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Author Topic: Not just bitcoin. New cryptocurrencies provide an opportunity to earn more?  (Read 180 times)

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When we talk about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin immediately comes to mind. As the very first and most valuable currency in the entire industry. And this is true, but is it worth working with him now or only with him?We all know well what cryptocurrency is and how to mine it. Now in the world there are two main methods of mining cryptocurrency.Proof-of-Work or PoW (proof of work) is an algorithm for reaching consensus in the blockchain; it is used to confirm transactions and create new blocks.
With PoW, miners compete with each other to complete transactions on the network and for rewards.
Network users send digital tokens to each other, after which all transactions are collected in blocks and recorded in a distributed ledger, that is, in the blockchain. But you need to be careful when confirming transactions and organizing blocks.
And the second type is PoS mining. It is based on the fundamental principle of capitalism: "Money makes money." In blockchain networks based on Proof-of-Stake, trusted nodes are involved in confirming transactions and generating new blocks. They must have a certain number of tokens on the balance sheet and receive a reward for their work.

This is a common consensus algorithm, and it has several subspecies, differing in the schemes for assigning validators and calculating payment for services.SPACEBOT provides an opportunity to get an increase in the productivity of mining cryptocurrency per month for mining BIP, PRIZM and other cryptocurrencies due to a total larger balance in the blockchain network using the "Proof-of-Stake" system.
Let's look at them in more detail at two points, namely BIP, PRIZM.
BIP is a promising new cryptocurrency.
BIP cryptocurrency is the main coin of the Minter blockchain.
The Minter and BIP cryptocurrency were developed by the administrators of the DeCenter portal, the largest Russian-speaking crypto community in Russia.
According to the official website, the development team consists of 20 people.
The main task of the team is to create a convenient blockchain that allows you to create your own coins, transfer and instantly exchange them among themselves, for another crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum) or even for fiat currencies.
Transactions are carried out within 5 seconds, while the commission is close to zero or completely absent.
The bandwidth of the blockchain is also impressive: Minter is already capable of processing more than 2000 transactions per second, and in the future the developers promise to make the network even better.

In turn, PRIZM is already a more familiar currency for the audience.
PRIZM (PZM) is a fully decentralized and self-regulated cryptocurrency.
A new implementation of the digital currency concept that allows any user to easily and securely store finances or make transactions directly - similar to the transfer of cash from hand to hand.
The coin was created with the aim of creating a new approach to the architecture of fair financial relations: rebalancing and fair distribution of funds.
That is why the innovative POS technology is popular today. After all, for mining the PRIZM cryptocurrency, you do not need expensive mining equipment, you only need a phone or a computer with the Internet.

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That is good to know, thanks.

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There opportunities in all Cryptos, so it will be foolish to consider just Bitcoin. My preference is always about newer options, as there is always higher opportunity to gain through. I find it super cool with FXSuit, a prime name in the industry as far Forex brokers are concerned.

I enjoy things a lot to do with the safety measurements here along with several other benefits such as 100% bonus and much more, it all combines very smoothly on various counts.


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