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Title: AI crypto - AI BlockChain for Decentralized Economy
Post by: neumal on June 11, 2018, 07:40:14 PM

Anyone who wants to be benefited from AI Technology can be profited by the AI Crypto Ecosystem. Be a member of our AI Crypto Society -

With the rapid increase in the demand of cryptocurrencies, AI Crypto is pleased to introduce AIC tokens to the masses.  After conducting first and second Pre-Sale events in May, these tokens will now be a publically open offering for the crypto-community.

The coins will be easily available to anyone who has an Ethereum address. That being said, the Ethereum address will only be found eligible if it had conducted a transaction of any kind. The amounts of airdropped will also be random.

How to buy -

The easy access to AI is a vital step towards a developing and advancing future. Being a part of the AI Crypto project will help the crypto-investors in making AI accessible to more than just giant business firms and earn an immense profit.

So far the idea behind the launch of AI tokens seems favorable for the community. Investment in AI tokens is likely to further increase in value and popularity. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye on its development throughout the year for a great investment opportunity.

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