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Author Topic: /AIRcoin - Professional Investment, No Fees, Rising Exchange Rate  (Read 3202 times)

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newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]

newbielink: [nonactive] is a cryptocurrency that uses an investing pool combined with automatic trading algorithms to create a rising exchange rate, no inflation, eliminate transaction fees entirely, and regulate the price in the short-term. The block reward is based off of the exchange rate as well, and will be increased or decreased to counteract changes in price. For comprhensive information about the coin, visit the FAQ page of the website newbielink: [nonactive].

The intent of this coin is to serve as an example to Financial Institutions, as well as the Cryptocurrency world in general, as an economically viable solution to the numerous problems with Bitcoin as a means of transaction.

The Whitepaper associated with the economic effects of this coin, the intent, the Cryptocurrency community in general, and the future of Cryptocoins outlines the details of this coin's intent. It, as well as the messages of its writer, Alexander, can be read here: newbielink: [nonactive] Alexander is the founder of the Allied Investors Association and the leader of AIRcoin. He can be contacted via email at [nonactive]

The Wallet can be downloaded here: newbielink: [nonactive]

The Allied Investors Association is formed from economists and finance experts, and

Denoted as AIR, AIRcoin, or /A, it is a major economic advancement, avoiding all of the hyperinflation of recent coins, while maintaining the professionalism and development coordination of earlier coins.


2 Minute Block Target
24 Hour Difficulty Retarget Time (this is used to incentivize cyclical mining and selling over the course of a day, allowing scalping of the currency on exchanges to occur from the price fluctuations that result)
Subsidy Halves ~ 5 years (future versions may increase this time)
0.25% Starting Investment Pool
3.72 Block Reward (at launch, once exchanged block reward will dynamically adjust based on average exchange rates and growth of the Investing Pool)
1 Billion Total Coins (future versions may increase this upper limit)
100 to 1000 year potential disbursement time, depending on demand (higher demand = higher block reward = shorter disbursement time)
6 Minute Confirmation Time

Opening exchange rates are expected at .00115 BTC/AIR, based off of current regression to the mean trends of .00002000 bitcoin-equivalent-per-kilohash-per-day, assuming a moderate difficulty (2 to 20) before entering an exchange. A higher launch difficulty will result in a higher exchange rate to return to the competitive mean.

The 0.25% premine is exclusively for an investment pool that will day trade the coin (in various forms) against other cryptocurrencies. By growing the total BTC equivalent of this coin, the profits will be spend back on the AIR/BTC exchange rate, buying up for sale coins and raising the exchange rate long term. The Allied Investors trading floor, utilizing existing Cryptocurrency markets, can increase the rate by 5% per week. This approximately doubles the exchange rate every 3 months. The traders have experience in Stock analysis, Forex, and Cryptocurrency markets, and use a combination of proprietary quantified trading algorithms and professional experience.

These methods are unprecedented in the cryptocoin community, and are only possible due to the combined efforts and skills of a "development team" well versed in statistics, economics, finance, and with real-world experience behind speculative trading.

Mining Information:

Use rpcort 1630
Use p2p port 1631

2 Minute Block Target
24 Hour Difficulty Retarget Time
Subsidy Halves ~ 5 years (future versions may increase this time)
0.25% Premined Amount
3.72 Block Reward (at launch, once exchanged block reward will dynamically adjust based on average exchange rates and growth of the Investing Pool)
1 Billion Total Coins (future versions may increase this upper limit)
100 to 1000 year potential disbursement time, depending on demand (higher demand = higher block reward = shorter disbursement time)
6 Minute Confirmation Time

Example configuration file for Solo Mining:
Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]

The config will work as-is, but if desired, you can change the following to fit your needs:

If using CGminer, input the following code:

Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
--scrypt -o -u USER -p PASSWORD -d 0 -worksize 256

For optimal CGminer settings, use this spreadsheet to determine the best settings for your card: newbielink: [nonactive]

We recommend using an AMD Radeon 7850 graphics card, which reaches a peak of 404 KH/S when overclocked properly, and retails for ~$170. It can be bought on sale for under $120 at times.

There are currently no pools. We will pay 100AIR (~.115 BTC) to developers who create competitive (3 or more) pools for this coin, with the pools formed within 48 hours and lasting for at least the next week after formation. Send an email to [nonactive] for more information.

Hiring Developers

We have some extensive experimentation and focused improvement to the Bitcoin code in general that we want to hire developers to aid with. If you are interested, please email Alexander: [nonactive] or send us an email through our contact page on the website, located newbielink: [nonactive].

We will also pay merit-based wages for individuals willing to aid in the following tasks:

1. Reaching a Reputable BTC/AIR Exchange
3. Reaching a Reputable USD/AIR Exchange
4. Setting up a set of lasting, competitive Mining Pools
5. Suggestions to the Code (Pull Requests) and successful resolutions of complaints or bugs
6. Media coverage on reputable sources
7. Development of Mac OS, Linux, and Android Wallets

Payments will vary between 50/A and 5000/A (~0.0575BTC - 5.75BTC) for success at duties related to these jobs.

Quotes from Alexander's Whitepaper:

The Cryptocurrency community itself is best described as an archipelago of “Pirate Islands”, each one an individual currency, and each as diverse as their schools of thought and as unified as their desires for self-interest. Citizens of these islands vary from the casual hobbyist to the most ruthless corsairs, who plunder the markets of these many Altcoins. They have a crews of developers with armadas of code who profit from their collective power. There are also those who truly believe in this technology’s potential to building an idealized  society, and there is Bitcoin, the central capital island by which those societies are judged.

...from my own contacts at three of the largest financial institutions, I had confirmed my fears: Bitcoin, in its current state, was unusable as a financial asset. But, more importantly, they were waiting for the chains of regulation and government oversight to slacken, and then they will invest not in the coins but in the technology as a whole.

Even now I as write there are organizations so powerful ...[they] could purchase the entire capitalization of not merely Bitcon, but every cryptocurrency in existence 372 times over. These companies are more powerful than many countries in this world. But there are not only 3 of these companies with this sort of power. There are hundreds.

With this example, and the examples to follow, the Allied Investors, a name befitting anyone who believes in economically-viable free, anonymous investment, will work with the strength of Weaponized Economics to ensure safety and security within this example, knowing that its failure will be the final failure of the community.

While many can argue for Bitcoin’s merits, it must be understood: Its value is only derived for what other humans will exchange for it.

Nothing else.


All other questions, complaints, comments and posts on this thread will be addressed daily in a single post (with their responses added to either this post or the FAQ of the website) regularly at 6PM EST daily during launch week. After this week, questions will be dealt with 24/7 through our regular support staff.

We have a long and arduous journey ahead of us, and we cannot fail.

Good luck.

 - Alexander
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