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Author Topic: [ANN]GiveCoin-GIVE- Darkcoin's x11 Algo[KGW]  (Read 2477 times)

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[ANN]GiveCoin-GIVE- Darkcoin's x11 Algo[KGW]
« on: May 01, 2014, 01:09:22 AM »
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Launch Date : Tuesday, April 10 2014
 The recent explosion in the popularity of cryptocurrencies has given our niche community the ability to both create and maintain value virtually, where none previously existed...the best we can do is GIVE some to those who need it most! Today we’re introducing GiveCoin, the first cryptocurrency designed to empower charities and communities worldwide with both the advantages of cryptocurrency and the generosity of our community. Givecoin is the first Scrypt-based altcoin to directly donate to causes with the power of it’s mining network.
 We encourage any charity of every size to join us in making GIVE the official coin for charities, non-profits, and disaster relief worldwide.
 Chinese Translation :
 Greek translation :
 Italian translation :
 Korean translation :
 Polish translation :
 Offical Website: newbielink: [nonactive]
 Reddit: newbielink: [nonactive]
 Twitter: @GivecoinFoundation
 IRC: #Givecoin
 Bitcointalk: Givatoshi_Moremoto
 Developer Contacts: [nonactive]
 For Charity requests or ideas: [nonactive]
 For General Inquries or to Claim Bounties: [nonactive]
 + Symbol - GIVE
 + Total Supply - 500,000,000 GIVE
 + Descendant of Darkcoin's x11 algorithm
 + Proof of Work
 + Block Reward - 1000 Coin per Block
 + 60 Second Block Targets
 + KGW Difficulty Retarget
 + Block Maturation - 120 Confirmations
 + 4 Confirmations
 + Reward halves every 250k blocks (~6 months)
 + Premine: 5% - first 1000 blocks for check points
 + 2% will be donated to your top 5 most voted organizations.
 + 1% is held for disaster relief funds.
 + 1% is reserved for current and future bounties.
 + 1% for future development, administrative, and marketing
 WALLETS - Unzip password to be released on launch
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 Voting (will add soon)
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 We are giving away 2% of total supply, 10 Million GIVE to 5 of your favorite Charity organizations as our special launch event.
  newbielink: [nonactive] and/or newbielink: [nonactive] for your favorite Charity organizations now!!


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