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Armacoin GZM
« on: March 09, 2020, 05:28:47 PM »
Armacoin - redefinition of marketing advertising agencies using the blockchain Built on blockchain networks, the Armacoin platform will allow promoters to leave a message in the contract line for a fee in GZM. Armacoin's native mark, Armacoin GZM, will be used by consumer price marketing agencies for deals.
Armacoin is proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain-enabled advertising and advertising Agency marketing solutions. A democratic advertising and marketing ecosystem based on the Armacoin platform will reduce the number of Scam bots in advertising, increase transparency through cryptographically encrypted agreements, and decentralize the marketing system.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2020, 12:03:10 PM »
looking for investment

Hello. My name is Dima. I live in Russia in the city of Sochi (it is the capital of the 2014 Olympics and the city of the 2018 FIFA world Cup).  I am very familiar with the world of blockchain and am a fan of it.  I used to arbitrage cryptocurrencies on exchanges, but I am also familiar with programming and have developed a special code for unique mining and advertising based on the ERC-20 token.  My assistants and I have assembled a very talented team of enthusiasts who want to work and develop blockchain.  We did not create a regular payment token (as many did, we do not position ourselves with investments in cafes or other investments, there are shares for this).  We tried to create a token that no one has created before, namely, it contains a unique mining on inexpensive resources, and this token is able to transmit short messages through the blockchain network, thereby implementing important or promotional messages that will appear on the Internet or on billboards.  My team and I are associated in the blockchain with the new religion, and we want this direction to develop and benefit the people.  As well as our strategic consultant Pranav Arya (he has worked with Yoyow, Imperium and many others), he has developed a Strategic development plan for this Armacoin project, which requires minimal investment with maximum return.  We also work well with ListingHelp and many other companies that help listing on good exchanges with maximum discounts.  We are ready to implement all this,but we need your help in investing.  Here is a brief description of our project so that you understand our direction and the work we have done in these 10 months.
Publicizing is an advertising strategy including paying for space to advance an item, administration, or cause. The real special messages are called promotions, or advertisements for short. The objective of promoting is to contact individuals well on the way to be eager to pay for an organization's items or administrations and lure them to purchase.
Advertisement offices utilize an expansive scope of promoting techniques to make showcasing efforts custom fitted to their customers' needs. Promotion organizations can extend from little, locally situated organizations to corporate establishments with divisions for statistical surveying, account the executives and deals, copywriting and visual computerization. The ten basic kinds of promoting are: show advertisements, online networking promotions, papers and magazines, open air publicizing, radio and digital recordings, post office based mail, video advertisements, item arrangement, occasion showcasing and email showcasing.
Our Armacoin GZM coin is uncommonly intended for promoting organizations, just as different media, just as different welcome enrolled based on blockchain. Each new message won't be overwritten by the past one, yet will be enhanced. These promoters can be a considerable amount and every one of them will get installment for their publicizing message.
The expense of this one message will be 1 GZM. In this coin added to the capacity set-messeng messendzh and the worldwide variable that is for all time put away in the blockchain. The Set-message capacity adds a line to the Message work and for this, 1 GZM is expelled from the record of the person who considers this capacity and moves this 1 GZM to the publicist's record. This coin resembles a model of a Billboard, where the proprietors of this token, that is, promoters for 1 GZM to put a message in the agreement line. The sponsor can put this message on boards in urban communities, on sites and all guests will perceive what is indicated in the worldwide parameter of the message.
GZM ArmaCoin is a blockchain-based advertising token specially designed for advertising and marketing companies.
ArmaCoin is redefining advertising and marketing processes, management, accounting and communications with users. The GZM ArmaCoin token is built on the ERC-20 platform which helps deliver newfound trust to media, entertainment, and advertising industry – while reducing costs, eliminating intermediaries, increasing transparency, and eliminating fraud across these supply chains.
The ArmaCoin platform is fuelled on the blockchain network, thus, new messages are not superimposed over the previous messages but are rather supplemented and enhanced. The platform hosts a large number of advertisers and each of the advertisers get rewards for publicizing their message. In short, the ArmaCoin platform is a sort of a digital billboard, where the owners of the token, i.e., promoters and advertisers place a message in the contract line, by paying 1 GZM. The platform gives advertisers the freedom to place the message on billboards chosen according to certain parameters - in urban communities, cities or on websites. Once the advertisers specify the global parameter of the message, all the visitors of the platform see it, thus eliminating bot fraud in digital ads, over the centralized networks.
GZM ArmaCoin utilizes the ERC-20 platform and the total number of coins that would be issued or can be mined does not exceed 1 billion. The mining of the GZM ArmaCoin tokens is aligned with our core philosophy of promoting a healthy lifestyle on a sustainable planet while making blockchain part of everyone’s life. By developing a sustainable eco-mining technology, the mining of GZM ArmaCoin is unique in that it requires very low energy for mining. This leaves the vast majority of renewable green energy to bolster the network, while the miner takes advantage of the opportunity to acquire new tokens.
The GZM ArmaCoin token is built on the ERC-20 foundation of the Ethereum network, thus utilizing the full features of the most popular protocol. The functioning and dynamic network offered by ERC-20 has helped GZM ArmaCoin tokens to be designed effectively while enabling users to take all the advantages of payment and storage of funds over the decentralized ArmaCoin Platform. The token utilizes all the features and coherences of the ERC-20 platform to provide a decentralized, secure, and democratic advertising and marketing ecosystem.
Our democratic platform ensures profit for every member of the network. Due to the inherent capabilities of the blockchain network, every new message is not supplanted by previous ones, but is rather supplemented. Thus, all sponsors get proportionate rewards by the promoting message, accrediting everyone to raise liquidity that is required inside the system.
With our sustainable vision, we are creating applications for smartphones, and various other devices that would offer the opportunity to mine GZM ArmaCoin tokens using renewable energy sources. The environmental mining methods has made it possible to mine these coins using applications such as smartwatches, pedometers, and even electric cars.
With our environment-friendly mission, we aim to empower every individual who thinks about the healthy and pollution-free environment of our planet, while also pursuing financial prosperity.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2020, 12:05:29 PM »
 How Armacoin Can Transform The Advertising Industry Through Blockchain?
The pivotal bridge that connects producers with consumers, the advertising industry is a multibillion-dollar industry globally. Catalyzing the economy, advertising companies create and nurture brands. Advertising has the potential to turn leads into customers and customers into brand aficionados. The industry stimulates purchase, sales, and the economy as a whole. No wonder, Juniper Research forecasts that $520 billion will be spent on digital advertising by 2023.

