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Before hearing this story, you should know what is Ritva?[/size]Ritva is a financial investment organization established on a firm foundation in the EU region with many experts in finance and investment field involved, especially trading (Forex, commodity, etc.)Our two main fields of business include Implementing activities as qualified IB group and attracting fund and taking out loans to IB groups with high-reputation.Ritva works with many professional IB groups around the globe, especially European area. Ritva supports IB partners in finance for creating never-ending income. Ritva shares its turnover in accordance with the percentage of negotiated interest rate or depending on income from the IB’s exchange fee.Ritva itself also builds an experienced group acting as an independent IB group to create additional sustainable income with safety for project.The story began in 2016Thanks to a great opportunity in 2016 Ritva’s founders had met and decided to work closely on researching and implementing trading services. After days of hard-working with appropriate strategy for every stage, Ritva swiftly became one of the most prestigious IB groups in Europe region.There will be nothing to say if Ritva was just being a prestigious IB groups from EU. However, passing through many ups-and-downs, in 2019 Ritva is officially founded in Estonia with the team of knowledgeable consultants and investment fund coordinators.Headquartered in Europe since February 2020, Ritva has quickly expanded its network around the globe. Furthermore, taking advantages of the widen range of connection, individuals and IB groups have come to Ritva for cooperation through a smart contract.The future is just startingThese days, technology becomes one of the most indispensable elements in human life. Knowing that true, Ritva has worked with many experts in technology for combining blockchain with our platform in order to improve our services in investment and fund management.On the road of the extraordinary development, Ritva is also keeping an eye on potential start-ups for expanding ecosystem via investing. If everything is going well, the company will open some representative offices in Asia and America, and also organise research conference on investment solutions with trustworthy financial institutions in 2021. Then, in 2022, Strategic cooperation agreements will be signed with banks for ensuring financial investment contracts. The company also plans to establish professional IB training center with high-tech in 2025.Overall, the company categorises out strategies into short, mid, and long term. For short-term, Ritva are dealing with IBs, as this will provide continuous and instantaneous stream of income, with virtually no risk. Moreover, the bootstrapping cost is rather low. For mid-term plan, the company runs a venture capital investing in promising startup. That leaves Edutech is our long-term strategy.[/color]