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The cryptocurrency will be greener like OEC, that is inevitable.


Now, several promising initiatives are underway to improve the energy profile of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and accelerate the shift to a sustainable blockchain sector. These include more renewable energy use and a range of other initiatives to embrace more energy-efficient protocols, carbon offsets, demand response, and greener mining pools. The past week's selloff in the cryptocurrency markets has focused attention on Bitcoin's energy usage, and its reliance on fossil fuels for the mining operations that secure its blockchain operations. A recent study by Cambridge University found that about 39 percent of the Bitcoin network is powered by renewable energy. So the famous people in the crypto market say that the cryptocurrency will be greener, which is inevitable. Therefore we need a new coin that is truly eco-friendly. And I've found out OEC that meets ESG guidelines.

The Power usage of OEC is closest to ESG guidelines, a total of 12kw per month. (Superb)
OEC Protects the ecosystem with companies that can solve environmental and hygienic problems (13 countries patent registered)
OEC Block verification capability based on the amount of oetoken held by miners.

I hope to see the new generations of a greener BTC soon.


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