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Title: Smart Real Estate Bounty Program
Post by: SmartRealCoin on August 30, 2017, 01:06:37 PM

ICO Launch Date: September 2nd, 2017 at 10:00am EST

How does Smart Real Estate Selection work?

Select necessary parameters
The system selects an option of real estate for you with due consideration of your wishes.
Selection of an apartment according to your preferences

Transport accessibility
Financial opportunities
District infrastructure
Technical specifications of the apartment
We need the following amount of funds for programmers:

Frontend – 4 thousand dollars/month.

Android – 4 thousand dollars/month.

IOS – 4 thousand dollars/month.

Backend Java – 4 thousand dollars/month.

Objects database maintenance – 3 persons for 1 thousand dollars/month each = 3 thousand dollars/month.

Advertising – 10 thousand dollars/month.

The total expenses are 25 thousand dollars/month for the first 3 months.


The income is generated as a percentage (in amount of 5-30%) of the sale of real estate and from applications for real estate mortgages to banks.

To cover the expenses, we purchase out pre-ICO for 100,000 Real Coin tokens on the Ethereum platform at the price of 1 USD (6,000,000 rubles).

After starting the system in Moscow, we start the main ICO in November for expansion into the largest cities of Russia and the world.

To invest send Ethereum as much as you want to 0x1D60b2F8777308B6c30679DF06ff303B74E8b8ad Ethereum Wallet and we'll send you back Smart Real Coin's.

Our team:

Evgeniy Semyonov, Head of the project.

Denis Baskovskiy, a frontend developer

Vladimir Luzhbin, a designer

Dzhavid Timirbulatov, a java backend developer

Sergey Kudrin, an android developer

Anton Shpakovskiy, a marketer

Kate Farris, a lawyer


Sosiete General Group

Our bounty campaign offers everyone who registers to our email list, for free, 10 Smart Real Coin.
Send us your Ethereum Wallet number to

How to buy Smart Real Coin (SRC) tokens in 2 easy steps

Step 1: Open your Ethereum wallet and send ETH to the address listed on our contributions page:



Step 2: Watch our SRC token in your wallet so you are able to see them once they are distributed to investors.