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Author Topic: Hug excitation belongs to the world! Football!Bet!11coin IPO  (Read 4054 times)

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Salute world cup:

Brazil World Cup, the football feast in football country, time to attract the most attention!  Coinciding with ahead of the World Cup, the item takes this opportunity to attract more attention, and it will be the hot topic on Internet, eleven men symbolized football, but football is more than what the number “eleven” can express. there are benches、coaches、football fans…Every role is a focus, no one is supporting actor of anyone else’s! Football is a popular sport in the world for a long time; The World Cup will be a timeless topic now and later. Our group deeply loves it, and will long-term steady develop. Not only in The World Cup, not only the number eleven,not only the 11coin!

Foreground outlook:

There is no NBA, no rugby, no F1, we are only in football field. The market is very large, no one can monopolize it, only do this well, then we may develop, and we hope let 11coin bring more happiness.

Website navigation:

The following is a number of websites that this item planned to build and the function Introduction. In which, is under construction. As the main site of the item, is system is an integration of all kinds of resources inside the item. Here you can see all under construction and to be constructed item websites of our group, all these website links of items here, and at the same time as the theme website of virtual currency published by item, provide user guide、download、trade in site. as a blogger websites of the item, here you can see the latest project dynamic、technology communication, and also can share some interesting topics, if you want to present yourself, welcome to contribute! as communication forum of the item, here you can talk freely in any layout that you are interested in! as the football quizzes website of the item, it is the key development direction to expand Website traffic, it will support many kind of virtual currencies to bet.  as the cooperative partner website of the item. It is used for the exchange of website friendly links, publishing paid task, paid publicity, exchanges and cooperation.

Currency introduction:

Total amount: 100 million
It is designed by many programmers with rich successful experience, and safety test by outsourcing communities’ technicians, open download and official operation at 0:00 June 9, the UTC time. After The World Cup started, there will be a series of paid publicity. At the same time, there are free chances for quizzes activity. Free quizzes also can get good prizes!

Currency issue:

Distribution will be completed by three phases, and the remaining distributable amount will be updated in real time, if the end, it will be suspended in advance. There is no free gift; it will use other currencies to give rewards in the activity or promotion in the future.

1. From now to May 24th, according to the ratio of 1BTC: 1000000 to make the exchange, the smallest exchanging amount is 0.01BTC, and the largest exchanging amount is 20BTC.

2.From May 26th to June 5th, according to the ratio of 1BTC:500000 to make the exchange, the smallest exchanging amount is1BTC, and the largest exchanging amount is 50BTC.

3. The remaining part will be used for rewarding the users who betting with the virtual currency during the World Cup.

Bitcoin address:11BET88BXbSQxJjUUYy4vrgBMbQfvGTJH
After the purchase, please send the monetary amount, sender's address, e-mail address to [nonactive] or send PM to 11betcoin on the forum. The list of buying members will be updated in real time.

Total recived:0.2442825BTC


All the time mentioned in this article is utc time. The article content will be updated constantly, but the allocation rules annotated will not do any changes.


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