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Author Topic: [IOC] I/O Coin - I/O Digital - PoS - DIONS - Chameleon - since july 2014  (Read 2565 times)

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Hi, Welcome to I/O Digital.

I/O Digital is blockchain technology project actively developed by a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

I/O Digital started in July 2014. We started as I/O Coin Digital currency (IOC) without any Initial Coin Offer (ICO) or Premine. The coins were mined during an initial X11 Proof of Work (PoW) mining period before switching over to our own unique flavor of  Proof of Stake (PoS) POS I/O to secure our blockchain.

Our focus was to create a digital currency with fast transaction times and easy to use QT wallet, HTML5 wallet with supporting services around I/O Coin. There are around 16.2 million IOC in circulation and the coins can be bought in several exchanges. We are currently in  development of DIONS "data on the blockchain" and project "Chameleon - a bitcoin identity sidechain".

If you want to read more about our project, you can visit Bitcointalk, Twitter (@io_coin) or our Facebook page.
(we are not able to post links on this page)

Please look for our website for more info and get our unique HTML5 wallet on

  • 16.2 million coins
  • no ICO or Premine
  • Proof of Stake with annual 2% interest (with 100% stake weight)
  • Since July 2014
  • Unique HTML5 wallet
  • Active and professional team
  • DIONS - Data on blockchain project
  • Chameleon - Blockchain and sidechain eco system (
  • Decentralized Alias system to send IOC to a username
  • Clear roadmap (

Thanks for your interest.

I/O Digital team


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