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Author Topic: XDCE Listed on Bilaxy exchange  (Read 70 times)

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XDCE Listed on Bilaxy exchange
« on: May 22, 2020, 04:43:35 PM »

The Republic of Seychelles registered centralized exchange Bilaxy listed XinFin’s ERC20 token XDCE on 21 May 2020, and XDCE made its position in the top 15 coins among the 150+ pairs, with respect to volume in 24 hours of listing.
Announcement for Reference:

About Bilaxy
Launched in Apr 2018, Bilaxy exchange is a centralized exchange registered in the Republic of Seychelles and launched in early 2018, Bilaxy exchange claims to have hundreds of thousands of traders from more than 80 countries all over the world.
Bilaxy places a strong focus on liquidity for new tokens for global crypto traders. With 150+ crypto pairs, Bilaxy aims to establish a leading global trading platform that provides a broad range of trading products and services for global traders with a focus on transparency, reliability, quality execution, and client services. CoinMarketCap Link:

About XDCE
XinFin (XDCE) an enterprise-ready hybrid Blockchain technology company optimized for international trade and finance. The Xinfin network is powered by the native coin called XDC. The XDC protocol is architected to support smart contracts, KYC to masternodes (Validators Node). The XDC Chain (XinFin Digital Contract) uses XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS), with the goal of creating a ‘highly-scalable, secure, permissioned, and commercial grade’ blockchain network. Tradefinex.Org is a network for trade finance originators to distribute trade assets to alternative asset investors using decentralized and p2p financing technology. Recently, the World Trade Organisation and the International Chamber of Commerce white paper Publish XinFin’s is the “Network of Network” for trade finance. More detail at
We invite you to join the XinFin Community at:
Subscribe to the XinFin Community Newsletter by clicking here. You will receive our newsletter direct to your inbox every month.
XinFin Hybrid Blockchain [XDCE]


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