The industry has been reaping the benefits of digitization in the past few decades. While moving online has significantly proven to be cost-efficient, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.

Major Challenges Faced By Advertisers

Lack of Transparency
Untrustworthy and gluttonous middlemen dominate the advertising sector. The current system is inherently flawed and opaque. A major share of the money spent by advertisers is paid to middlemen.

The bot invasion of the digital marketing sector is turning out to be a huge hassle. Bots are used to generate fake clicks, views, and installs. It is shocking to learn that advertisers' total loss to fraud will shoot up to $100 billion by the year 2023.

Major Challenges Faced By The Audience

Privacy Concerns
It is no secret that tech giants including Google and Facebook target users with marketing campaigns keeping a close watch on their every move. Many advertising companies fail to recognize the fine line between advertising and spamming, especially with the advent of the internet and social media.

Armacoin - A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Advertising Sector
To overcome the challenges faced by the global advertising and marketing sector, Armacoin has developed a comprehensive solution enabled by blockchain technology. The decentralized advertising and marketing platform devised by Armacoin will ensure transparency, rules out traffic by bots, and process cryptographically encrypted agreements.

Armacoin will let promoters leave a message in the contract line for a fee of 1 GZM, the native coin on the Armacoin platform. It is designed exclusively for use in the advertising and marketing sectors. Built on the ERC-20 platform, Armacoin GZM will revive the media, entertainment, and advertising industries through a decentralized, trustless economy. Let’s see how.

Data Security & User-controlled Privacy
Blockchain technology distributes data rather than copy it. Since the secure chain of digital records is kept on multiple computers simultaneously, no record can be erased or falsified. This essentially means that the version received at the end of the chain is the same that we began with.

On the Armacoin platform, advertisers should seek consent from the audience before hurling advertisements at them. Advertisers are charged a small fee by the audience for the time and interest they invest in.

The decentralized system enabled by Armacoin ensures that the audience has control over their choices. Rather, they can expend their time for products they actively show interest in. This process will turn out to be effective and profit-yielding in the long term.

Blockchain technology empowers people and businesses through transparency. The salient feature that attracts industries across the world to implement blockchain technology in their business practices is the trustless platform it guarantees. Trust is replaced with transparency, whether in relationships, business processes, transactions, or data. The history of digital assets is made irreversible and transparent by using cryptographic hashing.

Bot Traffic and Ad Frauds Mitigated
Rather than superimposing new messages with old ones, they are supplemented and enhanced in a blockchain network. Advertisers are hosted on the ArmaCoin platform where they can publicize their messages by paying in GZMs. Ad frauds can be reined in, to a great extent, with the implementation of blockchain technology.

The inherent transparency featured by blockchain technology will detect and take the edge off bot frauds. Campaigns are automatically driven away from sites with a bad reputation for bot traffic. Armacoin platform publishes the ads on browsers rather than websites so that advertisers no longer have to get worked up over spoof domains and fake bot traffic.

Smart Contracts
Clicks, installs, or downloads don’t necessarily convert to sales. The age-old ineffective parameters employed to charge advertisers may have to be altered according to the convenience of the advertiser.

With blockchain-enabled cryptographically locked digital contracts, on Armacoin, advertisers and agencies can come to an agreement with an implanted action contingency. This ensures that the advertiser has confidence in the system and that he yields profit out of it. Adherence to advertising standards is validated and ensured through a transparent ecosystem.

No Intermediaries
The role of middlemen and the costs that entail are eliminated by giving full disclosure of the media supply chain. It identifies any inconsistencies in data and transactions. Advertising agencies can verify the credibility of advertisers and vice versa. The trusted ledger is updated and shared with every party involved. This extensively reduces the intervention of middlemen for validation.

Through the Armacoin platform, advertising agencies can save hours of time spent on reconciling billing and third-party verification. Both the audience and the publishers are rewarded for the value they provide. Armacoin native token, GZM Armacoin, will be used by advertising agencies for transactions and to pay users who watch the ads.

Publicists, whether agencies, companies, or individuals are charged 1GZM for every message promoted through the Armacoin platform. This is agreed upon in advance through automated smart contracts.

Media purchases are digitally recorded on a shared, unbending ledger. Inventory management, billing, and invoicing are streamlined. Automation of royalty payments can also be asked for. Within a short span of time, excessive overhead costs can be brought down efficiently.

Armacoin intends to integrate blockchain technology in everyday life and promote a healthy lifestyle. ArmaCoin follows a sustainable eco-mining technology where very low energy is spent on mining.

The platform stays true to its vision that only when an ecosystem starts to respect its users’ privacy and attention does it function efficiently. The democratic platform put forth by Armacoin leaves no room for frauds and pays both advertisers and viewers for their efforts so that advertising is no longer seen as a nuisance.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2020, 12:06:43 PM »
 Why Replace Traditional Customer Loyalty Programs With Blockchain? Armacoin has the Answer

Don't we all sometimes get caught up in making new customers that we turn our back on earning the trust of our existing clients and retaining them!

If so, these statistics might come as a shock. A mere 5% increase in customer loyalty can shoot up the average profit per customer by 25% – 100%.  It is much easier to forge stronger relationships with existing customers and turn them into loyal customers than to get a new customer through marketing. As imaginable, this technique is cheaper too. Client acquisition comes with a heavy price.

There are countless technologies in the market to encourage customer loyalty through reward programs. 69% of customers vouch that the appeal of loyalty programs bears influence on their choice of retailers. From airlines, hotels, and restaurants to e-commerce stores, we can't think of a business that hasn't implemented loyalty programs yet. But are they as effective as they seem?

Influence of Loyalty Programs On Customer Behaviour

Most of the consumers have no clue about the number of loyalty points they are in possession of or how to redeem them. Since almost all businesses offer loyalty programs these days, they can easily get lost in the clutter, leaving the points unused until they expire.

When it comes to redeeming loyalty points, it is not an easy task at all. There are stringent rules that take a little getting around to like minimum spends, expiration dates, post evaluation, etc, which decay the system.

The incentive for customers to redeem loyalty points is negligible when their benefits are conditional on making purchases with the business.

Data concerns also stop customers from signing up for loyalty programs.

Low redemption rates of loyalty programs lead to low client retention rates and low returns of investment as well.

