both get another level of anonymity.
All system is decentralized and secure, so you won’t get issues like hackers hacking all accounts of Ashley Madison. Nobody has access to your information, even developers.

Is this service for men only? Will the service allow to find gay partner?
There will be services for women also. As we say earlier, we have described just one of usage scenarios.

Are you chauvinists, sexists, etc?
The World is simple, so we are. We want to make life easier for everyone, and don’t want to put labels on anyone.

Do you have some kind of work done already?
Yes, we have a strong team, and are committed to the project. The service is built on unique multi-sign two-phase blockchain algorithm. We got some DHT-like algorithm, that helps finding local accounts even on lite clients, like mobile phones. blockchain architecture based on two types of nodes: Full Nodes, which support the infrastructure, and Lite clients, who are just the users. We currently use Node.js as computational engine, PostgreSQL + PostGIS as blockchain and profile storage, IPFS storage for images, and html5, js and react for Lite clients. More tech information are on devs webpage, we keep it updated.
We also use reputational based PoS algorithm, to fight the “double spending” problem, and make it easier to sign blocks.
Mobile applications are in progress.

SEXS tokens
SEXS tokens is a cryptocurrency supporting communications. Now the SEXS blockchain is in development, and we use SEXS_TEST tokens for testing.
More info on SEXS tokens will be uncovered. We also plan SEXS to be traded at coin markets like Bittrex, etc.

Now we have already started pre-ICO campaign, and you are able to join it. Those who participate now, will get twice more tokens as when the ICO starts.
Join the pre-ICO at our website now.

Bounties campaign — Contribute in other way
If you are encouraged with an idea, but have no possibility to contribute in coins, do it in other way. We need you to tell about us on your blog, website, forums, social networks and more. Remember, it is a social project, and more people know, more comfortable you’ll use it.

Women receive bounties now
To make women’s interest higher, we offer them to create a profile now and get early profile bounty. Women can participate to earn money for services or just find sex partner by mutual sympathy. See the advantages of, why it is different, create your profile now, and receive bounties.

We will not disclosure any information you provide to third parties.

We understand it is not good to release the project if there will be not enough girls involved. Service have to be friendly even for housewife. So it can take a time. There are no terms right now, but we are committed to make it real, and a Roadmap will come soon.
For now, we need your help, your contribution.
Sincerely, team.

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Re: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2017, 04:48:46 PM »

Earlier we have uncovered what kinds of transactions the blockchain does operate, and now we are ready to say more about main transaction types, the Payment transactions with multisignature and timeout. So please refer to the Seller/Buyer transactions page.

These transactions makes unique, and we plan to proceed with blockchain real-life services platform later. Such a platform allows to build other services, which require face-to-face communications, like home services, dating in general, repair services, legal services, finance, and much more.

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Re: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2017, 10:17:12 AM »
Hi! Some news here.

We just let you know that we have changed token name to SSIO (formely SEXS).
Do you want to know more about SSIO tokens? Important thing that initial token price is $0.85 for pre-ICO period (hurry up and join the pre-ICO now) rising to $10 for 3rd ICO.
Meet the token specification at our website.

What else? Look how much tokens you will get at pre-ICO period (then rewards will be decreased) as a Bounty for contribution:
  • Bitcointalk Translation and thread support: 500-1000 SSIO depending on thread activity
  • News or media article: 200-10000 SSIO depending on auditory and article size
  • Blog post: 100-2000 SSIO depending on auditory and post size
  • Social networks activity: 1-1000 SSIO depending on auditory and activity
  • Forum promotion: 100-2000 SSIO depending on auditory and activity
  • Banner on a website: 50-10000 SSIO depending on auditory

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Re: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2017, 10:58:19 AM »
Updates are here.

Initial SSIO tokens distribution (ICO) and funds usage
According to SexService token specification [nofollow], genesis block is of 50 000 000 SSIO.
Because of SexService is a social project, the major part of SSIO tokens should be distributed among users, 85% total: 55% for sale and 30% for bounties.

  • 55% is for pre-ICO & ICO crowdsale (27 500 000 SSIO)
  • 20% is for women bounties (10 000 000 SSIO) lifetime
  • 10% is for contributors bounties (5 000 000 SSIO)
  • 5% is for development team (2 500 000 SSIO)
  • 10% is a system reserve (5 000 000 SSIO)
We want this whole distribution to be transparent. So see the details below.

SexService (SSIO Token) ICO
The SexService ICO intends to become an easy way for everyone to acquire SSIO tokens and the most convenient way for users who want to join the community. All cryptos received during ICO will support future development, marketing and advertisement of SexService and it’s blockchain services in future.

  • First ICO is planned for 30 of August 2017 for a time period of 40 days.
  • Second ICO is planned for December 2017 for a time period of 25 days.
  • Third ICO is planned for March 2018 for a time period of 25 days.
Why there will be three ICO? All parties would see the development progress and the token value growth, so those who join ICO earlier, could get more tokens by cheaper price. That will support project team and encourage earlier contributions. And for the present moment (before First ICO starts) all participants can reserve SSIO tokens twice cheaper, than on First ICO ($0.85) [nofollow]. The precise Pre-ICO token amount gain for such contributors will be calculated dynamically based on the crypto they’ll transfer on the date of their transaction.
We accept BTC, ETH and BCC (BCH) currencies.

