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« on: September 13, 2019, 10:56:56 PM »

Introducing Volume Network

Volume Network is the evolution in cryptocurrency that we all have been waiting for. The team is dedicated to building a large scale cryptocurrency that can be applied in the real commercial society, with the hope that everyone can participate in mining with extremely low cost of network maintenance.

Why Volume Network? Volume Network who has proven itself to be an interesting project of all time, beyond its innovative technology, Volume Network has a huge community backing, allowing the network's currency – VOL surge greatly in price by over 800x from the IEO rate in just two months.

Advantages of this Project Includes

Energy-saving and Environmental Friendliness: Volume Network mining is energy efficient and it also helps to keep the environment conducive. All you need to mine VOL is just your laptop with a free HD Space. No heat will be generated, no heat dissipation, low noise, and no incorporation into ASIC.

Safe and Anti-hack: by virtue of the proof of time and proof of space, the generation of each block will take the proof of space as starting point, and the proof of time as the ending point, and ensure a block is indeed a block and the weight of each block are equal.

Ultra-low Entry Barrier: unlike PoW mining which requires expensive and dedicated ASIC rig or GPU, Volume Network mining can be achieved with just a laptop and a free HD space.

World-Class Project: Former Co-Founder and CTO of TRON Network in collaboration with the Lambda core team developed the Volume Network.

Team official website:

Team official telegram group: @VolumeNetworkio

Team official telegram channel: @VolumeNetwork


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