Recently, we saw Singapore Airlines, Chanticleer Holdings, American Express and Boxed announce migrating their loyalty programs into blockchain-based tokens. Blockchain technology and blockchain-based crypto tokens have proven efficient in tackling the inherent drawbacks of traditional loyalty programs.

The decentralized public ledger provided by blockchain will efficiently store loyalty points, keep track of customer activities, and reward tokens as loyalty points. By setting customer retention and increased sales through them as goals, blockchain technology will revitalize loyalty programs.

Why Customers Prefer Tokens Over Loyalty Points?

1. Ease of Use
Loyalty crypto tokens are interoperable. Users can receive and redeem loyalty tokens without going through much trouble.

2. Less Clutter
Customers don't have to remember hundreds of passwords to log in to different loyalty accounts or cram their wallets with loyalty cards. They will be provided with a unique crypto wallet to which rewards from multiple businesses are credited to and redeemed from.

3. Better Incentives
Traditionally, loyalty points are redeemed for products and services, which can never surpass the liquidity offered by cash. Since crypto tokens can either be converted to cash or other crypto tokens any time the customer chooses to do so, they will act as much better motivators. Unlike traditional loyalty points, they never expire or lose value.

4. High ROI
Smart contracts enabled by blockchain technology will ensure that customer transactions and activities are tracked transparently. Token-based loyalty programs will increase efficiency and reduce management costs and loss arising from errors and fraud.

5. Clear Ownership
Once customers are rewarded with loyalty crypto tokens, no one can take it away from them. Not even the issuing organization citing internal policy conflicts. It is recorded publicly on the blockchain. The tokens never go out of value or expire. Customers can redeem them according to their discretion.

Building Customer Loyalty Through Armacoin Tokens
For better customer satisfaction and client retention rate, Armacoin has developed a decentralized blockchain-enabled loyalty program for enterprises. The native coin on the Armacoin platform, Armacoin GZM, will be used as tokens and rewards.

1. Data Privacy
Loyalty programs often resource data from customers to customize marketing campaigns. While this may seem like a great way to retain customers, it sometimes backfires too. They are unwilling than ever to expose their sensitive data as the number of ads they are targeted with increases. Armacoin partners with businesses to give customers more control over their data and how it is handled by leveraging the security features of blockchain.

2. Cost efficiency
Blockchain implementation in an organization and its business processes involves initial costs. But in the long run, loyalty programs on Armacoin platforms and crypto tokens will cut expenditure down in various departments including administration, operations, and marketing.

3. Time-stamped Transactions
Messages written on the block are irreversible. They can be superimposed with new messages, but can never be erased or altered. This prevents double spending, fraud, embezzlement, and manipulation of transactions.

4. Flexibility
Customers can redeem the tokens in small increments if they wish to do so. The complex point accrual systems and limited rewards inherent to traditional loyalty programs are resolved on the Armacoin platform.

5. Transparency.
Since the history of loyalty tokens is made irreversible and transparent by using cryptographic hashing, customers don't have to fret over the safety of their tokens. Blockchain technology leaves no scope for breach of customer rights as all information and transactions are recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger.

As the economy thrives, customer acquisition costs are only going to skyrocket. When a business has a group of loyal customers who are emotionally attached to the brand, word of mouth will bring the major share of sales to the company.

While it is obvious that customers will require some time to wrap their heads around blockchain technology, on the bright side, they will take an interest in the business since blockchain implementation is often seen as a sign of futuristic companies. We have witnessed many recent instances where blockchain technology has put businesses on the limelight.

With better education imparted by the company and smart user experience offered by Armacoin, engagement with loyalty programs will steadily increase. Armacoin intends to integrate blockchain into everyday life by following this principle.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2020, 12:08:03 PM »
Can Blockchain Combat Ad Frauds?

If you are an online marketing agency, ad frauds are your shadow.

They follow you everywhere. No matter how you tweak your strategies to evade ad frauds, they find new ways to sabotage your marketing campaigns. For every 3$ spent on digital marketing, 1$ is accounted for ad frauds. That is, $7.2 billion dollars is lost to ad frauds, on average, every year globally.

The money lost is huge. Juniper Research estimated that ad fraud cost marketers $19 billion in 2018. If you do the math, that’s equivalent to $51 million per day.

It’s not just the money lost that is of concern. There are many hassles that ad frauds drag along with them.

We agree, ad frauds can be a real pain in the neck.

Not only for advertisers but for publishers, the audience and anyone who is working in the industry. Let’s see how ad frauds have become a living nightmare in the digital marketing sector.

Advertisers who rely on click-based ads are tricked into paying more through bot traffic and clicks. While they get more website visitors, downloads, and other parameters agreed upon, it doesn’t convert to leads or sales.

Often in digital marketing, the source of ad frauds cannot be traced. When we don’t know what is causing the trouble, finding solutions becomes all the more complicated. We will put into action whatever is in our bounds, but may not be successful in combating the real problem. Time, effort, and money is lost in the process, to no avail.

Publishers sometimes deploy their own techniques for the campaigns to work in their favor. But that might not be the case always. Nevertheless, when an ad campaign goes wrong, we turn to the publishers first.

The ongoing war between ad frauds and the digital marketing sector is real. While there are many solutions in the market to fight these hassles like pre-bid filters and predictive analytics, it goes without saying that the perpetrators are always a step ahead.

The Most Common Types of AD Frauds That Tank Your Digital Marketing Campaign

If you’re dealing with ad frauds, it is important that you figure out the source of the problem first. To make this job easier, here is a list of common ad frauds that you should watch out for. We have also put together some not so common ad frauds.

Bot Invasion

Bots are sophisticated programs that can do almost anything that humans can on the internet. Hosted on unsuspecting computers, they can click links, visit websites, take a conversation forward online and more. They are also used to generate fake traffic to websites. When this traffic nears its threshold, it crashes down, called a DOS or denial of service attack.

Ad Stacking

A publisher or network-specific ad fraud targeted at advertisers, here, ads are stacked on top of one another. Only the ad on the top will be displayed to the audience. When they click on it, all advertisers are charged, as the impression is counted for each served ad.

Domain spoofing

To date, domain spoofing has been able to retain its reputation of being the most popular ad fraud in the digital marketing sector. Domain spoofing is when a low-grade publisher disguises itself as a premium publisher in a programmatic marketplace. This brings to them more advertisers and they can charge a huge fee from them.

