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Title: Adzcoin Giveaway - Enter For a Chance to Win up to 5000 Adzcoin
Post by: benhuebner on May 24, 2016, 12:56:20 PM
Before i explain to you ways to join my contest with an possibility to win 5000 Adzcoin, i'll just tell a tad bit more regarding the crypto-currency Adzcoin first!

Many altcoins are dying fast after their release as result  of an absence of infrastructure. How is it that someone buy or stock a currency that can´t be harnessed for anything as an example!

The Adzcoin Value is fluctuating between 0.02 - 0.15 Cents per Adzcoin, so 1000 Adz equals a minimum of 30USD right now! Should you check out the upcomming developments it is not difficult to reckon that Adzcoin will rise in value massively within the next 3 month!

Beside mining Adzcoin and purchasing it on Exchanges can you really earn Adzcoin just for beeing active at Startpeeps or while using the Adzcoin Browser Extention!

Another, One-Time Oppertunity would be to join my Adzcoin Contest for that opportunity to win as much as 5000 Adzcoin!

Click this link and complete the shape to participate! Ensure to ask your family and friends to improve your chances massively! Overall you will find almost 10.000 Adzcoin to win :

1. Price : 5000 Adzcoin
2. Price :  2000 Adzcoin
3. Price :  750 Adzcoin
4. Price :  500 Adzcoin
5. - 10. Price :  200 Adzcoin
11 - 20. Price :  75 Adzcoin

The giveaway runs till 06.01.2016!

Click this link ( to enter the giveaway for a chance to win up to 5000 Adzcoin!