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Author Topic: Obtained guarantees of Concordium's Finality Layer  (Read 184 times)

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Obtained guarantees of Concordium's Finality Layer
« on: July 24, 2020, 07:25:21 AM »
Some of the Obtained guarantees of Concordium as proven by Dinsdale-Young et al. [DMMNT19], we obtain the following guarantees from Concordium's finality layer:
 • Chain-Forming: that finalized blocks form a chain;
 • Agreement: that all parties agree on the finalized blocks;
 • Updated: that the last finalized block does not fall too far behind the last block in the underlying blockchain;
 • ⅓-Support: that all finalized blocks are ‘supported’ by honest parties holding at least ⅓ of the total stake.This means that honest parties had these blocks on their chains before finalization and they are not required to adopt a new chain after finalization, limiting potential rollbacks.
 To further ensure the reliability of Concordium platform their researchers are investigating formal verification methods to formally prove the security of their finality layer [DSTT19].
 Do you think these gurantees from the Finality layer are possible?


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