While advertisers rest back in peace that their ads are being shown to the relevant audience, in reality, they are showing up on poor quality websites to random audiences. Bot traffic is also a possibility.

Purchased Traffic

Monetizing a website is not an easy task, sometimes traffic may have to be purchased to stay in the business. Which, in reality, is just bot traffic. Given the numbers of imposters doing the rounds on the internet, it is hard to steer clear of them.

iFrame/1x1 Pixels

The team behind the iFrame pixels ad fraud has really gone out of the box. A 1x1 pixel is placed on a site through an ad unit. As you can imagine, this won’t be visible to the naked eye.

They load an entirely different website without the knowledge of the user and earn a commission from the false ad impressions. In affiliate marketing, the site undercover cookies the visitor and shares the credit on any conversion or purchase made.

Mobile Ad Frauds

In-app placed ads make it a struggle for advertisers to find true conversion and impression rates. Many a time, users are asked to view ads with the promise of a reward. These audiences are not the visitors the advertisers are looking for. They rarely convert.

How Armacoin Combats AD Frauds Through Blockchain?

The open system through internet connections in digital marketing has less room for transparency in the media supply chain. As much as it creates trading opportunities, the centralized marketplace with no source of reliable information also widens the gap between the parties involved.

Armacoin is a blockchain-based platform designed for the digital marketing sector. The distributed ledger on blockchain automatically records all data related to advertising. As the media supply chain is accessible to everyone, the wrongdoers can be spotted easily.

For example, Armacoin will add a new safety layer to your data by enabling cryptographic transaction verification to secure information automatically when a breach takes place.

The audience can also feel at peace as they are ensured the safety of their data and how it will be used to retarget ads. This trust will eventually boost your business.

Armacoin understands the importance of fair play in advertising. Publishers, advertisers and the audience will maintain a balance among themselves and figure things out. There won’t be a middleman involved on the Armacoin platform.

Digital solutions for ad frauds in the advertising industry are innovative, but once a problem is solved, a new one emerges. It is going to be a never-ending tom and jerry chase. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, blockchain-enabled solutions will work for you the best in the long run.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2020, 12:15:08 PM »
Why Choose Blockchain Advertising Platforms for Accurate Audience Targeting?

No matter how much money is thrown on marketing, it doesn’t make a difference unless the advertisement is targeted to the right people. People who are genuinely interested in the product. People who are highly likely to purchase it.

Or else, it is money gone down the drain.

Traditional digital marketing is ill-famed for squirreling away every info coming their way to bombard the audience with advertisements that suit their interests. Whether you are on the website to just skim through the content or to make some purchase, there is no way you can get past without being asked to fill in a few details. Later, all this information is used by marketers for lead generation. While this does hike up the conversion rate, the number of people who are offended by the data invasion is worth taking into consideration as well.

Most visitors are frustrated by the number of promotional emails stockpiled in their mailbox from all the websites they have visited in their lifetime. Even if it is to offer us a 90% discount on products, too much marketing does more damage than good.

Who knew while filling out their date of birth that they would wake up to birthday wishes from businesses across the world, which surprisingly outnumbers the messages from close ones! The audience feels helpless about how their personal information is being used by websites, mobile apps, and businesses. It is outrageous.

The audience is sent into a state of panic because of these reckless marketing measures employed. Lead generation using the information provided by visitors, marketing pixels, and tags makes the internet an unsafe place for users. It destroys the trust placed by the audience in brands. What gave the impression of being an effective tool for better conversion rates, in the beginning, might turn out to be detrimental to the sustainability of the business, in the long run.

The recipe for digital marketing success is no secret. Gather information, retarget with ads, make awareness and repeat. It even provides the exact conversion forecast based on the industry and location, which is not too exciting if the amount of work that goes into it is accounted for.

If a business cares about the 2 customers it manages to get hold of than the countless it pisses off, digital marketing is their way to go. But if the number of customers who fall out because of the relentless pestering concerns you, the wide range of possibilities blockchain-enabled advertising platforms have in store will pique your curiosity.

1. Direct Acquisition of Audience Profiles
Traditionally, digital marketers scrape together pieces of information they can get their hands on from several sources to build consumer profiles. With the advent of blockchain platforms, they can avail consumer profiles directly from the blockchain platform.

Since the platform is decentralized, there is no way varied data is distributed. It guarantees security and privacy to all parties involved.

The traditional method of acquiring personal information and purchasing data from several sources takes up a considerable share of the advertising cost. The remaining budget is wasted on bombarding the non-interested audience with the advertisements.

Recognizing the role of the audience in advertising, Armacoin, the future oriented advertising platform running on blockchain, pays the audience who have already expressed their interest in the product and willingness to view ads. This will give advertisers a very accurate target audience.

The audience will in return have huge regard for the companies opting for blockchain platforms to advertise.

The company values its privacy.
They are rewarded for the time they spend watching the advertisements.

The company can expand customer loyalty based on these two factors.

2. Bot-Traffic Mitigated

Today, it's nearly impossible to access accurate advertising data. There is no way advertisers get reliable statistics regarding the number of clicks or installs. Thanks to bot invasion in the digital marketing sector! They cost more than $7 billion to advertisers across the globe annually.

"Now, how many of these clicks are actually done by human beings?"

Every person involved in digital advertising is burdened with this dilemma.

Bots are used widely in the digital marketing sector to inflate statistics. They serve two purposes.

Increase the no of clicks to distort the statistics. The advertisers end up paying for the bot clicks as well in this case.
Increase the traffic to a website so that it crashes down.

As we can see, bot traffic can put both advertisers and website owners under pressure. Although several methods and tactics have been used to evade them, they still persist. Digital marketing has almost no existence without bot fraud.

But blockchain technology will be a breath of fresh air in the advertising industry. Since transparency is at the heart of the blockchain, only verified and secured clicks, installs, and downloads will be taken into account on blockchain platforms.

Blockchain ensures that advertisements are viewed by a human audience, potentially cutting down a major chunk of digital marketing expenditure.

Armacoin gives advertisers control over their first-party data. The decentralized platform ensures end-to-end transparency and effectively stamps out bots from infringing the data.

3. The Gap between Advertisers and the Audience Eliminated
Digital marketing as we know today is incomplete without middlemen, who come between advertisers and the audience. Armacoin, being a decentralized platform, cuts out the role of middlemen entirely, resulting in a higher cost per impression (CPI).

