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Title: The Use Of Bfxworld Under The Concept Of Blockchain Technology
Post by: FutureICO on November 23, 2017, 04:43:55 PM
As we already know, the Blockchain technology has eliminated the need of middlemen for all types of digital transactions. Blockchain has come to stay and several billions of dollars worth of transactions are now carried out using the technology, especially using the Bitcoin as the means of exchange. The BFXVorld is tapping into the blockchain technology to advance its cause.  The volume of cryptocurrency transactions is expected to keep rising in the next years and the wise thing to do is to position yourself to be a global player in the crypto market. This is why BFXWorld is issuing an ICO to the public to enable it execute its dream of changing the online financial transaction environment.

BFXWorld growth

BFXworld ( is expected to follow an ICO roadmap that will usher it into being one of the most widely accepted means of payment. This roadmap is divided into 4 phases.

First phase: In the first phase, it intends to issue out 30,000,000 (Thirty million only) coins to the public at the rate of $0.1 per coin. This is already sold out.

Second phase: In second phase, 53,000,000 (Fifty-four million only) coins are expected to be sold at the rate of $0.12 per coin. They are equally sold out.

Third phase: Again, in the third phase, it intends to sell 84,000,000 (Eighty-four million only) coin and it goes for $0.15 per coin. They are sold out already.

Forth phase: In this final phase, 117,700,000 (One hundred, seventeen million and seven hundred thousand only) coins are expected to be sold at $0.2 per coin. Out of this, 24,406,803 coins are sold out. You still have the chance of owning some coins out of the remaining 93,293,197 coins at $0.2 per coin, now that they are still relatively cheap. Altogether, the sum of $13,221,939 has been raised.

The Motive of BFXWorld

The aim of BFXWorld  is to revolutionize the gaming and entertainment world as well as have a digital currency that is universally recognized and acceptable. Some of the ways where the BFX coin can be useful include:

    Shopping with BFX coins. They will be widely accepted everywhere.
    Eating in restaurants and paying through BFX Coins.
    Online shopping and easy payment.
    Buying tickets and booking for hotels.
    Sending or receiving money internationally and domestically.
    BFX Coin can also support buying credits for online gaming.
    Investment platform where people can birth their ides with ease.


BFXWorld has a solid concept which, when implemented, has the capacity to bring the needed change in the way things are done in the gaming and entertainment industries as well as make BFX a force to reckon with in peer-to-peer business transactions, crowd funding, etc.

Such a vision is worth identifying with. One good way to get involved is to take part in the last phase of the ICO that is ongoing and get some coins for yourself. Missing out at this cheap stage only amounts to buying it more expensively when it is eventually listed on exchanges. Act wisely now and avoid future regrets.