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ONECOIN: new crypto currency supported with Gold Coins
« on: March 30, 2015, 05:36:37 PM »

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I want to share with you an interesting Cryptocurrency company OneCoin
Onecoin is cryptocurrency drastically different to any of existing ones. While some altcoins aim for the title of the most expensive coin and a base for long-time investments, their value is still comparable to that of Bitcoin. I decided to go further and bring this idea to its logical conclusion. With Onecoin, there will never ever be more than a single coin mined. Apart from exceptional value of the coin, there is one more advantage - the number you see in your wallet means the share of total wealth you own.

Innovative, secure and real Cryptocurrency

  • Coins 100% mined by partners of the company;
  • Mining of coins happens automatically using the resources of the company - do not need to buy expensive computers for mining;
  • Mining will take place in real time, the process can be easily traced in the back office;
  • At an early stage partners will receive a good profit because of low mining rates. Over time because of growth of complexity of mining the cost of mining will grow – at the moment 5 tokens for a coin;
  • The coins will be exchanged for the opening exchanges as Bitcoin and Litecoin

All documents on the legitimate activities of the company, you will see after the registration tab
Accepted Payments: Perfect money, Visa / MasterCard, One pay, China Union Pay, Gift Code (you can get from us)

We already invest:
Tycoon package was purchased 3/20/2015 cost €5030.
The screenshot shows that had mined by me 27111.11 OneCoin coins that at the weakest rate in €0,2 per coin course there = € 5422.22


Important information: Registration to company OneCoin only possible usong link already registered partner.

P.S. Now there is a rapid development in China >70,000 people and in the CIS registered about 9,000 people.
Invest wisely!

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Re: ONECOIN: new crypto currency supported with Gold Coins
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2015, 08:30:33 AM »
Many ask a question from where undertook the price of one Onecoin in 0.64 eurocents?

I will explain!

Five and a half tokens (5.5) on start after Split with price €0.115 = €0.64 can be changed for one coin today! Giving tokens on a mining you receive coins which can be sold at the OneCoin exchange.
You can use the received money for purchase of the next package or it is simple to withdrawal it in the convenient way! It is necessary to understand of course that with increase in number of members and coins they got the number of wishing  to buy-sell OneCoin will increase and there will be persons interested to earn on it! With an increase in demand for coins is growing and the price for 1 coin - it is the law of market demand.

Thus, at today's price of one coin in €0,64 in the fall the price will be around €5 for 1 coin.
1. To be registered free of charge according to the link is lower  :o
2. To pay a package of 130 Euros with a credit card, PerfectMoney, Onepay.
3. To wait for the first SPLIT (doubling) of the received Tokens – 1000 tokens received upon purchase of a package turn into 2000 tokens.
4. A month later after receiving Split to start selling tokens at the exchange – 1.5% of free tokens a day since cost 0,150 for a token.
5. Within 3 months to sell free tokens at the exchange getting profit.
6. To get profit on sale equal 130 Euros = Starter package costs.
7. To put the remained tokens (~ 650) on a mining and to receive min. 10 coins.
8. To wait 3-6 months when the price of the 1 coin becomes 3-7 Euros.
9. To sell coins and to get profit.
This strategy allows doing nothing in 3 months later after investments completely to pay back them and 3 more months later to earn +100% of initial investments.
Statistics for March, 2015!
In the company already of 135 771 participants every day increases from 100 to 200 from around the world.
Coins mined  - 84 930 000
Link for registration  _
The basic principle of any investment project – who comes earlier receives a product at low price in comparison with other participants.
Invest wisely!
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