It is estimated that publishers can increase their CPM from $1 to $5 by eliminating middlemen.

Advertisers can reach the audience directly and pay them for their time and attention in GZM Armacoin tokens now that middlemen are out of the way. This makes advertising campaigns more cost-efficient and effective. It increases customer engagement and connection resulting in a healthier ROI.

Key Takeaway
With blockchain advertising, consumers will finally be able to retain control over their purchasing data, browsing history, and personal information.

Although a relatively novel approach to marketing, blockchain will impart an innovative and sophisticated method to acquire high-quality leads.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2020, 12:16:10 PM »
Armacoin - Breaking New Grounds in CPI Marketing With Blockchain Technology

Why Implement Blockchain Technology In Your CPI Marketing Business?

Blockchain technology came with a bang, disrupted the major industries across the economy, and has been helping them hit a home run with it. The inept, long in the tooth practices have been replaced with cutting-edge technology that blockchain has to offer. More and more industries are flocking in to integrate blockchain into their business practices. The latest to join the trend is the digital marketing sector.

Armacoin is a leading blockchain technology company that builds innovative solutions to bring efficient transformations in the advertising industry. Our blockchain-enabled services to resolve the shortcomings of the existing, traditional advertising system will revitalize the industry as a whole.

With a strong foothold in the digital marketing sector, Armacoin will be the first-ever blockchain technology company in the world to offer tailored solutions for CPI (cost-per-install) advertising agencies. But how is blockchain integration going to help CPI marketing agencies? We will see.

The Major Drawbacks of Traditional CPI Ads

1. Lack of Transparency
The traditional, centralized CPI marketing system doesn't enable any efficient means to keep fraud in check. There is no means to verify whether the advertisers are paying for genuine installs or bots installs. Many advertisers are hesitant to adopt CPI marketing, despite its advantages, for this reason.

2. Low-Quality Users
As app and game builders, advertisers seek users rather than installs. But most of the time, CPI ads are focussed on the number of installs, which end up being useless, since installs don't necessarily translate to users. While the technique is efficient in creating a buzz around the app, traditional CPI ads don't provide users an incentive to install or use the product. This leaves less scope for monetization and reduces the conversion rate of CPI ads.

3. Privacy Invasion
Cost-per-install campaigns are targeted via mobile websites and apps to a niche audience, who are likely to install the apps. But not everyone takes the interruption light-heartedly. Realizing that their data is being used to pigeonhole their choices, a major chunk of the audience refrain from installing the app or even checking it out.

How Blockchain Integration Will Be A Gamechanger For CPI Marketing Agencies

1. Decentralized Communication Between Different Parties
Transparency is at the heart of blockchain technology. It's a trustless decentralized system. Business relationships are not built over trust, but transparency. CPI agencies can verify whether advertisers are genuine and vice versa. Middlemen intervention for validation, verification and the costs that come with it are eliminated.

2. Cryptographically Encrypted Documentation
Blockchain enables transparency through cryptographically locked, digitized contracts. Since the conversion rate of installations is of more importance, if advertisers request, CPI agencies will have to tweak the contract to meet their needs. This agreement will have to be made or revised with an action contingency, whereby the advertiser is not charged until a user completes a specific task. This increases their confidence in the system.
3. Consumer Privacy Concerns Addressed
There is a fine line between advertising and spamming, which centralized platforms fail to see and take action against. With blockchain integration, marketers will now have to seek permission from consumers before bombarding them with advertisements. The audience will also get a small payment for their time and attention.

While this may sound a little off-putting as far as CPI agencies are concerned, that's not the case at all. Through a decentralized system, the audience is not targeted, rather they choose to view ads for products they are most likely to buy. This will increase the number of installations, users, and profit margin for advertisers and CPI agencies in the long run.

4. PR and Branding
Blockchain integration will promote your name in the industry for being edgy and innovative. Bitcoin-friendly payment methods and cryptographically encrypted documentation are seen as an attribute of futuristic organizations. Blockchain implementation will help you stay miles ahead of the competition.

Armacoin - Redefining CPI Marketing with Blockchain
Built on blockchain networks, the Armacoin platform will let promoters leave a message in the contract line for a fee of 1 GZM. Armacoin native token, GZM Armacoin, will be used by CPI marketing agencies for transactions.

Armacoin takes pride in being among the pioneers in blockchain-enabled advertising and CPI marketing solutions. The democratic advertising and marketing ecosystem on the Armacoin platform will reduce bot frauds in CPI ads, increase transparency through cryptographically encrypted agreements, and decentralize the CPI marketing system.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
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Armacoin is a new solution to problems in advertising.


Smart Contracts and Performance-Based System of Payment in Advertising

The native digital advertising industry has gone to rack and ruin, all thanks to middlemen who have infiltrated the system. The great potential of the web and media has been dampened systematically. It has almost become impossible to release advertisers from the strong grip of middlemen and their commissions, sometimes an unfair price to pay for being a part of the digital world and leveraging the possibilities of modern technology.

How many of us have dived into digital marketing with much enthusiasm and optimism only to be disheartened by the less than expected ROI? You could argue that it is still higher when compared to traditional advertising, but how is it any better than the latter or contrastive if middlemen have only grown stronger with their demands on both platforms?

Who do we put the blame on for the gradual decay of the advertising industry? Middlemen, yes, but more so the system itself. Let’s go deep down and examine the system from a better perspective. How did we even come to expect that a centralized system was going to be safe from the hands of middlemen and looters, in the first place! Whatever the industry faces as a whole today has begun years back. A centralized system has its own share of shortcomings which will only grow bigger and more evident with time as the clasp holds in custody more and more advertisers. They become prey to the taunts of the few, lose trust and rebuke the industry.

The Perils of Centralized Digital Advertising

Although traditional digital advertising boasts low investment costs and expenditure, the reality has been far from that. If your attention shifts, obscurely even, you might end up losing a huge sum of money. Monitoring, without batting an eye is the first and foremost prerequisite while signing up on a digital marketing package for your business. This might seem a little far-fetched, but let’s take a look at an example.

You have decided on trying your hands at search engine marketing. Paying a clever sum and winning the bid war, you are finally listed on top of the SERP, which your competitor somehow comes to know of. They decide to turn this against your favor. Their employees deliberately click on your ad for a few days. While you are patiently waiting for leads and conversions, your cost-per-click charges are being accumulated, large enough to give you a panic attack!

