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Author Topic: What is Masternode? Why Is XinFin Masternode a Good Alternative to Proof of Work  (Read 92 times)

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Taking into account current market conditions more and more crypto enthusiasts are gaining interest in being rewarded for holding tokens. Ain’s it’s beneficial than patiently waiting for the moon? Traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining is not in the best shape. Therefore miners are not an exception as it’s getting harder to stay profitable. Plus, PoW mining isn’t friendly for mass adoption and requires huge network consumption. Another important fact is that you do not have to be a trading guru to start gaining additional income. These are just a few reasons why more buzz have been around the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Masternodes (MN). We have to admit that they are eye-catching nowadays, and considered as the future of cryptocurrency.

Now you might be asking yourself “What is the Masternode?” Let’s get down to business!

Well, in a nutshell, masternode is a server on a decentralized network. Some blockchain protocols provide for the creation of particular nodes that perform additional work on the verification of transactions and bring their owners regular profits. Such nodes are called masternodes. They regularly get rewards for completing such actions. Builds a curiosity? Move on!

Why Do You Need to Launch a XinFin Masternode Now, Until it’s Not Too Late?
XinFin Masternode is a good option for passive income, and there are several reasons why it might be the right time to start running a XinFin masternode or a few at once.

First of all, XinFin masternodes are not so famous for now. However, this is likely to change soon. The same applies to rewards, which will decrease every year. Secondly, the XinFin XDC coin is cheaper, which means that the entry threshold at the moment is much lower than before. It won’t cost you a fortune. Finally, it’s better to hold and get rewards than merely hope for prices to go up.

Although according to the CoinGecko 2018 report the numbers of both masternodes and masternode coins increased significantly during the past year, there is still a substantial drop in overall value. The total market cap for masternodes coins dropped from over $12 billion in January 2018 to just over $500 million by 2018’s end — a double-digit drop quarter-on-quarter. Nevertheless, it’s just the beginning of the XinFin. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

What is the Average XinFin Masternode ROI?
Take in mind, that ROI is a relative term in the context of cryptocurrency space. We got used to the practice that ROI in crypto space is a bit another term, unlike the traditional markets where XinFin ROI measures per year around 10%+ as per the past few months’ data.

How to Setup Masternode: It’s very easy to setup XinFin Masternode compare to setting us crypto mining facility for Bitcoin and ethereum.

XinFin vs bitcoin mining: XinFin Masternode needs the lowest hardware configuration to run masternode while bitcoin needs the high configuration of hardware to run bitcoin mining and this also results in high depreciation every month with high risk. While XinFin Masternode runs with a tiny VPS hosting plan with the lowest cost of operation.

Before the launch of XinFin main-net i used to do bitcoin and ethereum mining And now shifted to XinFin network after the launch of main-net

Digital asset investment, Mining comes with high risk. This article is not for the purpose of investment, tax or legal advice. The author is not responsible for any review of the assets. Please consult with your financial advisor before Crypto Investment or starting mining facilities

Useful link for XinFin Masternode
Here is a link on How to setup masternode.

IndSoft System partnership with XinFin for hosting masternode: Click here to know more about partnership.

Guide to setup node with one click installer

For any instant support join XinFin Telegram Group.


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