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Author Topic: [BTG]Bitgold : wealth creation! IPO and Giveaways!  (Read 2083 times)

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[BTG]Bitgold : wealth creation! IPO and Giveaways!
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:25:28 AM »

total received:8.99806283 BTC
Exodus Address:
Ripple Gateway:rnTmMoefmRubX3prBDZbczLtqjArpMtThG
What Are Ripple Gateways?

Gateways are organizations that help move money in and out of the Ripple network. Once you sign up with a gateway, you can deposit money into your Ripple Wallet and begin using Ripple’s payments, distributed currency exchange, and other powerful features.
Don’t have a Ripple Wallet?Creat one now.

Bitgold:I created 20 million BTG , and that amount will never increase.The project is under construction.
BTG beta client:coming soon.
BTG exchange:coming soon.
BTG forum:coming soon.
Now      ---2014.1.2 :: 6 million:According to the proportion of investment allocation
2014.1.3---2014.2.1 :: 10 million:According to the proportion of investment allocation
1.Send any amount of BTCto 1NoqeTspYZEp7tdsVXuSP9CXtanmW8Ce4U(Do not forget to pm me)
2.The first person who sends more than 1 BTC will get the double reward
3. Award for the second round of the sponsorship program:
The firs sponsors 10BTC or more will have direct access to 3,000,000 BTG .
The first sponsors 5BTC or more will have direct access to 1,000,000 BTG.
The 1-10 sponsor more than 1BTC below 5BTC will directly obtain 200,000 BTG.
Other sponsors according to their sponsor amount will share the total rewards after completing award.

Post your BTC address to earn 1000 BTG! (Do not forget to pm me) Four million to giveaway!
All times are UTC
We will have independent client!

Update of Project Process

Sorry. Since the project began, my reply to everyone has not been timely and I have not disclosed many client details. I'm sorry. In fact, our team has maintained uninterrupted work since the beginning of the project. And we sleep for less than 5 hours for several days. Yes, this cannot be an excuse to hinder the communication. Later we need to strengthen work in this area and even consider setting up a dedicated customer service department. Please understand and trust us. Thank you.

Thanks for the sponsorship of friends in the first round of client sponsorship program. We have recorded the related information sponsored by you and will soon announce it. All of you are the pioneers of a new project. I personally congratulate you in advance for your vision and courage to get good returns. Our client prototype has been completed and the beta version will be public in a few days. However, the normal use of the client and the ongoing maintenance operations are more complex. Fortunately, now we have not encountered many obstacles. The only obstacle for the release of client is the client security. Security is very important and we must be careful about it. I hope you can understand. However, we will proceed as scheduled the erection work of RL gateway on the 5th of this month. It means that we can also carry out normal transactions before release of client. As for RL, I will make a very detailed presentation later. Perhaps many friends don’t know about it.

Everything is going on well. And we will not keep you waiting too long.
Many friends sent me private messages through the forum and said that they had not been able to attend the first round of the sponsorship program due to various reasons. Can they join the first round of plan now? Sorry. Our team is credible. For the interest of members in the first round, from now on you can only attend a second round of client sponsorship program. Look forward to your active participation.

There are a lot of great people and things in the world. But I think that the success of any project is based on the needs and support of many people in need. So are we. Visibility of the project sometimes even exceeds the contribution of technology to the project's success. As we will conduct a series of promotional programs. The first marketing campaign: activities reward will be given if presenting the link of project introduction on any relevant forums or websites. The second marketing campaign: self-transaction gateway essay promotion. The third marketing campaign: the team will conduct small-scale buyback to promote the prosperity of the transaction when time is right. Other promotional programs will gradually begin. We now have hundreds of followers. I hope that we could soon have thousands of followers, which will allow the project popular among more people.

Finally, our project will not modify any of the rules to infringe clients' rights and interests. Thank you. Project progress will be continually updated. Please pay attention.

This post will be updated.
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Re: [BTG]Bitgold : wealth creation! IPO and Giveaways!
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2014, 11:14:34 AM »
Hi and my BTC address for the IPO and Giveaways is: 12mYum5GCkPgyvzukYKTjpuWqWncR9Xy2X

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Re: [BTG]Bitgold : wealth creation! IPO and Giveaways!
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2014, 01:32:07 PM »
I've never heard of a Ripple Wallet...sounds interesting...must do so research on this!
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