Sounds like a scenario that might happen?

Even if you don’t have a vicious competitor counting the days to throw you out of business, it is a hard-hitting truth that clicks don’t always convert to leads or sales. Pay-per-click advertisements are unreliable unless you have a website that casts spells on your visitors and converts each of them into clients. Pay for what you get they say. But in reality, you pay whether or not it brings you results while middlemen make a heap of money.

If you are occupied with other activities and don’t have enough time to monitor and optimize your digital marketing campaigns, that is money gone down the drain, without a tiny speck of uncertainty. Unlike SEO where time and skills are the investment, you have to throw money if you want to survive in the industry or else you might as well not enter the platform at all. Digital marketing is for people who have money and a dedicated team constantly monitoring the trends and variations. It is draining, to say the least.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be. No matter how substandard things look at the moment, digital marketing has potential outstretching our imaginations.

How long can they dominate the digital world? Not much, it seems. When the industry is under the influence of a particular section who charges its members more than they can handle, gradually limiting their earning potential, the end results look bleak for all parties involved.

When Decentralization & Revamption Go Hand in Hand

Blockchain is expected to become a $176 billion industry by 2025. It wouldn’t have been possible if not for the wide opportunities and positive changes the system guarantees to bring. In fact, the impact of blockchain technology in various industries has been revolutionary. The advertising sector is no different. How is the essentially decentralized nature of blockchain technology going to be beneficial to the advertising industry? Let’s see.

The decentralized ledger in blockchain technology is used to frame smart contracts, which are also referred to as digital contracts, blockchain contracts, and self-executing contracts. Before we dive into the edge smart contracts have over its traditional counterparts, it is a prerequisite that we know what smart contracts are.

What is a Smart Contract? How does it Help the Advertising Sector?

As we all anticipate, blockchain is going to be an indispensable technology infrastructure in the near future. And along with blockchain, smart contracts are going to bring about a huge change too. The term smart contract was coined by computer scientist, lawyer, and cryptographer Nick Szabo. While the scope and purview of smart contracts have changed considerably since then, the crux of the word still remains the same.

Smart Contracts:

A computer protocol forged with a view to digitally facilitate and verify contracts. Terms and conditions in the physical contract are brought to force with ease. Negotiations and performance of a contract are done without delay and complications.

That is, traditional contracts are converted into computer codes, stored and replicated on the blockchain platform. Later they are monitored and supervised by a network of computers that run on the blockchain. But how is any of this relevant to advertising?

This is how. Smart contracts facilitate genuine and authentic transactions of assets and values, without the intervention of third parties, who pose a major inconvenience when it comes to traditional marketing - digital or otherwise. Smart contracts enable us to exchange money, property, shares, or any other form of asset transparently. The ledger feedback lets us transfer and receive all properties with peace of mind.

Armacoin - Blockchain Advertising Platform Fortified by Smart Contracts

While blockchain and smart contracts have proved their competency in a spectrum of industries from insurance and banking to finance, the advertising industry had rarely been touched upon. This is where Armacoin comes in. Armacoin, understanding the wide range of possibilities blockchain has in store has been working towards improving the current advertising system.

Here are 4 reasons why Armacoin smart contracts give you a comparative edge in advertising.

1. Cost-Efficiency

As we discussed, cost-per-click and cost-per-install advertisements have a very negligible ROI. Clicks, installs, and downloads, don’t always bring money. In fact, they drill a hole in our pockets and pump our resources to middlemen. Armacoin hopes to put an end to this.

With smart contracts, the terms and conditions can be framed and tweaked as the parties desire. Advertisers can decide the preferred parameters based on which they should be charged, after consulting with publishers. This way, they can make the most of their advertising budget without putting publishers in trouble.

2. Autonomy

The platform is drawing the agreement and enabling the contract, thus, there is no room for doubts or concerns. It is as transparent as any system can get. There is no need to rely on human beings to confirm the authenticity of the contract. You can sign up on an agreement without the help of brokers, lawyers, and other intermediaries. This cuts down the cost significantly too.

3. Trust

Blockchain facilitates an essentially trustless platform. You don’t have to trust a party in order to enter into a relationship with them. Since all documents are encrypted on a shared ledger, no one can claim that they have lost the documents and leave the other party to suffer. Smart contracts rule out all chances of fraud, embezzlement, and manipulation in advertising. The network manages the execution automatically, letting no third party dip their hand and adulterate the system. This is the prime reason why most advertising industrialists believe that there will be a rapid shift to blockchain technologies in the coming years. Centralized platforms are only growing more unreliable with each passing day.

4. Accuracy

Manual contracts won’t be error-free. Even if the service of a reputed and highly-skilled lawyer is availed, there will still remain some minor glitches. Incidents, where they become lethal for the existence of a business, are not unheard of. The errs of filling out heaps of forms manually can efficiently tackled by computers through smart contracts. They are not only faster and cheaper but also accurate.

Key Takeaway

Smart contracts define the terms and conditions in an agreement just like traditional contracts do, but more importantly, they enforce the obligations and negotiations in the agreement on default. The rules exist between all parties involved automatically. In short, smart contracts save us both time and conflict. Smart contracts are going to bring a wave of change in the advertising industry. They will make the system more transparent, affordable, and democratic.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
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Precise And Immutable Ad Metrics With Blockchain

World Advertising and Research Center (WARC) estimates that marketing expenditure will increase by 2.5% in 2020, totalling to a whopping 618.7 billion dollars.

As the global ad expenditure touches sky, it has become clear to the eye that more businesses are willing to splurge their money on advertising. They have come to the realization that survival and sustenance without marketing in the age of the internet are out of the question, unlike in the past.

But does this staggering statistic convert to profit? The answer will differ from business to business, although one thing is for sure. If you don't keep watch on where your advertising efforts are headed, it will end up being a substantial liability.

All businesses aim for expansion and growth through advertising. By allocating a distinct amount for advertising every month, you expect it to generate positive ROI. The various advertising metrics will help you measure your ROI.

Why is Tracking Advertising Metrics Necessary?

Advertising metrics help businesses in 3 ways.

Know Where You Are Headed
Ad metrics disclose whether you're moving in the right direction or not. Advertising without ad metrics is no different from driving blindfolded.

Make Timely Corrections
Ad metrics will give insights into the key areas that call for attention. Changes and corrections can be made accordingly without any delay so that our efforts don't end being a disappointment.

