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Title: Cryptocurrency E-Dinar
Post by: EDR COIN2016 on July 03, 2016, 07:29:45 PM
Dear E-DINAR community members! [/size]We are glad to announce that E-DINAR-project has entered a new development stage! This week we have reached the first level of emission in the amount of 22 mln coins and made a next step towards the new concept called Golden Billion, which was mentioned in the writings of many world’s economists. It’s being implemented thanks to the new opportunities of using p2p exchange platform. Within the framework of this concept, E-DINAR platform is rapidly developed on the new markets and implements new functions. Nowadays, E-DINAR is the only platform in the world where the participants can control their development by themselves. In addition, the community is still providing presents and mining bonuses in the amount of up to 0,65% per exchange day that you can receive on your online wallet. The process of implementation will be lasting within 6 years, thereby 22 billion coins will be generated until 2022. It’s a so called 22:22 Concept. ( During this time there will be formed a new community of people living by their own rules and norms that will differ from the popular majority. This is a new lifestyle of the progressive society, which is being the basis of our community involving over 100000 participants from all over the world.