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Title: Assistance please - Noob learning to mine and build machine
Post by: frostbyte3964 on February 02, 2014, 07:17:11 AM
Please be patient. I am technically minded, but I have not been into this before and it seems fun and exciting and I have free power so why not?
I have built computers before, but never a mining machine. Here is what I have coming in the mail.
Custom open air wood frame.
CPU - 4770K i7 3.5 GHz
MB - MSI Z87 MPOWER - It has 3 PCIE 16X slots Probably overkill, but why not?
RAM - 16 GB
HD - 3 TB - Overkill, but useful for other things. I'll probably partition off 50 GB for the OS.
BD burner
PS - Corsair AXi AX1200i Platinum - seemed to be the best reviews for the single big units I found
3 x Sapphire 100364-4GBF4L Radeon R9 270X 4 GB
I can probably get Windows 7 for free and will use that for the OS.
My initial questions would be about hardware configurations. I will need risers. With this board, I believe just 3 16x risers is all I need, but they seem to also make 16x risers with optional (or required if wired with it?) power cable so it isn't powered from the mother board.
What is the best option here? 1 16x riser and 2 16x risers with power alternative? Got to get those ordered.
Then I'm not sure if the 3 video cards will need dummy plugs made since nothing will be plugged into them. If I am using my TV (HDMI) as the interface, will that mean 3 plugs if they are needed since the TV won't always be plugged into it.
I think that is all the hardware I will need help with other than any straps, plugs, toggle switch stuff, etc.
If you are familiar with these products or how to wire it up, please teach this noob what I will need to know. It is a fun and possibly expensive learning experience.
Then, assuming I get it all up and running, does this mother board have the option to be able to hoop up one or two more video cards? It just has the 3 slots so I'm not sure how else to add more.
If you can add more, it seems logical to put as many as I can run with the power supply or possibly add a 2nd power supply if it is needed. I got the 270x's for efficiency and price per hash. I read that 5 is possible (maybe just other mother boards), but 6 is not really recommended as it gets too complicated most of the time.
Software and configuring all this is coming up once I get everything ordered.