Cost Management
Whether you have delegated advertising to an internal or external team, it is important that you have a grasp over where your money is being spent and how much return they yield. You can cut down costs by taking a break from low-yielding campaigns and allocating more on activities with a higher conversion rate.

Determine Your ROI With These Ad Metrics

1. Total Traffic to the Website
Definition: The total number of unique visitors to a website.

When you have provided a link to your website on the advertisement, the total number of visitors to the website will speak about the efficiency of the campaign, making it a key ad metric.

Total site traffic is the sum of traffic from various sources as listed below.

Organic - From search engines. If the search keywords match with your content, they are directed to your website.

Note: Search engine results with 'ad' written alongside are not taken into account.

Social - Audience from your social media profiles.

Referral - Through backlinks from other websites

Search Engine Marketing: Visitors through paid search.

Email campaigns: If visitors had registered for your newsletter or happened to have a link to your website in their inbox.


Whether you have invested in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email campaigning or offline advertising, website traffic is an important ad metric that you should keep an eye on.

2. Bounce Rate
Definition: The percentage of users who visited a website, took no action, and left.

According to Google, the bounce rate is the percentage of sessions where users viewed a single page on your website or sent a single request to the analytics server.

If the bounce rate on your website is high, it usually indicates that the quality of your page is low. But the reasons could also be more diverse. The content may have failed to grab the attention of the user. Or, the audience targeting was inefficient.

Efforts should be made to reduce website bounce rate or else driving traffic to the website will turn out to be futile.

3. Page Value
Definition: The average value of each page on the website.

This metric sheds light on the contribution of each page to the total revenue from the website.

Example: Your brand sells watches. Your website features an article about the top 10 trending watches in 2020. The number of users who come across this article and buy the products through the link provided on the page will help us determine the page value. That is, the total revenue earned from this particular article.

4. Impressions
Definition: the number of times an ad appeared on a third-party website or paid search.

As the number of impressions increases, brand awareness also increases. However, impressions don't reveal a lot about the efficiency of your advertisement. It doesn't tell whether an action was taken after the ad was viewed. But the number of people to whom the ad was shown to is key to determining other crucial data.

For eg, you have boosted your post inviting people to your workshop on a social media site. The post was displayed to 1000 people. That is the number of impressions. The more people you display your ad to, the more exposure your brand gets. But it won't necessarily reflect on the conversion rate. That is the number of people who turn up for the workshop.

5. Clicks
Definition: The number of clicks the links provided by an advertisement receives.

Data on clicks help you measure the actions triggered by your advertisements. The quality of the advertisement drives the audience to click the links to learn more. Clicks tell us how well the audience is reacting to our branding messages.

In case the click rates are low, we will have to improve the quality of our advertisements and make them more interesting. If the click rates are still below par with the industry standards, it shows that the targeting audience is not interested in the product or services that you sell, which calls for better-filtered targeting.

6. CPC (Cost-per-Click)
Definition: The amount charged for every click your advertisement earns. 

7. Conversion Rate
Definition: The percentage of completed action as a result of the advertisement.

Conversions can be either macro or micro, depending on the impact of the completed action.

For eg, when the desired completed goal of the advertisement is to get more people to sign up for your email newsletter, it is a micro-conversion. But if you want your visitors to buy your product or avail your service, it is macro conversion. Micro conversions progress towards macro conversion. 

8. CPC (Cost-per-Conversion)
Definition: Total cost of the campaign divided by the total number of conversion is the cost-per-conversion. If you have deployed a variety of marketing campaigns the cost-per-conversion will reveal how efficient each technique is. You can allocate money for different marketing techniques accordingly and find which one works the best for your business.

9. Cost-per-Action (CPA)
Definition: The advertising expenditure for each action taken by the visitor.

Been doing digital marketing for a while?

Then you must already know how it feels. You are overwhelmed to see the hefty number of clicks your post has managed to garner. But once you check the conversion rate, you come to realize that the clicks haven't generated results as you expected. That is heartbreaking. It is time to rely on other key parameters.

Clicks and impressions don't always convert. Which is why you need more specific user actions. For eg, you have launched your new application on Google Playstore. You market it on digital platforms. While most people click on the link provided and land on Playstore, not all of them download it.

Here, instead of measuring the cost per click, the more result-oriented approach is to measure the cost per download. You can also measure cost per install, sign up, or other parameters to meet your business requirements.

Blockchain and Indelible Ad Metrics

At the core of blockchain technology are the transparency and privacy it guarantees. The distributed ledger in blockchain ensures that all transactions are recorded identically across different locations. 

In advertising, the same records on all nodes of the network ensure the authenticity of ad metrics. Nobody can alter the metrics to their favor and deceive the opposite party. Advertising on blockchain will be hacking-resistant and free from bot traffic due to the same reason.

Make the Best Use of Ad Metrics With Armacoin Advertising Platform

Armacoin intends to bring forth a novel approach to advertising through blockchain. Here, the accuracy of the data is ensured by removing human intervention.

Blockchain transactions are approved by a network of computers, ruling out all chances of errors and frauds in digital marketing rampant today. If somehow, a piece of wrong information or value is uploaded on a computer, it won't spread to the rest of the blockchain, unless the same mistake or fraud is repeated by at least 51% of computers in the same network - which is absolutely impossible.

Armacoin blockchain advertising provides error-free and accurate data on advertisements. Blockchain advertising is impossible to be tampered with. No middlemen, publisher, or bot traffic will be able to deceive you into compromising on the efficiency of your ad performance.


Metrics give satisfactory answers as far as the efficiency of your advertising campaign is concerned. By constantly keeping up with the ad metrics, you will gain a clear idea over which ads to pause, improve, allocate more money on etc.

With the quantifiable transparent data provided by blockchain advertising, you can track the status of your performance in comparison with the industry standards. Armacoin will empower you to outperform your own advertising objectives.

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Re: Armacoin GZM
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                                            How Armacoin Offers a Cost-effective Alternative to Digital Advertising

Digital advertising came with a bang claiming to be an inexpensive platform for advertisers to promote their products and services, strengthening their market presence. The novel marketing platform making use of the infinite purview of the web and the internet was an innovative alternative to traditional marketing. But recent trends show that digital advertising is not as cost-effective as it used to be.

