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Author Topic: Earn free bitcoin using Latium coin  (Read 4542 times)

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Earn free bitcoin using Latium coin
« on: July 10, 2014, 09:09:56 AM »

We’re going to use a relatively obscure  crypto-currency to earn money
1. Go to [this]( newbielink: [nonactive]) website and create an account.

In the process of registering, click "I voted for LAT" (if you did vote) and click "The household has not claimed Latium".
After this, verify your email. Now you can see that you have LAT 5.000 as your balance, that is worth
$1 in bitcoin (as of 7-9-14).

2. Go to [Coin Swap]( newbielink: [nonactive]) create an account and login
Then go to the balance section under your email and scroll down and request your Latium address.

3. Go back to newbielink: [nonactive]
Under “My Profile”, you’ll find “Payment Details”. Place the Latium address you just requested, where it says "wallet ID" and click ‘save’

4. Go to newbielink: [nonactive] and click "request payment"
After some time (within 24 hours), you will receive your Latium coins on your ‘Coin Swap’-account and you can exchange them to $1 BTC instantly.
5. Make a post like mine on another forum, where you offer a free e-book like this one. Only then, change the link to the latium-website to your own Affiliate Link. People will use the link. This way, they will earn money themselves, and you will earn $1 for every person that
simply uses your free method . If you post the method on many forums, you can easily earn quite a bit of money.

6. Whenever you have earned some Latium by referrals, pay it out to your Coin Swap account, where you can exchange it to Bitcoins.
This method will not earn you millions, but it’s free and can earn you more than tens of dollars if you use it correctly by posting stuff on multiple forums. I hope you enjoyed,and thanks for using my
referral-link, I appreciate it!

Here you go ;) non ref link -
ref link-


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