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Author Topic: The Use of BFX World under the concept of Blockchain Technology  (Read 902 times)

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The Use of BFX World under the concept of Blockchain Technology
« on: November 22, 2017, 03:48:05 PM »

As we know that the Blockchain has eliminated the need of middleman for all types of digital transactions. There is no need to get information about the use of Blockchain in our daily life.As of now, back offers the most grounded utilize cases for the innovation. The World Bank gauges that over $430 billion US in cash moves were sent in 2015. What's more, right now there is popularity for blockchain engineers and their demand is increasing day by day.

BFX world growth:

BFX world is growing very fast all around the world. BFX Coins are selling in a vast volume day by day. BFX Coins sell in a big volume in 4 phases.

1. First phase: In the first phase, it gives a good start and sell 30,000,000 (Thirty million only)

2. Second phase: In second phase its selling raise to 53,000,000 (Fifty-four million only)

3. Third phase: Again, in the third phase its sale groom up to 84,000,000 (Eighty-four million only)

4. Forth phase: As usual in the fourth phase, it crosses 100 million easily and grow its sale up to 117,700,000 (One hundred seventeen million and seven hundred thousand only)

The Motive of BFX world:

Our aim is to make a revolution in technology. We want change in life and make human digital. Everyone should use this technology in the following ways.

Shopping with BFX coins. They will be widely accepted everywhere.

Eating in restaurants and paid through BFX Coins.

Order food and shopping online and get this thing to your doorsteps.

Buy tickets and book taxis.

Send or receive money internationally and domestically.

BFX Coin can also support online gaming to purchase.

Investment platform where people in one roof and invest their funds and make the idea to reality.

Blockchain Durability and robustness:

No doubt Blockchain is Durable and robustness system. It can be controlled by the single entity.

1. It has no chance of failure due to its reliable and secure system.

So, the internet itself has proven to be durable for nearly 30 years. It’s a track record that bodes sound for blockchain technology as it remains to be developed.

Transparent and incorruptible system:

The network of blockchain exists in a state of consensus, one that automatically checks in with itself after every ten minutes. A kind of self-auditing ecology of a digital value, the system reconciles all transaction that happens in ten-minute intervals. Each group of these transactions is mentioned to as a “block”. There are two important properties outcome from this:

Transparency data is fixed within the network as entire, by definition it is public.

The idea of decentralization

The blockchain is a decentralized technology. Whatever that happens on it is a purpose of the network. Some important implications stalk from this. By creating an innovative way to prove transactions aspects of traditional commerce could become needless.

Blockchain & Enhanced security

By storing data across its link, the blockchain removes the risks that originate with data being held centrally.


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