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« on: August 03, 2018, 08:17:19 AM »
I want to tell you about the cloud-mining service [nofollow]. Aliencloud is a universal site, which combines service of a cloud mining, cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet for storage of cryptocurrencies.
Production of cryptocurrency by means of cloud services allows sparing on acquisition and service of the expensive equipment. Today miners don't buy a farm instead they rent capacities, which work out the large data-centers. The Aliencloud company provides a mining different algorithms depending on the got cryptocurrency: SHA-256, Ethash, Eqilhash, X11, Scrypt, CryptoNight. Minimum hash rate from 1 to 100 gigahashes a second, and cost from 1 to 28 dollars fluctuate. It is the price for power volume. There are annual and termless contracts. So, for example, now the power of bitcoin can be bought for only 6.2 or 7 dollars depending on a period of service. The prices of annual contracts begin at 8 cents.

Ethereum / Ethereum Classic
1mh/s - 20$ unlimited
1mh/s - 14$ year
10mh/s - 0.33$ unlimited
10mh/s - 0.27$ year
Dash profit increased to 130% per annum at current prices.
10 h/s - 11$ unlimited
10 h/s - 9$   year
Cost of service 0,007$ day for 10 h/s Zcash
1 mh/s - 0.95$ unlimited
1 mh/s - 0.7$  year
Cost of service 0,0028$ day for 1 mh/s Litecoin

Developers of the Aliencloud service permanently work on an extension of a functionality of the website. After the last update, users had an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency for fiat, and then to bring the means back in dollars or rubles through Advcash payment system and to cash cards (for Russia and the CIS countries).
The Aliencloud service allows to withdraw funds at any convenient time, the accrual of profit on a mining happens daily at 00:00 Moscow time.
More than 50 crypto-currencies are available for withdrawal and exchange. The user can freely deposit, exchange and withdraw any crypto-currencies. In addition, the platform has a 3-tier referral system, which allows you to earn on attracting users.

We have worked out a convenient, fast, safe, free and easy wallet of Ethereum for Windows and MacOS. It occupies only 300 MB on the hard drive of the computer.
Now the best, easy and reliable way of storage of cryptocurrency is the local, cold wallet. It is the main plus in the high level of safety. As the user of the computer controls all possible threats. Practically for each cryptocurrency exists own offline a wallet. This method is good because unscrupulous owners of Internet services won't be able to appropriate your accumulation. Main shortcoming offline wallet - in their big size. It occupies about 200 GB on the computer.
The AlienWallet project has developed the first easy and free cold wallet. It weighs only 300 MB.
It is necessary to use AlienWallet very just for this need:
▪ Download AlienWallet  from the website; [nofollow]
▪ Create the new account by means of Keystore/JSON the file;
▪ Log in to the account, using the JSON file.
AlienWallet doesn't keep a confidential key of the owner of a wallet. The user can check the balance at any time and send Ethereum. AlienWallet works right after installation. AlienWallet does not require a long load of Blockchain. Official Ethereum Wallet constantly loads new blocks, because of this, often the wallet lays and does not work.  AlienWallet completely free and protected. The user can load information from an official wallet of cryptocurrency or with MyEtherWallet.
The program works on Windows platforms and MacOS. It can be downloaded for an iOS and the Android soon. So far it is possible to store in a wallet only Ethereum and ETClassic, but it will support all cryptocurrencies already soon.
It is possible to download and test a wallet according to the reference:; [nofollow]

With pleasure, I will answer all questions about the service.

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Re: - cloud mining+exchange +wallet
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 08:19:49 AM »
Site update

- Changed the design of the main page of the site and the fees section, added new pages
- Updated withdrawal limits
- Added cryptocurrency VeChain, Qtum, Tron, Cardano, ICON, Ontology
- Added possibility of generation QTUM and TRON (TRX) deposit wallet
- Added Blog section, which will publish update lists and news of site
- The AliensCoin limit is increased 10 times (the price is reduced by 10 times). For our Bounty and Marketing programs
- For TRON and QTUM added deposit synchronization
- Added functionality generation deposit address Ethereum Classic

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Re: - cloud mining+exchange +wallet
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2018, 09:24:06 AM »

➖ Grouping affiliate operations on the operations page.

➖ Update KYC/AML.
Now became obligatory to download Selfi Photo for confirmation of identity. Withdraw limits are increased and now are displayed graphically in the section of the tool.

➖ Launched "User-to-User" system.
Now possible for the AlienCloud user transfer the cryptocurrency from the funds section to another AlienCloud user without a commission.


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