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Author Topic: Will the Bitcoin predictions by Peter Schiff- The ‘gold advocate’ hit the bull’s  (Read 291 times)

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Another prediction by peter Schiff hit the market amid the recent sudden fall of bitcoin which caused a major ruckus. After the prediction of bitcoin reaching $6k to $2k now, he is so sure that sooner or later Bitcoin will fall below $1k and he is quite confident about that, though the famous bitcoin hater felt the heat of bitcoin community, majority people even moke him for his stupid remarks on bitcoin!
Recently he tweeted-
‘’Not only has Bitcoin broken out of its bear flag pattern, projecting a move to $6K, but the head and shoulders pattern that I mention was forming over the weekend has now been confirmed as well. If this pattern completes it projects a much larger decline, perhaps as low as $1K.’’
Source: TheCoinRepublic

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Yes. So people can buy gold (which he has) right?

Both gold and Bitcoin are good investments.


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