SSIO token prices for the future ICOs:
  • Pre-ICO: $0.85 per token, starting from now
  • ICO-1: $1.7 per token, August-September
  • ICO-2: $5.3 per token, December
  • ICO-3: $10 per token, March of 2018
So take part in SexService token distribution before the price growth.

Women bounties
To make women’s interest higher, we offer bounties for creating a profile. Those girls, who create profile before ICO-1, receive 20 tokens ($200 at time of ICO-3) [nofollow], and 10 tokens for those who do it later, reducing by 0.1 token each month, till it reach minimum of 1 token.
When wallet address creates, it has no profile. Once profile is created, gender should be chosen, and it cannot be changed later. To eliminate cheating, profiles will receive bounty tokens only after its reputation raise. Such a system will encourage women to join SexService community and offer services.
An amount of 10 000 000 SSIO (20%) are allocated for women bounties.

Bounties for contributors
To make SexService community larger, we will encourage any social efforts with bounties.
The budget for such form of contribution is 5 000 000 SSIO (10%).
Tell about us on your blog, website, forums, social networks and more. Remember that this is a social project, and the more people will know about it — the more comfortable you’ll use it.

System reserve
10% of tokens (5 000 000 SSIO) will be deposited in reserve wallet. Though it is a rather small amount, it can help to provide system updates and to respond user demands promptly. Other side, small amount of reserve wallet tokens intends blockchain to be decentralized.
These token can support future project development and encourage contributions also.

Coin markets
Once ICO-3 finished, all of future token exchange will be provided by coin markets. Anybody who wants to take part and use community services, can buy SSIO tokens easily.

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Re: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service
« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2017, 01:40:22 PM »
SSIO is not just about sex workers is not just about sex workers — we see this service as a platform for sexually active people. This service is for people.

We pose SexService as sex dating service by mutual sympathy and sex-related communications.

Many wants new relations but are holding with some obstacles. There are main of three: anonymity, safety, and a fear of rejection. It must be not obvious, but a blockchain makes the new level of dating.

Nobody can bind a wallet/profile with a particular person. There are no emails or bank card or other identification information (which have a login/password or PIN) in the profile, so you can always say “that was created not by me”. The main profile photo can be not yours, and your real photos can be accessed only by those who you allowed. The system is decentralized and secure (based on a cryptography), so you won’t get issues like Ashley Madison. Nobody has access to your profile information, even developers.

Some people are worried about to have a sex service application icon on the device. While mobile phone application can be installed on the device, it is not necessary, SSIO provides a web application accessed via a mobile phone or desktop browser, where all the history can be cleared after (or just use a Private Tab).

When you make a payment, there are no need to input your personal information, you just pay from your wallet in SSIO coins directly.

Your choice of person to contact should be based upon profile information and blockchain-proofed reputation. Blockchain transactions cannot be removed or changed. All of the profile history tends to help you make a choice. Do you want more security? Meet person which have a strong reputation and long profile life.

Next, if you are dating for money, you’ll get it. Nobody can block a payment, or take the payment back. Actually you get money at the start of communication, committing the transaction when you meet other party. We recommend women commit a transaction before the service provided as a weaker side.

Fear of rejection decreases while you understand everybody have the same purpose at the service. It is much more convenient than to approach a woman at the street and say “I just wanna sex.”.

Both men and women have their needs, and they differs. So SSIO offers the scenario you are searching for.

Men are often looking for satisfaction, confession, significance. Some use paid sex workers, some need a mutual sympathy. Some are single, and some just want to look aside family troubles rarely. tends to be a choice: there are so much different goals of dating, and everybody will find the fit.

Women want to be desirable for the particular type of men. They can be looking for well-off men, or just a handsome guy.

For those girls, who want get money for dating, is the best place. Every man is solvent, no more time loss with useless chats. That is because he must pay (reserve money) even before he starts a communication. You choose how much he should pay. No intermediaries and pimps, you don’t need them. Women receive all the money. SexService is where you can make money not only on dating, but also webcam show, selling photos, etc.

Some women are like men in sexual questions, they are independent, and all that they need is a reliable sex partner for even rare meetups. We want they also fit their interests in the SexService.

There will be many of possible scenarios using SexService. Do you want to hold a party? Attracting people to a new club? Or just looking for a person for a company to take a trip? Yeah, SSIO is the right choice.

But we understand SSIO is not only for individuals, and want our service to offer advantages also for sex and escort providing companies.

Sure SSIO is the best platform for sex workers, but it not just about sex workers. Life is changing, life can be better. This service is for people.

Join us now [nofollow].

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Re: [ANN] ⚤ SEXS — Blockchain-based sex dating service
« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2017, 03:12:53 PM »
We are looking forward. Here is the Roadmap: [nofollow].

What's next?
August: Web Wallet
August: Transferring tokens to pre-ICO investors and contributors (bounties)
August-September: First ICO ($1.7 per SSIO token)

All future updates at Bitcointalk [nofollow]


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