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Author Topic: LAT coin can easily be used to make 50000 satoshi within 10 minutes (and more)  (Read 3077 times)

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Get 50,000 Satoshi For Free in The Next 10 Minutes
In Your Bitcoin Wallet Within 10 Minutes!

I know it seems too good to be true but I give you my word that this works and you do not need any skills to do it. You don't even need to understand what or how cryptocurrency works and you can still get earnings like me! I just got into Bitcoin about 2 months ago and I have made 0.20 Bitcoin all for free and growing!

If you are looking for some free bitcoin then just follow the simple "1,2,3 Steps" below and you will have 50,000 Satoshi (= 0.00050000 Bitcoin) in your wallet within 10 minutes to start and step 3 will show you how to Make MILLIONS of Satoshi Per Day With No Work!

WARNING!!! >> Do NOT Make Fake Accounts Under You (1 Account Per IP Address) Because It Will Get Your Account Closed And Fast!

This is a real offer and it works like a charm!

Step 1: First you need to Join newbielink: [nonactive] For Free

Note: Make sure to use 100% real info when making your account because you need to verify your email and this will really make you allot of money...don't risk losing your account because you used fake info.

This is from the Latium Admin...

So some are reporting to me that if they don't set their password via the email sent from you guys, that their account will be permanently disabled? Will they not get 5 LAT coins unless they click the link?

Yes, they must set their password.

Then you will get 5 LAT for free just for joining. (we will turn this into 50,000 Satoshi)

download the wallet software below so you can cash out your 5 LAT to your wallet...

Windows Wallet: newbielink: [nonactive]
Mac Wallet: newbielink: [nonactive]
Linux Wallet: newbielink: [nonactive]

Open the program and let it sync with the network (takes a few minutes), then go to "Receive Coins" in the wallet and get your payment address. Copy and save the address in a text file on your desktop for the next steps.

Then go in your online account and go to "Reports> Payouts to me" in the left menu.

First enter your wallet payment address and save it, then click Request payment.

You should get your payment within 24 hours at the latest. If it takes longer, just post for help and Latium admin will help at this forum post: newbielink: [nonactive]

Step 2: Once you have your LAT in your wallet:

Go to newbielink: [nonactive]  (make a free account - Just email needed to login & verify cashouts)

Deposit your LAT on CoinSwap. (takes 10 confirmations to appear in your CS account)

Then go to the "Markets" tab at the top of the site.

Click the LAT/BTC Button.

Then scroll down to "Sell LAT" and make a new order. (orders sell very fast if you lower your price just a little from the current one just don't go lower than 9000 satoshi per LAT to keep the market up).

Once done hit "submit sell order" and it will go for sale. The Bitcoins will go in your bitcoin account within minutes.

Check your CoinSwap account in a little while and you will have bitcoins.

Now go to the "User Profile" button at the top of the site.

Click on "Withdrawal Addresses" and put your bitcoin address in the "BTC" section and save.

Now go to your balances page and withdrawal your Bitcoin. (you will need to click a link in your email to verify and send the cash out.)

Step 3: Now to Make MILLIONS Like Me!!!

Just get referrals in your Latium account and you will earn 5 LAT for each signup!  boogie (About 50,000 Satoshi Or More!)

>>>You Earn LAT From 100 Referral Levels!<<< 

DO NOT MAKE FAKE ACCOUNTS...This Will Not Earn You Anything!

Then sell the LAT for Bitcoin on CoinSwap!

TIP For Getting Tons of Referrals With No Work: Just Join This Site or and buy an ad. Make sure you tell the viewers how to get the 50K satoshi from the 5 LAT and tell them not to make fake accounts because it will not earn you any satoshi. It's best to use a splash page or forum post like i did to explain it all to your viewer and make sure to include your latium referral link.

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i read this exact same page word for word multiple places its a good system try adding your own info tho


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