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Author Topic: Development and Publicity, All Set in VDS  (Read 235 times)

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Development and Publicity, All Set in VDS
« on: March 13, 2020, 02:23:16 AM »
Blockchain technology has attracted much attention and developed rapidly. Aside from the decentralized trading system, more importantly, it can encapsulate code and data, create smart contracts and develop DAPP. With the development of blockchain in the past two years, an increasing number of DAPP development platforms show up. However, the most difficult part for the dev team is the promotion and user group expansion, rather than technical development. Most DAPPs in the market now have limited active users, and many DAPPs are no longer maintained for the lack of users.

A majority of the existing DAPP platforms have no publicity channels, therefore dev teams need to take time to advertise elsewhere. However, most users of the advertising platforms pay less attention to DAPP, or do not accept DAPP advertising. Besides, the number of active users on the merely existing DAPP ad-platforms is very small. Dev team is having hard time finding promoting channels. Without effective publicity, few people would know, which indicates few new users will join.

In order to solve the difficulty of publicity, and make DAPPs survive with no decrease in the developer enthusiasm, VDS has added an ad-bidding broadcast system to facilitate developers’ promotion at a more convenient platform. With huge user group in VDS ecosystem, the ad-bidding broadcast system guarantees propaganda strength, and the combination of development platform and publicity platform can achieve the most accurate delivery effect. Development and publicity are all resolved in the VDS ecosystem, making it easier for developers to get attention.

The Trust Stamp Network, as the guarantee of VDS large user groups, is a multi-level benefit distribution network based on blockchain technology for interpersonal fission promotion. The Trust Stamp Network is composed of pyramids of interpersonal relationships, each person can establish their own Trust Stamp System, through direct or indirect promotion to expand his own Trust Stamp System while obtaining corresponding benefits. Such exquisite design allows everyone to obtain a steady stream of income while building connections through the Trust Stamp. Meanwhile, everyone is encouraged for the expansion of VDS user base, so as to keep it growing.

VAD, the decentralized ad-bidding broadcast system in VDS, help merchants find target audience and build up content. Every successful bid will be displayed in the wallet of ecological participants, which means that for DAPP developers, advertising on VAD is not only widely-targeted, but also accurately-delivered.

VAD is decentralized, and there’s no third-party to audit the content. Much less restrictions compared with the centralized advertising platforms. Publishing becomes available as long as the bidding is successful, which is far more convenient and free. In VAD, there’s no limitation on the propaganda content, feel free to be creative and achieve good promotive effect that you may never get from centralized platforms.

Smart contract improves the scalability of the entire ecology of VDS, and DAPP will vest the ecosystem with infinite vitality and unimaginable possibilities. VDS not only provides a platform for developers to display talents, it is also a fertile ground for the growth of the decentralized consensus ecosystem. Let the ecology and DAPP work side by side towards a freer and equal future.


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