The cost of running digital marketing campaigns is skyrocketing. In fact, the inflation in the digital marketing industry when compared with its traditional counterparts including radio and TV is nearly double. Keeping track of the digital marketing expenses of the previous 2 years, in 2019, it was found that the costs had risen by a whopping 12%!

What could be the reason? What are those hidden factors that we haven't been paying attention to? Let's find out.

1. System Under the Control of a Few
The digital marketing industry is undeniably under the control of a few giants like Google and Facebook. It is almost impossible to penetrate the industry. Even if one was to, it will take years to harness a huge user base, unless the platform provides a unique experience to its users. The pioneers still continue to reign the industry, with time and popularity to their favor.

But as the popularity of these platforms rises, so does the cost of advertising on Facebook and Google. At least, that's what the statistics show in recent years. Digital advertising expenditure has even outstripped TV ads. We can only expect it to surpass itself in the coming years.

With rising costs, the efficiency of digital advertising platforms becomes ambiguous. The value they provide when compared to their traditional counterparts is in question. Middlemen fees amount to a major share of advertising costs. Can you imagine how much we could save if middlemen commissions were eliminated!

2. Invasion of Bots in Online Advertising
Non-human traffic to a website is nicknamed bot traffic. Software running automated tasks can undertake repetitive tasks in the fraction of a second, unthinkable to human beings.

The superhuman capabilities of bots can be used or misused. Almost half of the web traffic is from bots. But we don't have to worry about them all. While Google and other search engines use bots to crawl websites and index their pages, they can also be threatening to website owners. They sometimes target websites with heavy traffic and take them down. We have to be careful about 28.9% of the traffic which can be labeled 'menacing'. They tamper with digital ad analytics.

3. Crack in the Relationship Between Advertisers and Consumers
The interruptive nature of digital advertising has crossed all limits. If you ever make the mistake of typing in queries related to products or services, you are guaranteed to be followed by Facebook and Google pixels wherever you go on the web.

In a recent study, it was found that the audience prefers digital ads that are less frequent. As per 37% of the responses, they are more likely to do business with a brand that doesn't lodge them with incessant ads.

Ad Blockers
Today, there is a wide range of software available in the market to block ads and browse without pestering ads coming in the way. While this is good news for the audience, that is not the case with digital advertisers. With potential clients enabling ad blockers on their sites, it becomes intensely painful to promote their products and services, increasing the advertising costs in the process.

Bringing Blockchain to the Advertising Industry, Armacoin sets the path
As per the new trends, reaching a smaller audience with each passing day has become the norm of the digital marketing industry. If you are in digital advertising or have ever run a digital campaign, you might have already started to question the comparative edge digital advertising guarantees, especially when it comes to cost-efficiency.

The web is the new way to go. There is no denying that. There is more to the web than what we had known. While the fact that companies investing digitally will get a headstart in the race stays true, enterprises should be more open to exploring innovative ideas. The Armacoin platform integrates blockchain to the digital advertising industry to revamp it as a whole.

Armacoin will be a platform accessible to everyone, bringing blockchain to every household. Advertisers, publishers, and the audience get value for what they provide. All transactions are carried out in Armacoin GZM coins, based on Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to use all the advantages of payment and storage of funds in a crypto wallet.

Below is a list of the factors that make the Armacoin platform a cost-efficient substitute for traditional digital advertising platforms that are known to us.

Technology with a Purpose
In blockchain applications, how technology is being used for the sustainability and development of the industry plays a great role. If the application fails to establish its relevance and the value it brings forth, the token will become stale and the platform will fail to make an impact.

Within a short period since inception, the Armacoin platform has proven its applicability. The innovative application of technologies including blockchain to enhance privacy, security,  transparency and user experience has won hearts.

Zero Commission to Middlemen
The Armacoin platform was built to make technology accessible to everyone, financially and otherwise. Keeping up with the spirits of blockchain technology, the system is essentially decentralized. The decentralized ledger, the heart, and the soul of blockchain technology is being monitored by multiple beneficent networks. A wonderful example of this is the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Rather than relying exclusively on a trusted authority to vouch for the authenticity of the transactions, Bitcoin relies on its distributed ledger. The transaction of the currency has been going on leaving no loophole for looting for years. This speaks volumes about the reliability of blockchain distributed ledger and its ability to exist without centralized authorities.

As a result, a huge pile of money will be redistributed among advertisers and the audience. Advertisers, who no longer have to pay middlemen for bridging the gap between them and their potential customers can channel this money towards landing on a more valuable audience.

Reward System in Place
There is more. The audience is paid in Armacoin GZM coins for the time they invest in watching the promo ads, which is unknown in the conventional digital marketing space. An incentive system of advertising is followed on Armacoin.

In traditional marketing, to the contrary, the audience is manipulated to convert them into potential leads. There is no escaping the pry eyes of social media giants who keep tabs on our browser history and even messages to smear our walls with advertisements.

More often than not,  instead of converting them into clients, these advertisers end up being spammers in the eyes of the audience. With the reward system in full swing, the industry will become cost-efficient in turn, aiding in the growth of small businesses and large businesses alike.

Know Where Your Money is Being Spent
To mitigate and minimize splurge, it is imperative that we know where our money is being spent. Although each traditional digital advertising platform has one means or the other to track the performance of the ad campaigns with the advanced innovative software, the accuracy of these analytics is often in question. With bot traffic taking over the industry, one can only hope the overwhelming traffic figures have been contributed by human beings.

The distributed ledger in blockchain is immutable. Even the most advanced programmer cannot hack into the system and tamper with the data. Transactions, called blocks, are linked on the blockchain network with a hash pointing towards the previous block in the blockchain. The hash and digital signatures can be verified to ensure the authenticity of the transactions.

With Armacoin advertising, you get reliable data in your hands. There is no bot traffic, errors or frauds. The marketing campaign can be tweaked according to data derived by the system and better strategies can be put into action.

Targeting One Step Ahead
As we mentioned, on the Armacoin platform, customers are rewarded for watching ads. What does this essentially mean?

The audience chooses the ads they wish to watch. Unlike in traditional marketing, just because they looked up for the climate in Italy, they are not bombarded with Airbnb ads every time they open a browser window.

This system ensures a far more efficient targeting of the audience. People who watch the ads do so because they want to. In return, they are rewarded too.

Armacoin takes pride in being one of the first platforms to bring blockchain technology to the advertising industry. If you are disheartened by the escalating costs and corroding efficiency of centralized digital advertising, the Armacoin platform has something exciting in store for you.


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