Author Topic: The Wall Street Journal understated raised ICo market 2.5 times  (Read 2225 times)

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Hi guys! Have you read the WSJ article that at Q1 2019 ICO raised only $118 million? They understated investments 2.5 times! According to CryptoLaboratory’s data ICOs raised $302 million!
Do not you think that this is fake news in crypto world?
By the way: CryptoLaboratory is international professional resource that monitors the cryptocurrency and ICO markets. All the data it collected is free and available for everyone. They describe ICOs with more than 52 parameters and cryptocurrencies – with more than 25! Even child can explore ICO market using CryptoLaboratory’s filters. Besides, they provide daily rating of the most discussed news in cryptoworld, full list of web sites about ICO/STO and cryptocurrencies!
All data can be found at their blog: cryptolab dot one/blog


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