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« on: September 21, 2019, 11:32:28 AM »

Process of Mining VOL CoinsSet up the mining machines with as large hard drive capacity as possible (please refer to the Appendix: List of Recommended Mining Hardware for configuration instructions), hard-disk space, paper, pens and ERC 20 VOL Tokens. Follow the steps identified below to start mining VOL coin effectively.

Step 1: Create a Wallet account with at the VOL block Explorer website. Please refer to the VOL Wallet set-up guide for details on how to set up your VOL wallet.

Step 2: Deposit your ERC20 VOL tokens at @kangbo and withdraw the tokens to your newly created VOL testnet wallet address.

Step 3: Select and join a mining pool node (all miners must join a pool node before mining VOL).

Step 4: Choose a mining approach. Below is the introduction to the three VOL mining approaches. Please confirm your identity before choosing an approach.

a. Staking: provide tokens only.

1. This first mining approach will allow you to stake the VOL tokens on the Volume Network test mainnet web wallet (please refer to the VOL Wallet guide for more details). Your volume Network wallet address for staking begins with VOL and end with the mining pool representative node id chosen for staking.

2. Then wait for your staking earnings to be generated and credited per time. Your staking rewards will be directly proportional to the amount of VOLs staked. Thus, the more VOLs you stake the more mining rewards.

b. Mining Machines: provide mining machines only

1. Copy the ID of your Wallet account to the plotting software and begin to plot your drives. Please refer to Plotting Instructions for more details.

2. Contact the pool node of your choice, apply for the node's access license and information to join the pool node, and stake at least 1 VOL token on the testnet of the pool node.

3. Configure the mining software following the Mining Instructions, access the pool node to mine, and your mining earnings will start to drop to your VOL wallet.

c. Mining Machine Staking: provide both mining machines and tokens for staking

1. Stake many VOL tokens to the pool node while mining, and wait to collect double earnings.

For more information about Volume Network, visit;

Volume Network official website:

Volume Network official telegram group: @VolumeNetworkio

Volume Network official telegram channel: @VolumeNetwork


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