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Author Topic: Cash Out on The Network of Interpersonal Relationships  (Read 198 times)

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Cash Out on The Network of Interpersonal Relationships
« on: March 11, 2020, 02:09:03 AM »
It is often said that friends are wealth, and wide-established connections is the greatest success. However, this type of wealth is so invisible, friends may provide timely help, but it is just like icing on the cake. Even with a huge network of connections, there is still not much real trust, let alone cooperation. The emergence of blockchain has resolved the problem of trust, it has created a way to cooperate without trust, thus building a community through consensus. This is the first time that people build trust mechanism through technical means.

The Trust Stamp in VDS ecology relies on blockchain to distribute the benefits of multi-level interpersonal fission. Blockchain technology makes interpersonal relationships imprinted and impossible to tamper with. It has solved the trust problem and allows the value of interpersonal networks to be reflected in a more direct way.

The Trust Stamp Network is composed of interpersonal relationships of all VIDs. VID is the only badge in the ecology of VDS. It is a special trading address, and linked with others in accordance with the special transaction imprinting. When a VID is created, the distribution of benefits on its Trust Stamp will be completed through blockchain. This special transaction also becomes a record of the establishment of relationships.

A maximum of 12 levels can be reached under each Trust Stamp System while 12 new VIDs can be generated by fission under each VID address, that is to say, the number of VIDs that can be invited at each level is 12 to the power of N (N is the level number). For example, for the 4th level of a certain Trust Stamp System, 12 to the fourth power VIDs can be invited, that is, 20,736 VIDs. This means that each Trust Stamp System can accommodate 9.7 trillion VIDs, which is equal to the entire population of the earth put into this system and complete 1,385 cycles to make such a system full. The establishment of each VID requires a certain amount of Vollar. At the creation of a new VID, 35% goes to the direct inviter as the direct invitation rewards while 60% goes to the 12 VIDs with a linear relationship above this VID in his Trust Stamp System as the indirect promotion reward, the rest 5% is the handling fee.

When a VID develops Trust Stamp system downwards, the direct fission promotion revenue is definitely the highest, but the indirect fission promotion revenue can be obtained incessantly. When a VID’s Trust Stamp System grows to a certain level, even if he stops direct-inviting, other VIDs under his system will continue to promote and expand the Trust Stamp system in order to obtain direct-invite benefits, and this VID will receive continuous incomes from in-direct invites. This is equivalent to, when you have enough connections, your connections will earn you perpetual incomes. That is to say, the value of your connections is cashable and boost a sustainable cash flow. Maybe you’ll wonder if the return is profitable, let’s use an example to illustrate. Suppose the establishment of a VID costs 1,000 Vollar, when VID A filled all 6 levels in his Trust Stamp System, he would obtain 162,871,800 Vollar for indirect fission promotion, not to mention he will still have incomes in direct fission promotion. The revenue is stunning.

A VID also has access to the distributed OTC function in VDS ecosystem. Through the free, decentralized trading market of distributed OTC, you can convert your Vollar revenue into any fiat currency at any time without any barriers. In other words, high returns from the Trust Stamp System can be converted into any currency.

Each VID can continuously obtain direct or indirect fission promotion rewards as he develops his Trust Stamp System downwards. By expanding interpersonal network, any VID can build a sustainable cash flow and directly enjoy the value of building the network so as to realize the ultimate wealth freedom. For VDS, the Trust Stamps enlarge user bases and make the ecology dynamic. Such ingenious design has formulated a win-win model in which ecology and individuals constantly reinforce and help each other forward. VDS ecology allows more people to achieve wealth freedom, it has redistributed global wealth through a decentralized manner, so that everyone and even every generation could have equal and free wealth autonomy. VDS aims at realizing the ultimate wealth freedom and building the consensus on decentralized finance for all mankind.


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